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Found 7 results

  1. Following her failure in finding all of the fabled “Books of Sin”, the anti-virtue tomes that would lead to the Skull of the Ancient Arch Mage, an artefact of such power that it is said is capable of splitting the world in two, Faeryl fell into a deep depression. Her depression led her to believe that Lloth no longer spoke to her, causing a further downward spiral into insanity. In an effort to regain the favour of her goddess and fearing a diminishing of her High Priestess powers, Faeryl set on a course of utmost depravity of torture and breeding experiments. But her incompetence was always a
  2. I've seen some blessed. Do they come blessed, or are the one's I've seen been item blessed? Danke...la
  3. This tread is to share the things that can come in helpfull. About things you learned, discovered, Tips&Tricks, things you never knew after playing multiple years. Things you wasted time on, thing you want others to know.. Here it is ! Your chance to share your wicked tricks and knowledge. So do it and share, it helps alot of people. Keep it clean, no babble, Regards, Felix Kendall.
  4. The Library's CrystalPoint Productions strikes again! At a cheerful running time of 8:28 (m:s), they proudly present "The Ghost of the Library", addressing a key time period in the Library of Knowledge's history and the untimely departure of the previous librarian. It also features two piano selections off of Rob Costlow's album Sophomore Jinx, and art by the talented M. We encourage anyone interested in helping investigate the latest spectral activity at the Library to contact us for more details. It is, after all, October and there are creepy things afoot. Please enjoy. We welcome fe
  5. I've decided to get back into the swing of Role playing and I've tried a few times to have a nice character. Fact of the matter is though, it's just so damn easy to play a bad guy. So I want to make a Zealot (if you can start 1 man guilds the Sosarian Inquisition is on its way!) so yeah, I have an idea of the skills I'll want but there's 10 and only 700 skill points. Not being too used to Ultima yet I don't know exactly where I can drop skills for others. So I was hoping to get some advice just to get a character both fun to play and able to be Zealoty. I figured I'll need Fencing (No Dagg
  6. The following is Jeremy Dalberg's post on UO U.Hall about updated Knowledge Base articles
  7. I know, taste id is a useless skill, but i have this flea-brained idea to get all skills gm'ed. Then Wilki adds more fuel to my fire by mentioning brewing fine ales as a nice incentive to "taste my concoctions". I already have gm in cooking, poisoning, and alchemy skills soul-stoned in the event I get to be a virtual sommelier/fine dining connoissuer. Has anyone been able to get above 75 in this skill lately? I've tried stacks of poisoned fishsteaks and kegs of potions. It's been over 72 hours since my last gain and i only have 417.5 real skill points used. And yes the taste id arrow
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