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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Beta Keys Competition.

    Chrissay has been kind enough to give us some Beta access keys to us But first we need a competition idea. The only two I can think of right now are... 1) UO Quiz 15-20 questions about random UO facts, including say 5 pictures of random monsters which people have to name? 2) Where's the UOF staff member Participating staff members take a heavily cropped screenshot of them in game, and people have to guess where they might be? Any thoughts?
  2. So I thought I'd take my now nearly-completed disco tamer out to try to solo a peerless this evening, and I decided to do Mr. Grizzle, who sounded like a good choice for a first go. I did the quests to get into bedlam, and killed named monsters inside until I got the 5 disintegrating thesis notes (took a couple of hours all told). Then I ran back outside, healed up, honored myself, and went to Cohenn the Librarian, got his quest, and turned in the thesis notes, for which I got the Librarian's Key. At this point, uoguide says to go to the house just east of that and drop the Librarian's Key
  3. Having abit of a time trying to decide how to fight hiding and stealth on my tamer when it comes to keying some peerless bosses and was wondering will 80 stealth work when keying say getting to teh Grand Mage for the red key in travesty, in helping to key Dreadhorn and also in keying Bedlam and also maybe in doing ish champ spawns..hehe.. the templete Im working on when I add these two skills would be 95 magery 100 med 100 hiding 80 stealth 115 taming 115 lore 115 vet.. may drop med down some once I get a good LRC and mana regen suit and add on to stealth if need be.
  4. Is there anywhere in forums that takes you step for step how to key for the various peerless bosses? I have been asking around for someone to show me how to key the shimmering to no avail. If there is anyone out there on Chessie willing and patient enough to teach me... sometimes just doing mel tends to get boring and would like to learn how to key other peerless monsters.
  5. Anyone else having trouble getting the Irk brain key? We were there for about 2 hours and we never got his brain. It seemed a little off because there is a time limit on those keys and I dunno if the developers intentionally made the drop rate that slow or not. I think we killed about 30 or so Irks.
  6. To All Members of the Order Keys to the Reliquary are being issued to all of the Order holding the rank of Knight or above. It is the Orders task to ensure the integrity of that building and to that end no one is to be allowed to enter it, unless accompanied by at least one Knight who is to closely monitor the actions of others while in there to prevent any breach of security or misuse of the artifacts.
  7. I'm having trouble remembering or finding the key binds for Kingdom Reborn. Things like how to talk in party, guild or alliance chat all appear to be different or not working for me. Are ya able to do that properly yet or...? Another thing is zooming in/out, has it been removed or if not, what are the keys for it?
  8. Flames

    Named Keys

    I wouldn't really say this is "rare" but remember when you could name all the keys for your house?
  9. ok we were trying a group of 9 yesterday to take on prism of light creatures.. but hydras really caused us some greif.. if there was one or two we could have managed perhaps.. but 3 with such fast spawn in such small area is to many when its your groups first encounter with hydras. Anyways. We had some difficultys figuring out which keys was from what as they do not say, so i would really like some info.. which keys are from what, what are they called and what do they look like.. so far i manged to get 4 screenshot of keys.. but i would like to know where which creatures they are from. the
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