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Found 24 results

  1. General Info World of Warcraft TenTonHammer Thottbot - Database for quests, mobs, spells/abilities, maps, and items, updated through players Allakhazam WoW Interactive World Map WowWiki WoWPeek elitistjerks Quests WoWhead Thottbot - Database for quests, mobs, spells/abilities, maps, and items, updated through players Add On's Curse Cosmos UI Wow X-Bar - Browser Add on Auctioneer Gatherer - Fantastic in marking resource nodes! Guides Allakhazam Petopia - a hunter's guide to pets Reputation Guide WoWPeek Jaquelina's WoW Reputation Calculator - Just how many times do I have to do that d
  2. Guest

    Useful UO site links.

    I'm going to be using this thread to compile a list of UO related fansites that people can go to. If anyone has any suggestions on what sites to add, please post them in this thread and I'll amend this original post. Official UO Sites http://www.uoherald.com - Main UO Page UO Stygian Abyss Site UO Playguide Download UO http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=downloaduo <hr> Fansites House Decoration Kayhynn's House Decoration site - Crescent Moon Interior Design The old Castles and Courtyards Website Spellweave (UOKR client/macro guide and deco site) Radio Stations Whis
  3. UOGuide Gives good information and has started to give info about training up Stratics Overview of Imbuing Stratics Imbuing Ingredients Table Petra's training guide for imbuing, modified version Great work and compliation by UO legend Petra Fyde of Stratics SA Loot Drops, Their Sources and Uses : A Stratics thread Added 9/24/09 Great resource!
  4. Could someone provide a few good links for Auctions or lists of items for sale on LS? I am looking for some plus stat scrolls and read the lower ones would be very cheap. My experience so far is that the current 'cheap' is way beyond what I ever attained. Thanks! *post may be removed* I found the auction websites.
  5. So I've been pestering Bob, the EA community directory about the lack of fansite program or link section for UO. One of the first things that the new community rep is being tasked with, is creating a new "Fansite listing", which I believe will be a simple list of "Approved" sites which can be mentioned in game, along with a list of guidelines for how to get on said list. Given that the list or rules haven't been drawn up yet, what kind of rules/restrictions do you think they should have for such a list?
  6. Alchemy Blacksmithing Cooking Fishing & Cooking Guide - very handy Enchanting Engineering First Aid Fishing Fishing & Cooking Guide - very handy Herbalism Leatherworking Mining 1 - 375 Mining With maps Skinning Tailoring Tailoring Guide Jewelcrafting World of Warcraft Guide List http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/professions/professionlinks.html Please feel free to add any links you find useful & I'll add them *I also apologize, many sites with free guides are loaded with advertisements & suggestions that you need to buy gold. I would
  7. Kinda curious to see what kind of characters everybody is paying, and what servers they are playing on. Feel free to post screenshots as well, or anything else like that. The World of Warcraft Armory ^ has been my main since the summer of 06 when i decided to go for HWL. The World of Warcraft Armory ^ my alt warrior that i raided with briefly in TBC. I haven't played either char in the last month or two so their gear is somewhat outdated. No full s3 and no 2.4 badge gear :s
  8. I just posted this in the Fur Foots of Shire board, but wanted to post it here too... in other LOTRO players don't read the Fur Foots of Shire board. There is a link to UOForums in the LOTROXbar too.
  9. Posted in UOHerald.com Get Your Name In Links! Jeremy Dalberg 19 Feb 2008 11:48:13 EST In my quest to update the Playguide, I discovered that the images on the Artifacts page are out-of-date - we've changed how we display Swing Speed, among other things. So I need new pictures! Want to help? Details below the jump: I need pictures in the same format as the current ones (example 1, example 2) Here are the specs: 640 x 480 resolution jpeg format Image of the item on a paperdoll (KR or 2d - either is fine) plus easily readable tooltip solid black background Player names must not
  10. Sunday 27th January - Vesper Baronal Elections http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6457 Shock truth regarding the Vesper Elections! http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6474 Dirty Underhanded Tricks! http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6480 Heath Loves Pirates! http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6481 Re Schedual for Voting Papers http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6483 Amarante for Baroness! http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6488 Tuesday Night Games! http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=38473 Festival of Freedom http://www.f4g.net/forum/
