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Found 16 results

  1. Greetings all, Following a physical cross-country move, followed by only occasional play on my old Baja chars, I've decided to build a new home on the Chessie shard. I have also decided to start all my chars from scratch, in order to re-experience all my favorite parts of UO. I am a casual rp'er who and I will be building all of my chars slowly and "organically" through game-play. Also I only plan to accept specific help (such as high quality equipment) from other characters I meet in game. I will probably play a range of styles from crafting to PvM to Champs in Fel with different charac
  2. For the attention of all guards: Please note that the armoury and all associated supplies have temporarily been returned to their previous location. This is in the second building north from the west gate. Irvyn Middlethorn Duke of Trinsic The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic: An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done." ------------- Dukes don't cheat, they adapt to circumstances. (Slightly amended quote from "The Slipper and the Rose")
  3. The Dark Tower has moved to the Chaos Shrine in Trammel
  4. I planned to run Wake the Dead at 10pm est tonight but it seems it will conflict with the EM event and im sure that'll be alot of fun. I will update soon on when Wake the dead will be. Im thinking sunday afternoon-late afternoon or Monday. It will be held there the old OkuB building was. Right next to the PaxOku TeaHouse. Bring instruments and anything that makes obnoxious noise! (instruments will be provided if you've forgotten) We will make tons of noise in attempt to attract a lost soul from the graveyard. We must hear some of their past (if they will tell us) and after listening the gr
  5. Are the BNN articles now being posted in the news system on the UO website? I've been content scraping the BNN articles to archive on my website http://oev.hilands.com/news-bnn.html I really enjoy fumbling through the old articles to discover pieces of lore I have missed in the past. I have been scraping from http://town.uo.com/bnn/ based on the article ID's http://town.uo.com/bnn/article_xxx.html where xxx is the article. The latest BNN does not seem to be listed in the BNN's system. After opening the file I do a search for regular expressions and blast it into my database. Does anyone
  6. We have moved from our location south of Luna to PaxOku City at the Homare-Jima moongate in the Tokuno Islands. We're the fifth building down the road from the moongate on the north side of the road. Our vendors should be up by the weekend (hopefully!), but our library is already set up and ready for use. A rune to our new location is locked down on the steps of our old location, but we're really very easy to find.
  7. I've moved all the event threads into their own forum. It's the first forum on the main page, so you can't miss it If I've missed any threads off, let me know and I'll get those moved to.
  8. I'm sure some of you remember our old host, Bionhosting Our server went down and was offline for some 8 hours before they finally decided to fix it. Since we've moved, that host has had quite a few....issues (Bad management, lack of staff etc) I still get email updates from them, despite the fact I've asked them to STOP This was the one I just received.
  9. Hi all - FYI, UOCraft.com has been redesigned and moved to a new server. The domain name is currently working to redirect you to the new location, though once you get there, my testing domain name appears. (I'm expecting a few people to ask, "Who are Steve and Becky??!"). Have no fear. This should stop happening within 24-48 hours, and from then on the address bar will say UOCraft.com. At any rate, all of the tools from the old site have been moved over (crafting skill and cost calculators, essays, the pet power calculator, etc), and many have been updated as part of the move. For exam
  10. CROSS SHARD EVENT THE CASINO HAS MOVED TO UMBRA!!! Sat Feb 16th at 7 pm pst casino night on Sonoma! If you are not from Sonoma no worries! DJ Sandman will exchange gold on your shard for gold on Sonoma and transfer your winnings back to your home shard. Please ICQ Sandman at 298651425 if you wish to have your gold moved to Sonoma. We will have games like black jack, doubles or nothing and Hi or Low. Plus everyone’s favorite … LICH BALL so make sure you come and get your ribs in on D.J. Urlacker who will be our lich, your chance to tell him how you really feel about him. This will also be bro
  11. Since the City Council Building has been taken over and turned into a .... well I am not sure exactly what it is. The drop box has been moved to my office. The wooden armorie on the North wall with the white statue ontop is set to guildmates only. Soy ou can make your drops there.
  12. source Since the team's being relocated I was wondering if that means the Origin server will be moving too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My guess would be no ... good question ...though... what's the current server structure for DoaC? Or the Proposed one for ?next release? Warhammer? ~~~~ I believe that Origin is physically in the west coast colo - we're not moving any of those servers. E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic
  13. to the new Holiday trade forum. Please place any Holiday gift trading posts in the Holiday trade forum
  14. Guest

    Event time moved...

    Not sure who's following, but the "Shards Wide" event that was scheduled for tonight has been postponed till next week (13th). Also, Anne's normal scheduled Shard Romp has been cancled and/or postponed as well. So, carry on with that "Minor Artifact" collection, as that's been extended for another week at least. Cheers,
  15. Guest

    Forum has been moved

    Just an FYI ,the forum has been moved to a much cheaper server Let me know how you find the speed, it might not be AS good as the old server, but it seems ok for the staff, so it can't be all bad Oh, at the moment, a few things aren't working, namely some of the post icons and other imagery Some of the special features might not work and throw up missing file errors, that's something i'm working on to.
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