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  1. Hello All - I decided to take myself and another tamer to one of the renowned mini-champ areas. While the superbosses aren't overly difficult for two characters, you'd think something with 15,000+ hitpoints would have something a little more valuable than 31 goldpieces on it. We killed two different mini-bosses, then left in disgust. Devs: There needs to be something more on these. - SoT, or - Scroll of Alacrity, or - Better drop rate of UOSA named equipment - A unique item, or - A decent amount of gold Come on...31 gold for a monster that takes 15-20 minutes to drop? Loyalty is
  2. I tried to read all the FAQ's and did a few searches, so forgive me if these questions have been answered elsewhere. I'm currently using a warrior type template. Fencing: 115 (switching to swords) Bushido: 108+ Tactics: 100+ Anatomy: 100+ Parry: 100+ No shield (1h weapon usually) Healing: 90+ Chivalry: 65 Luck: ~600-700 + Honoring monster I'm been hunting Titans and Cyclops very easily with this character casually for months. IMO I haven't gotten any weapon or armor drops that have been "great". No armor with over 50 resists and no weapons that jump out at me as better than a night's kiss
  3. I was a little bored in-game yesterday and decided to go back to my Tamer Roots on Blood Elementals in Spirituality Ilsh Blood Dungeon. I found that my G-Dragon tore through them pretty easily(even paragons). What else I noticed is that while they were easier to kill, the loot had dropped significantly. The gold amount was the same as I remember it, but the item intensities have dropped. I have two questions in this regard. 1) Has anyone noticed this either on Bloods or anything else? 2) What is another beast that can be had in quantity like the bloods that give pretty good loot? I havent done
  4. Is there any place I can see a ranking of which monsters give the most amount of gold? I need to gather lots of gold very quickly, do you have any suggestions? Ah please do not suggest Champions Thanks.
  5. Thunger

    Loot system

    I'm a nub just started and lost all my stuff the other day haha!! I love the harsh system, but still unfarmiliar with how it works. Soon, i'll be pvping and will want to loot someone! How does the loot system work? Is there a timer for items then whem timer goes off you can loot? Are looted items insta lootable in anyway or have a decreased loot timer? If someone could explain to me how looting works it would be greatly appreciated! TY- Thunger
  6. I accidentally recalled to "MALAS" thinking I'd wind up in Luna. Turns out my "Wretched" blacksmith was sent to a unicorn taming area & killed by a pixie because he had negative karma. Lost a bunch of stuff on him. Logged in another character who had good karma & ran to the bones. Unfortunately I couldn't loot it because of the AoS changes I'd forgotten about from a long time back. Used to be anyone could loot bones in Tram, but not any more. Not even your other character. Looting should be allowable between chars on the same account I think.
  7. Im just wondering how is this loot sorted out? Does having luck improve what you get? Is it sorted out by how much damage you get? or is it just random?
  8. can you only get these from the krackens?
  9. Can someone confirm rumors that Peerless/The Six style loot, such as the Crimson Cincture and the rare item set pieces, drops on the Crimson Dragons? This would make sense. But all I've personally seen so far are ingredients and the Quiver of Rage. -Galen's player
  10. I got a surprise [ nice] when I saw who opened this thread as I didnt know he had returned to UO. I just found a spellbook off a mob, 1 spell and grey hue, and I wondered who else has managed to find one (or any "special" items). Also, a definitive list of colours would be nice, for the armours. So far, I have found a lot of colours but I have only just started collecting them. Anyone who has any other hues to add, or loot stories, that aren't in my pic, share! Welcome back Trevelyan !! ~~~~ ~Antzy~Pantz~ wanted to know Which creature is it that you are killing to get the co
  11. This is not about right or wrong, I am just curious what others think about the different systems, and items distrobution in general. Friday night I joined a group doing Great Barrows. All kin group except for me being run through with a 50 minstrel. I was the only heavy armor wearing character present, and was a but surprised to be rolling against almost everyone. Scholar mats, I was interested in these, as my guardian is a scholar. I thought I was just unlucky but soon realized I was the only one rolling greed. I asked, and found that only one other person present was actually a scholar.
  12. How many players still loot gold off creatures that give less then 1k gold per? For that matter do you even bother looting gold anymore?
