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Found 12 results

  1. 12th year Anniversary items – Players will have till November 8th to log into the game to receive their gift ticket. Gifts! 12th Anniversary Ticket Choices... - Codex of Virtue - Silver Sapling Replica - Ultima Banner - Mailbox
  2. Last night Bam Bam and I started talking and wondered why we never celebrated an anniversary. Well the statehood has an anniversary and at times we thought it would upset some people if we threw a party like that. But, now the old tradition is being done away with. PaxOku will celebrate its 5 year anniversary on Nov. 4th. I know it is a ways away but, no one said we couldn't think about it before it happens. If anyone has any ideas or sees anything over in the coming weeks that they think we should do then post it here. Again tis no rush. Just making sure everyone is aware of it.
  3. Posted by Wilki 11/19/07 06:39 PM As I mentioned in a previous FoF thread, I've made some changes to the BOD system. They're not huge, but it should make things a little more rewarding. Corrected a small error that gave skilled smith's a 45% base chance to get a colored BOD instead of the intended 50% chance. GM Smiths still get a 10% bonus chance for a colored BOD (60% total). Elder Smiths get a 20% bonus chance for a colored BOD (70% total). As I mentioned in a previous FoF thread, I've made some changes to the BOD system. They're not huge, but it should make things a little more reward
  4. Our numbers diminish, we need to gather more men to our cause, we shall head out to Britain and New Haven at 8pm GMT this tuesday, gather outside the swaggers on time militia. After that we shall find something else to keep us occupied. When? Tuesday 8pm GMT Where? Gather outside the Swaggers -Escaflowne
  5. The onslaught of the demon army continues within the city of Magincia, or is it even appropriate to call it a city anymore? Militia this may be our very last chance to prevent this brutal force from unleashing its fury against the rest of Britannia. The city lays in ruin, swarming with creatures of demonic blood, with only the docks left intact, the last line of defense......if it shall fall; who will be next? Us? I travelled alone to the burning city of Magincia after failure of the Vesper militia to respond to their call to arms..... I walked among the rubble of once a great city, i s
  6. If the AYES have it for a PaxLair Meeting this Tuesday, 8:30 PM (Gather), 9 PM (Meeting) ET as asked in this thread ... ... Then how about holding the meeting IN Magincia (Trammel)? We have been moving our meeting locations to various places of interest, and what better area of interest than in Magincia? Merchants Guild in Magincia, Trammel, Chesapeake So I propose the meeting at the Merchants Guild right near the Docks. What do you think? 1) Hold the meeting at the Merchants Guild in Magincia Trammel? 2) Hold the meeting somewhere else in Magincia Trammel? 3) Do n
  7. I started a poll regarding the next PaxLair Statehood Meeting on Tuesday, November 6th. The poll asks what kind of meeting we should have and another poll on where it should be. Since many people across the shard come to our weekly meetings, all are invited to answer the poll questions. The poll results are public and will show who voted for what response. The Poll is here on the PaxLair Statehood In-Char Forum, and links to the second poll regarding potential meeting location. Thank you, Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood
  8. Come and listen to the new appointed Trinsic Teacher Grand Magister Green who will on Tuesday the 21st November at 22:30 CET (9:30 UK) hold his first lecture at the Trinsic Counselor Guild . He will talk about the Age of Darkness, namely about Mondain, Minax and other menaces.. The lecture is expected to last about an hour and question are welcome. All children of Trinsic that visit the local classes are required to come and all other people are invited to listen and participate too. Kaelyn Guard and responsible for Trade in Trinsic
  9. As of this posting there is a Red Gem at the RBG hall Meeting Place In Trammel... Come One Come All!!!
  10. Welcome Back To Britannia, Nov 7 to 14! With Britannia experiencing a massive invasion of undead, with powerful forces in conflict over the very existence of Sosaria, and with Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn on the horizon, now is a great time to return to the game you love. >From Nov. 7, 2 a.m. PST to Nov. 14, 2 a.m. PST, all closed UO accounts will be re-opened for free play. (This only applies to accounts in good standing. Accounts that were banned for misbehavior will not be re-activated.) In most cases, your characters and property will be intact and ready for play. - If y
  11. Starting time 8pm meet at the Counsellors' Guild South Trinsic Nothing is to be carried or worn you report as if you were a new born baby nappys only Once everbody is check you will be taken to the bridge off paladin island . (8.30) Here once being check again you will be given a box and you will enter paladin island On opening the box you may find something usefull to surviving the battle you maynot You may find you best tactic is to hide or to attack if you make a kill loot quickly what ever you loot you may use. Alliance can be form and broken in minutes choose y
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