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  1. Hello All - As a merchant and backpack art critic, I am enormously saddened that the new UOSA client doen not allow us to view backpacks in their 2D mode. UOKR did, and it made it much easier to manage vendors and appreciate the hard work others have put into making their vendor backpacks works of art. Can a Dev please explain why this change was made and whether we might get this functionality back? Thanks. ~M
  2. For those of you who never upgraded to Modains Legacy, you can now do it for free! http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=877
  3. This is the bag before any inventory is touched or moved Here I picked up one gold coin. As you can see, it shows the entire stack being picked up instead. You will also notice that the cursor is not visible. I suggest you program the screenshot subroutine to include the cursor to make bug reports more clear. I have dragged the single coin back to the bag I dropped it in the bag, it is now invisible. I have picked up one purple rose of trinsic and drug it off the bag. Here you can see that the single rose of trinsic is under my cursor (which you cannot see). The rose is there in th
  4. Legacy Dungeons are the original dungeons, such as Cove, Shame, despice, ect.. correct? As I understand it you can obtain Artifacts just by killing the normal monsters there over time? Or must you kill a boss monster in them? Does it matter if you are in Tram/Fel? Also, do the Fel dungeons give more gold/items than their Tram equivilant? Thank you for your time
  5. I have a question about getting mondain's legacy. My kingdom reborn trial version just expired and i would like to get mondain's legacy as it was not included in the trial. I was wondering; do i buy the upgrade code or the new account code. I am a current player but i have the trial account key, so i don't know which to buy. There are no instructions for upgrading the KR trial version to mondain's legacy. Has someone done it and which did they choose?
  6. New date for Battle of the Beaks is Monday November 3rd. Please see referring post! The most pressing issue was that due to the inability to get pets to fight as they must in Felucca for the fights to be entirely fair, we needed to move the whole thing to Trammel, which means entrants must be guilded specifically for the event. Since some of you may already have chickens prepared but on characters who cannot reasonably leave and return to your guilds, this gives an opportunity to transfer the chicken to an alternate character and still have plenty of time to re-bond. We apologize fo
  7. Hi, I have created a EA account with UO, however when i try to buy purchase the modians legacy new account code it asks me to verify my account. When i type in my UO account username and password it says my account details are not on our system. How do i purchase the new account code? How do i activate my UO account? I would really be grateful if someone could answer these questions for me. Thanks
  8. Hi, On the UO website the account code cost $29.99. I live in the uk and i would be grateful if someone could tell me the cost in pounds. Thanks
  9. So tonight when I got home, I logged into UO only to find that all of my Mondain's Legacy items weren't equipped on my character and were in my bag. When I attempted to reequip them, I got the message "You require Mondain's Legacy to use this item." message. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Anyone know a fix? It seems to happen in both the 2d client and the KR client.
  10. I for one will use "Legacy" only... After solving my black screen problem this morning, I am Happy to say "My House" looks wonderful... -my Vet rewards Look Cool again... -my water fountain looks cool again... -they didn't destroy water falls or cauldrens.. or brasiers... -Towns look Cool again... I for one, think this is the best change to date, Hands down... Why they didn't do this to begin with, I have no clue.... KR actually looks like an updated 2d client now... With actual Improvements... Me thx to the Dev's...
  11. For some reason, UO has limited the number of thes that one can purchase in 30 days (4). Anyone know the reason for this? I finally threw some cash out for additional pixels so I could add some skill to my Siege thief. No big deal really, I can always use another account to purchase more, but I was wondering why they would limit the sale of these to 4 every 30 days. Were they worried people would try selling them in game? Sheesh, their only 10 bucks a pop...not a high ticket item imo...la
  12. I'm a fairly new player currently play on KR client. I've been thinking of downloading Mondain's Legacy for some of the extra features, but have a couple of questions. 1) Are the additional features worth it? 2) Will "upgrading" to ML change the appearance of the game? I actually kinda like the 3D experience. Any comments would be appreciated.