  11. We just added links to some BLOGS to the www.paxlair.com home page. Look under the top menu item NEWS / BLOGS >> / and it will show some recently added links to blogs. We want to publicize PaxLair and PaxLair-related friends' blogs on www.paxlair.com. The BLOG is sort of a person journal, an editorial, or whatever you want them to be. Everyone can have a blog through UO Forums' BLOGGING feature. Just look at "My Profile" and the "Blogging" top menu items here on UO Forums to set up your personal blog, and see other blogs. As we see more PaxLair-associated blogs created here on U
  12. This thread is a single post that will direct you to better parts of our forums to answer your question. The gold lettering is a web link to the appropriate area to find / ask a question. Account question When I log on one shard it says my account is XX mths old,when I log onto another shard it says a different age.Which one is right.? This link will answer your question. How do I gain (xyz) Stat? Check out or skill forum main page for the see-saw method, plus a list of which skill affects which stat. How do I gain in (xyz) crafting skill (Mining, Smithing, Tinker, Fletcher, Carp, Arm
  13. source taken from UO Kingdom Reborn . For your viewing pleasure, here are 13 Kingdom Reborn Screenshots in full size. Keep in mind that these images are fairly large, so may take a second for your browser to pull up. FYI - We are working on developing a Screenshot Gallery on UO Stratics to house all of these screenshots. Watch our news for updates. Joshua Rowan Administrator UO Stratics Managing Editor DDO Stratics Asst Editor
  14. Just in case we've been hacked... are the ad links at the bottom of the page intentional? Such as Credit Cards | McDonalds | Loan | Loan | Loan Car Loans | Best Credit Cards | Direct TV | Music Festival | Indian television shows news
  15. Resurrecting this due to DiP's searchuo request. Is it possible / good idea to move the links favorites (http://www.uoforums.com/links/browselinks.php?do=favorites) up a couple levels for better accessability?
  16. Mods, Do any of you see a use / need for a sticky thread with a host of useful UO related links? There are SO many useful links, that we can more easily adress players needs by pointing them to the links thread. Each link could have a descriotion of basic info contained, to help in link selection. We had a thread started on this in general discussion, but I cannot find it atm.
  17. taken from Thread :- 13 Full Size Kingdom Reborn Screenshot Links For your viewing pleasure, here are 13 Kingdom Reborn Screenshots in full size. Keep in mind that these images are fairly large, so may take a second for your browser to pull up. http://uo.stratics.com/content/kr/screenshots/UOKR02.jpg http://uo.stratics.com/content/kr/screenshots/UOKR04.jpg http://uo.stratics.com/content/kr/screenshots/UOKR05.jpg http://uo.stratics.com/content/kr/screenshots/UOKR06.jpg http://uo.stratics.com/content/kr/screenshots/UOKR07.jpg http://uo.stratics.com/content/kr/screenshots/UOKR08
  18. Apologies for the comedy bug report The useful links page (accessible above the forum name\ under the Private Messages counter) has a few broken images here and there.
  19. Thanks to the kind work of Moturdn the Admin, there are now new links that can be used to reach the DOT forums. These are http://www.f4g.net/dot and http://www.f4g.net/duchyoftrinsic. I'll amend all the recruitment leaflets in the armoury; please could anyone who has one (or more) in their packs update those too. The original link still works, but the above two are more user friendly
  20. Spending a lot of time browsing the net at the moment cause i dont play games as much as i did, so, has anyone got any personal websites they want to plug? Any fave websites? Blogs? Web journals?
  21. So i've installed the necessary software to create a links directory, but now it needs setting up, so here's what I need from you guys We need a list of categories to install on it, so people can submit their sites or sites they know of Examples of categories include things like "Official sites", "Brokers", "Trade sites" etc etc So, post your suggestions asap! Suggestions so far: Skill Guide Databases Official UO Sites Official Fan Sites Sponsor Links Auction & Trade Sites Broker Sites Player-run Town Sites Community: (Guild Sites, Player/Fan Sites, Roleplaying sites, Misc.)
  22. I keep thinking about this over and over and can never make up my mind (Go figure) How useful do you guys think it'd be to have a links directory? A links directory would basically contain a list of links to other websites, but they'd be sorted by category/type, like Broker sites, trade sites, official UO pages etc There'd be one link at the top of UOForums, which when clicked, would open the directory It'd also allow people to submit links to their sites or sites which aren't allready listed. Any thoughts?
  23. Here are some links that may be on interest to anyone interesting in RP and RP stories. If you have a link to add, please PM me and I will add it to the list Roleplaying Information & Tips Newbie's Surviving Guide to Roleplay Character Bio Sheet Grey Company's Roleplaying an Elf Orc Roleplaying UO Stratics Intro to Roleplaying RP Stories Roleplaying: Stories
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