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  1. In case anyone is looking for a decent map of Ter Mur, you can find one here: Ultima Online Travelogues - Adventurer's Guide This page also offers map of all other landmasses at high resolution. Have fun!
  2. Hi all - I spent some time this evening figuring out how to use KR's map when fishing up MiB's. UO Auto Map was *the* way to fish in 2D, but UOAM is no longer being developed, and since I prefer KR anyway, I figured it was about time to figure this thing out. I was frustrated initially because the coordinates on KR's map made no sense to me. I was seeing numbers in to 200's South, which is impossible according to all of my maps! Turns out, KR's map still has some bugs - but there's a way around this coordinate display problem. I found a thread over at Stratics that has a tool for enteri
  3. Greetings, all. I am in need of a very large, high resolution Felucca map. One that preferably focuses on the upper third of the Britannian main continent. I'm working on a map to depict a cluster of player villages and establishments located in the northern High Steppes and Peninsula surrounding Wrong, but would need something zoomed in for those purposes. As it currently stands, all the text would overlap if I tried to mark each zone with a symbol and name. Thanks!
  4. Saw this on another site, thought you guys might enjoy gandering at it
  5. For those times when magic is unavailable, the Solen hives are a quick if dangerous way to travel. The Marshall requests that the Army send a party to map out the Solen hive and the area around its exits to facilitate quick and unseen travel around Sosaria.
  6. Note: the Guard Outpost shown at the south gate is currently a beach hut, but it has been requisitioned by the Duchy and will be rebuilt over the next few weeks. Irvyn Middlethorn Duke of Trinsic, Servant of the Realm, Defender of the South, etc etc The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic: An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done." ------------- Dukes don't cheat, they adapt to circumstances. (Slightly amended quote from "The Slipper and the R
  7. As stated on the SA website the "level design will be based on the original Ultima Underground ™." Although it was called Ultima Underworld (sheesh!), this is good news, because now we already know how the dungeon will look like. I did a quick search and came up with the following: http://www.ultimainfo.net/Maps/Maps/UW1Abyss.jpg The original Map of Level 1 and the overall dungeon design. http://www.sircabirus.com/ultimaunderworld/pages/gallery.html Here some guys extracted the 3d-maps from Underworld. They even did some stereoscopic images for red-green-glasses! So with this in our ha
  8. I have been working on this, And its now completed (involved taking a bazillion screenshots!). I have tried getting it into UO AutoMap, But it wouldnt have it, Im not sure why. If anyone wants to do it, Have a go. If anyone wants to use this to update their maps, Especially there roleplay maps, Feel free to I dont mind.
  9. is uo automap not accurate anymore? I was out with my fisherman, and putting in coordinates for sos locations, and it would get me close, but would not be on the spot. I had to manually guide my self to the right coordinates, and a triple and quadrupale checked the coordinates
  10. Guest

    Trammel Map

    I had no idea what I was getting into... But after a ton of work it is finally here the trammel map in all it's glory! The image below is scaled down quite a bit for the sake of the forum and the size of it would kill anyone on a low end connection. You will be able to find the full size map on my web page after I finish the fel map and get them uploaded later on tonight.
  11. Hey all - Does anybody know a keyboard shortcut to get the map back? I was taking screenshots while playing KR (trying to write up another walkthrough guide for UOGuide), and my mouse wigged out and sent my radar map off the screen... and I can't get it back! The keyboard toggle M brings up the full map but when I minimize it back down to radar size, it disappears to off in lala land, beyond my vision. Help! Thx! /edit d'oh! Exited game and restarted, and the map came back. There ya have it!
  12. Any one need a map maker or decoder around here? i just gmed the Map decoding:)
  13. Very nice map! with search engine for areas LOTRO Game Database on Google Maps - arda-online.com
  14. I have a bunch laying around, are they worth anything?
  15. Guest

    New Map Demo

    This is just a little teaser for some maps I will be doing. Don't expect the maps any time soon because the tool I am using to render them is home brewed. It also takes a long long time to render a map the size of trammel in high quality the way I am. It is possible for this tool to render the map as an exact full scale copy of the map as it is in game. I am scaling it down from that size though. The quality of this example was lowered during rendering purposely. I can increase the quality to 5x what you see in this example. I give you Serpent's Hold:
  16. Guest

    Felucca Map

    So 7 hours from start to finish we have hi res maps for each facet. Here is the final map Felucca also sized down. I am getting ready to upload the finished maps to my site so you can find a full scale of each by following the link in my sig. Maps should be uploaded to my site by 7pm EST tonight. Update: All maps uploaded to my site.
  17. Guest

    Malas Map

    Malas done. Tram is next.
  18. Guest

    Ilshenar Map

    The Ilshenar map is finished. Next up is malas before doing tram and fel.
  19. Guest

    Tokuno Map

    So I decided to play around today and made this tokuno map. The question is would you like me to do the other facet maps as I did this one? Would they be of use to anyone? I thought about doing some extra layers with different markers for different reason and may still do that later on who knows. I may do different versions of each with different markers on them and rar them all up as a package people can download. Just need feedback before doing all the work.
  20. Not sure if anyone has seen this or posted, but I love this map of Middle Earth for LOTRO Arda-Online Map
  21. A map made by a DOT member (asked to remain anonymous). I think it's good
  22. Just wanted to share this with you guys... More info
  23. Not sure if you know but there is a nice feature on the radar map when you die. The wandering healers are shown as red dots..very handy
  24. Greetings, i know its a bit soon but is there a map of the new Haven island available anywhere,ive checked Stratics and with UOAM no longer being updated i was wondering is anyone had found one yet.
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