  13. Drowy posted this thread on a friends behalf. Its quite a long thread because Ive included comments from players who immediately assumed some fraud was intended and ro show things arent always what they seem. Story is this: A friend bought a legacy token code. This code was already used. So he gave the code to a friend to test it. But didnt work either. After that his friend wanted to log on another char, but couldnt. He got banned. What can he do? Wasnt their fault cause the code was already used. ~~~~ malice123 replied j/k sounds like a Jeremy issue ~~~~ Skylark had found
  14. it's under options menu? i didn't see it...
  15. As the day begin its awakening across the city of Trinsic, there was a small disturbance within the Valorstone manor. Some series of rummaging and rustling within its contents could be easily heard, the townspeople knew this day would come, but yet they were sad to see yet another Paladin leave the city for good. Arexx Valorstone, the son of the late Steven Valorstone, had finally peaked to the age of adulthood. Likewise, He had finally been initiated within the Chambers of the Virtues, and dubbed a Paladin in service to the people of Britainia. Arexx was a special case within even the hall
  16. is it me or does anyone else think this idear stinks i beleive it will lower the value of the charger, soulstone and robe of shadows 3 thihgs i have collected because of the fact they couldnt be had anymore i have 5 chargers, 6 robe of shadows and 4 soulstones i might as well sell them now
  17. Hello if i buy Ultima Online™: Mondain’s Legacy Upgrade for 29$ Is it inkluded so I can play it with Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn or is that something else?? Sorry for the bad english to Sweden here. //Jogge
  18. understand there is a way to set you in game talking so you do not have to press enter first to talk in kr . i know dimb but could not find how. could someone help .
  19. I would want pets balanced between: races (Cu and reptalon) sex (unicorn and ki-rin) taming difficulty (Rune beetle versus WW)
  20. We still see quite a few legacy weapons and armor, so I thought it would be ncie for collectors to have a reference that contains pre and post AOS conversion properties. Armor & Weapon Conversions Virtually all weapon & armor stats have changed. This includes their strength requirements (which have increased), damage values, and swing speeds. Weapons: “Exceptional” weapons gain a 20% bonus to their damage rating (except for Runic weapons, which will only get a 10% bonus). Weapon Damage Enchantments: “Ruin” becomes 15% damage bonus “Might” becomes 20% damage bonus “Force” be
  21. i have to wait till monday to get the 9th anniversery, unless there is a site i can go to buy ML for 19.99 like for how much EB games/Gamestop has it. does anybody know of one?
  22. How are these aquired? Or were they rewards during the release? Hair dye, statues, mounts, etc? I see some of these for sale in the double digit millions, and I was wondering how to aquire them besides gold....
  23. WASHINGTON - Bindi Irwin is ready to continue her famous father's work spreading the wonder of wildlife. "I'm going to become a wildlife warrior just like he was," 8-year-old Bindi, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, told an audience Friday at Washington's National Press Club. Five months after Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray, Bindi and her mother Terri are touring the United States to promote Bindi's upcoming television series. Asked Friday if the attention was too much too soon, Terri said that Bindi told her after Steve's death that she wanted to get back to filming wildlife shows
  24. So I had a little idea because I truly love the Motherlode event and really want to see the legacy dungeons get a little lub. What if it was set up so that every day, one of the legacy dungeons had Motherlode gain capabilities? It could be set on a rotating schedule so that either on Thursdays its always, say Deceit, or a scrolling schedule so that Thursday would start with Deciet, then the next Thursday would be Destard, and so on thru the alphabet. My thought would be to also have .3 gain max in Tram, and .5 max in Fel. Probably set the min at .3 for Fel too just for the added incenti
  25. Thread :- Where do I get Mondain Legacy client code? in UO.UHall Comment I recently had to renew my c drive using an old copy stored in ghost on my d drive. However, I did not have the client for ML stored in this copy of my c drive...I only started UO a couple of months ago. I thought that it would be easy enough to download the client code from the UO website and all would be fine. I've downloaded the client from the EA site, but it's actually the client for the Age of Shadows (which my subs do not allow access to). Where can I get a copy of the ML client code from? Any help would
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