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  1. anyone think Mangincia needs taking back. if so do u have any imformation on corrupted souls?
  2. My apologies for not posting this earlier, but I came across this story while searching for some other files. As it mentions PaxLair and a few of the prominent folks specifically, I offer it for your archives and for your enjoyment. I believe it was written during the early days of the invasion, as no mention is made of the destruction that later was layed. Battle Lines Drawn It has been two days since reinforcements came. The Forces of PaxLair had halted the demon advance in the northern portion of Maginica while the Royal Britanian Guards, Dues Ex Machina, the United Sosarian Navy, an
  3. How does one leave the magincia island as ghost (or how does one get rezzed on the island) without using the stuck option?
  4. Okay so Im getting quite frustrated . . . does anyone know of a good guide or faq or walkthru because i need more info. Like forsaken souls . . . they can only be released by exorcism? So that means only a GM Spirit Speak/Necro can do that quest? WTF?! Or am I misunderstanding something? Why is it they make a quest for an event like this so GRRRR! Aggravating?
  5. Normally, I'd email Jeremy this bug but, well... So, I'm in Magincia doing the thread quests. I put a gaggle of threads on my mage who hasnt seen the light of day since invading Iraq sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately, he had a stack of logs stashed away in his pack from his last IDOC. I turned the first set of threads in no problem but didn't notice I was now over his max carrying capacity. When I turned in the next set of threads, I got the message I was overloaded and could not complete the quest. Unfortunately, the quest giver took the threads anyway. My quest log was empty and h
  6. Got my second set of magincia rubble and will sell one of the complete sets. Any ideas what the going price is for the whole set?
  7. Prepare for Battle, oh Chesapeakeans! MAGINCIA INVASION Hopefully starting "Early in the Week" during the week of October 29th, 2007 WATCH UO HERALD FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS!! Key Threads of Information and such: UO Herald Announcement and Backdrop about the Invasion. There is extensive planning and coverage of battle tactics and visions on this thread on UO Stratics Chesapeake. Here is the "Feedback" Form that the "EA gods" have asked us to use regarding feedback from the Magincia Invasion Event. Feedback Form I will venture to update our thread here with information as things
  8. So.... what happened to it? I've been on hiatus for a couple years. I was bummed to find one of my favorite towns to wander in is GONE!! It was kind of sad to see all the books that players have written in over the years gone too... But I do think it's SO FUNNY that the "rubble" costs millions. I mean.. it's rubble. Rubble.
  9. I like to produce ingame BNN books on the events and fell behind on the Magincia ones. Now I'm getting up to date I'm confused, here why. http://town.uo.com/bnn/article_583.html A Minor Inconvenience Draconi Oct 30 2007 3:17PM was the first post, followed by Military reinforces Maginicia! Invasion strengthens! Sherry the Mouse Nov 8 2007 3:46PM no problem there, we then get Daemons Attack Northern Quarter Sherry the Mouse Nov 13 2007 2:24PM now here where I'm confused as the nex one is Magincia Repels Invasion! Draconi Nov 13 2007 2:26PM this artical says they are sending s
  10. MAGINCIA INVASION IMAGES (to be assembled later into a Photo Album) Please put any and all Magincia Invasion Images in this thread. You may upload your images directly to UOForums, so you do not need your own upload space. Use the Attachments Feature when making a reply. We will attempt to consolidate these images into a "photo album" after the invasion, or as we go. Please add a caption to your images, to include Date and Approximate Time of the image (very important). Don't worry too much about cleaning up the images, we will attempt to post-process the images and republish. Try to
  11. I picked up on what I thought was an interesting topic over on Stratics Europa forum. Some posters there wanted the defence of Magincia ,Fel, to fail, for the sole reason of it then being different to Trammel,and not the mirror image it had been.I found the posts interesting and hope you enjoy the read and add your own thoughts. Lady Nico, UO Reporter for Stratics started the thread There is no longer a convenient swift passage via Trinsic docks to Magincia in Lake Austin's Felucca facet. My thanks for the boat ride go to Chango Pelon, LA Shard Reporter. It was a pleasure to make your ac
  12. just popped by magincia in fel.....no demons in town anymore BUT up by the gate there are now demon berserkers, balrons and things called Rift Guardians ..............plus a circle of moongates around the moongate when i get ressed i will let you know if its the samein Trammel hehe