  13. Was wondering about prices on these perticular items: Waterstained SOS Ancient SOS Special Fishing Net (green) Special Fishing Net Colored (are harder to get, but serve same purpose as green ones) Fabled Fishing Net White Pearl Lvl 1 treasure maps Candelabra of Souls Captain Quacklebush's Cutlass Ghost Ship Anchor Seahorse Statuette The Admiral's Hearty Rum Dread Pirate Hat (fencing/swordsmanship/mace fighting/archery/anatomy/the 15 skill combo) Ship Model of the H.M.S Cape Thank you
  14. Aye ..been keepin me busy tearin down all these houses it has..snatching up what my nimble fingers come across...today's loot.. x3 Green mugs of ale.. x3 Wrist watches a ship model x2 seasons greetings cards. any idea of the going rates?
  15. Went Idocing..grabbed one chest inside were... * A necklace *The large center stone is encrusted with a Obsidian wisp* * a ring Gold Metallist 2nd All- Britannia Olympics * Coal helm * The skull of Lord Devilon De Luc * Deed for a vendor named Carlotta * White colored bank check for 10k * Brimstone * Bloodspawn * a skirt that is blaze colored but is *of exceptional quailty* * and i think some of the evil mage robes..they are the dull red, the grey/black dull blue..and the darker red... and a purpley blue ..plus a assort ment of sandals and shoes.. They are not newb
  16. I have just returned to UO after a long break and I have to say I am absolutely lost when it comes to loot. I am having trouble deciding what to keep and what not to keep when I am out fighting. I am not looking to have a shop anywhere really but I don't want to miss out on something good by not picking it up. Does anyone have a link to a site that shows what is good and what is junk? Does anyone have a minute to give me some ideas on what I should be looking for?
  17. Been awhile since i played (about 9mths), what is up with special loot in the anti-virtue dungeons. I must be over looking the forums cause i only see post about the rewards being turned in, nothin about how to get them or who drops what an such.
  18. So I'm at 95 lockpicking, I go to dungeons, picking chests with all the meanies around (tried the chests around ogre lords), hey, these chests are empty!! Well I want to train to 100 LP, but can't I profit while I'm doing this? Is lockpicing only profitable for treasure hunters?
  19. The title says it all. If I could fix something, it would be to go back to the old looting system. I'm talking about getting rid of the few thousand trash items that drop every time you kill something. I miss the gold old days when you knew to keep an item if it said it was unidentified. Everything else was mundane garbage. edit - I want to clarify that I am not saying go back to the old system. Just get rid of the 15 junk items that drop every time I kill something. If I am killing stuff in painted caves, I honestly can't even look at half the items on the corpse because something ne
  20. Hunting has become very unproductive as the loot is all the same low quality junk. It would encourage hunting if once in a while something really good would drop. I have stopped hunting for the most part and only take part in activities because the loot has become so low in quality.
  21. did a little experiment last night went to demon spawn on my abc archer took my attack level of war and did dispel evil .like i thought they walked the other way gave me some time to loot but keep in mind my chiv is 120 not sure how well it works otherwise but i beleive it is the same because it is a low level spell.
  22. This is the new Amani War Bear Mount obtainable from a raid drop at Zulman. one of many reasons why we should be looking towards End Game Play. New Enchanting Formula, that our enchanters would love to have....
  23. What Makes GOOD Loot? And for the merchant spin: These rules apply only to loot, not to artifacts or marties. TRASH = all properties BELOW 50% max value GIVEAWAY=2 properties at 50%, total resists 20-40, MEDIUM = 3 properties at 60%, total resists 25-45, GREAT = 4 properties at 75%+, total resists 35+ Keepers list: Armor Medable LRC over 15 non-med LRC over 17 (for mule suits) TOTAL resists over 45 (for metal armor)(enhance to 58+) TOTAL resists over 46 (for leather)(enhance to 58+) Rationale: After this, you start getting subjective. Referring to the item properties list (here
  24. I just scanned that Mini-manual and stumbled over a very interesting passage: NEW! Loot from a corpse or container : Right-click Does that work for any of you? For me it doesnt, so far , but the idea sounds great!
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