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Found 15 results

  1. This thread is intended for the posting of Starter PvP templates ONLY. PLease keep it simple, but effective. Has to be cost effective! Please discuss in the regular forum. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  2. just got my first one what kind of wood and bows would you guys use?
  3. i used a disguise kit, but everytime I log in, my characters original name does not come back....its been a while now any suggestions
  4. Would wearing luck help me get a heartwood kit? Thanks.
  5. i was thinking about making lightweight shortbows, that gives me 100% chance at a balanced bow.. what you guys think?
  6. As some of you may know I create UO flash movies. For those that did not know now you do Recently I started to have problems with UOSuperViewer2 a program that lets you create characters and save the images. You can use the images to create forum signatures avatars flash movies and so on. So what happened to UOSV2? well it no longer works the way it should because of patches and so on. UOSV2 was written in Pascal (old crappy code) and the author no longer updates the program well he or she may but the person who was translating the program from Japanese to English is no longer doing it an
  7. Do we have a standard Issue kit :- Bedroll scissors Axe etc?
  8. Just re-activated my account after many months of inactivity, and I found a barbed runic sewing kit in my house. Was wondering, are they still as lucrative as they used to be for a legendary tailor? Or would I be better selling the kit itself? Would like to raise some capital! Thanks.
  9. Yesterday night I came upon a tailor bod lying on the ground near a tailor shop (quite a usual thing). To my immense surprise it was a completely filled lbod for a barbed runic kit. I waited for a few minutes, but the owner didn't come back for it. Considering the price of the thing (about three mil?) I don't think it would be right thing just to pocket it, so I am ready to give it back to the rightful owner. Contact me in game, or icq 232989004. Sometimes I think scavenging could make me rich faster than anything else.
  10. we miss you. i know it must still be hard for you, but we miss your witty posts and i miss your daily new siggys:( pls let us know that your still alive and update us on your friend!! heres a polar bear, hope it makes your day.
  11. i miss my friend kit
  12. *a notice on the board of all RM buildings* Marksman Kit Reminder Marksmen should at all times carry the following items, check you have all this before you start your day. :- 2 - Weapons, one of which must be a crossbow 1000 - Ammo, bolts or arrows or both. 1 - Quiver 200 - bandages. 1 - Hatchet. 10 - orange petals 5 - night sight potions 1 - fletchers tools 1 - Scissors 1 - combat cap. Failure to have these items upon inspection could result in a loss of merits !
  13. When the regiment was new, I remember there being a list of basic kit that every marksman was required to carry. This seems to have fallen by the wayside, but I'd like to reintroduce it if possible, after the discussion on bunkers we've been having. So, here's a list, not comprehensive: Uniform All weapons allowed Quiver (worn) with arrows Spare quiver with bolts 200 bandages in 2 stacks Hatchet Scissors Orange petals Nightsight potions 1 man bunker kit If you can think of anything we should add, post it here, and we'll put together a "kit pack" as an experiment
  14. I have a GM carpenter and a GM fisher. My fisher fished up a fish that says a big fish caught by " char name ", which is really cool since they used and mostly still do say a big fish. Now I want my Carpenter to mount it. My question is .... " Does the type of wood result in a different looking mount?" In other words, I'm not a GM lumberjacker yet just up to ash. Should I spend the money and buy some frostwood to make it look super cool? Or will it just be a waste? Anybody know?
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