  13. Anyone here going to defend Magincia? I found this tidbit on another forum here: If it helps anyone, great!
  14. Did I miss something? I know nothing new happened this weekend, was there an explaination? What is the plan?
  15. Sherry the Mouse has brought us this news report from the front lines of Masgincia [Nov 30 2007 4:25PM] Bringing you the latest from Magincia, this is Sherry the Mouse, reporting. The battle for Magincia seems to have reached a stalemate. Most of the city is shattered, and looting has been regrettably prevalent, but the stalwart defenders of the city continue to push back the invading hordes. However, all is not well, say the leading researchers of the Mage Council. "The moongates have been warped into a form they were never intended to hold. The etheric disturbance is tremendous,
  16. An unhappy player posted her concerns about the dissapearing 'rare and memorial items' in Magincia Remember people posting about how they should be careful to protect the Em and Seer decorations on Magincia? Yeah.. they completely ignored it. The buildings they're in were converted to be destructable with the publish. Real nice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh no! Thousands... er... no... hundreds... dozens... uh... maybe... several people will be annoyed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Draconi quickly answered to remove any fears of this happening. Skrag, don't be evil. That's my job this we
  17. PaxLair Weekly Meeting THEME FOR THE MEETING "RUINS OF MAGINCIA" November 20th (Tuesday) 8:30 PM ET - Pre-meeting Gathering at Meeting Location 9:00 PM ET - Meeting 10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting activity - Tour and Fight in Magincia Location - Parliament Building, SE part of Magincia across the bridge, Trammel Once again we hold our meeting in Magincia. Last week Magincia was intact with new fortress walls to aid our defense. Now it is sadly utterly in ruins. Our forces were great, but the enemy was greater. Many people defended and supplied the city. We are honored
  18. *notices are placed around the city* Thanks to the donations given over the last few days, the Duchy has been able to obtain a good stock of supplies for the defenders of Magincia. These are held in a separate crate in the Duchy armoury; all guards and registered citizens are authorised to requisition whatever is required. Please notify my office when stocks run low again. For those of you who are fighting the demons, further news has come to me from those leading the defence. It is now believed that the best tactic to adopt is that which worked with the ophidians: that is, to start a
  19. source taken from UO U.Hall Magincia Invasion: Updated 11/16 Notes: * Light and Void daemons initially spawn weak, and don't give direct rewards to top attackers * After a few minutes, they will draw power from the large rift, and begin using their full abilities. At this point, the top attackers can receive artifacts directly upon successfully defeating the monsters * When either daemon is gathering energy, RUN * If you see the Void daemon leave behind "a black rift," try to stay away - it will suck you in and anything else around it * The overall spawn difficulty has decreased as t
  20. source taken from UO U.Hall Magincia Invasion: Updated 11/16 Notes: * Light and Void daemons initially spawn weak, and don't give direct rewards to top attackers * After a few minutes, they will draw power from the large rift, and begin using their full abilities. At this point, the top attackers can receive artifacts directly upon successfully defeating the monsters * When either daemon is gathering energy, RUN * If you see the Void daemon leave behind "a black rift," try to stay away - it will suck you in and anything else around it * The overall spawn difficulty has decreased as t
  21. Just talked to a player named BLOOD PHOENIX (young) on Sonoma and he told me he keeps getting ported out of Magincia after being in for 2 minutes each time. I guess they have answered our call . Although this isnt a complete fix... I guess it helps. I think a fast runner/looter could still benefit from being (young) in Magincia though...just alot more running ;P
  22. Guest

    Oddness In Magincia, FYI

    From UOHerald.com Oddness In Magincia, FYI Jeremy Dalberg 14 Nov 2007 16:39:16 There is some weirdness with tree canopies, doubled objects, and other items in Magincia at the moment. Draconi's working on it, and has this to say: "Just so everyone knows, something did go horribly wrong. I won't insult anyones' intelligence by claiming it's too complex to explain, but wow, the factors involved in this kind of bug appearing are incredibly... unlikely. So, yeah, apparently the server decided to pull a fast one on us, and coincidentally, it's one of the same things that was once
  23. Senior News Adminastrator piotr,has put together a great thread of tips and tricks all about the Magincia invasion. If you dont want to know,please DO NOT READ ,thanks. Connor Graham wrote: Where To Go: Far South/East Trinsic Docks The Teleporter is the Boat docked at the pier with 2 guards standing in front of the gangway. Step onto boat and you will be teleported to Magincia. Warning- Be in War mode and ready to fight before you teleport. Corpses of both invaders and defenders have been seen lying on the Magincia docks at the teleport destination. What You Will Find-
  24. Posted by Draconi on UO U.Hall Some quick notes: * The military has established stronger fortifications throughout the southwest side of Magincia * Royal Archers have been recalled from the city! Citing traitorous actions, the military has brought them down from the front lines! * Reinforcements are expected to arrive over the next few days * The moongate is going to completely destabilize: stay tuned. Also, our latest intelligence has discovered a pattern to the invasion. Defeating the areas in order seems to yield the greatest results. Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer
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