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Found 15 results

  1. On GL Magicina is burned down... Where is the new starting point for the quest??? Thank you, Malimn
  2. It is thursday, bout 9pm eastern. Getting ready to challenge the humility champ spawn, it is the ratman type spawn,would love some people to join me
  3. is it still active? the reason I ask is I have been doing it, and need to donate to the library now, and when I looked at the rewards, there was no For the Special Printing of 'Virtue' by Lord British book or am I doing something wrong? I am a friend of the library and was donating to Forsythe The Paladin Do I need to donate to someone else?
  4. I was wanting to do this quest... everything i have read says to start in magicina. Well can we do this still? Is this information correct?
  5. I've been trying to complete the Cloak of Humility quest tonight, but I've run into a problem. I'm down to the final 2 NPCs in the quest chain. One of them has a pair of work gloves, and the other needs a pair of work gloves. The last NPC I traded items with game me a Worn Hammer. I took the hammer to the NPC who has the gloves, but he doesn't want it and won't take it. I went to the other NPC, the one who needs the gloves, and he won't take the hammer, either, of course. There are no other NPCs left to trade with (I've already traded with the other 5), so I know the hammer isn't mean
  6. Eric the Red rode into New Haven. His adversary insisted on meeting with him, but Eric would only meet him on neutral ground. Otherwise the two would probably try and kill each other. The Shadow sat at one of the tables overlooking the center of town. Sitting on the table was one of his chessboards. "I didn't come to play games, Shadow! You said you had information for me." The Shadow pointed at the chair across from him. Eric sat reluctantly, his eyes went to the chessboard. He noticed new pieces, people from other shards have made their way in. The Shadow smiled as he noticed E
  7. any of yas help me out here?? I've gone to Magincia to find this gareth dude thats suppose to be at the parliament building, well it says to travel to the island thats south and across the 2 bridges so 2+2= parliament building. anyways, this gareth is not there. any info?? thats if anyone reads here still :grin:
  8. Im atthe part in the quest where you get the grey cloak and a brass ring and i think im suppost to give the ring to marabell the waitress in brit tram but she wont take it, all she says is she has a hammer she cant use and she will trade it for the right item. Anyone know if im giving the ring to the wrong person. I went to a few other of the quest npc's and they tell you what item they want i dont know why marabell doesn't. Plz post any info will help.
  9. source taken from UO U.Hall forum, thread Grimm Omen (UO Lead Artist), responds to questions regarding the cloak of humility: Comment: I have to say, great job to GrimmOmen and CatHat and the other artists on fixing up the graphics for the cloak While I still prefer the normal cloak, the new cloak of humility seems more like the stype of the original UO graphics. Was it made differently than the other more recent item and creature artwork? If so, is there any chance of improving the graphics for other SE-ML items and creatures and the other virtue set pieces? Many of the other items and cr
  10. as penned by the Shadow King of the Shadow Court,and respected acquaintance of Tabbitha, Muldran Skully I've learnt a lot in the time I've been here. I've gathered and acquired. I've sought and found. I've given and taken. And yet still I find myself... hollow. But there was something missing. The Virtues. Yes, they are the core of Britannian life - but when was the last time I'd thought of them as more than a 'oh yes, I remember that'. Concerned, I searched inside myself, and while wandering, I found my way to Magincia where a representative of the Council worked. Gareth - for that was
  11. This quest will you give another of the virtue armor pieces. There is now a runebook locked down on the Trammel library's porch as well as a how-to book. Location is in the link in my profile for those that have not been there. I copied/pasted this from another person's post for the book and will post it here. WARNING: SPOILER! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Questions & Answers: (He asks them in random order) Q: Which city embodies the need for Humility? A: Magincia Q: How doth one find Humility? A: Through the absence of Virtue. Q:
  12. Posted over on UO Stratics: Player: The dragon helm was so good and the cloak is so bad (stiff) CatHat: Good eyes Actually the Cloak of Humility and other armor was created shortly after ML - using the Mondain's Legacy Method of the 3d client's low poly needs sorta dictating what the 2d model will look like. Probably why so many folk say it looks stiff in the 2d. 3d having a higher framerate and a different rigging system fitting the 3d client more than the 2d world. Notice how the monsters in ML looked in 2d - poly's showing - well its that same old method on that wearable. The a
  13. As posted on UO Stratics by Orvago: Thanks for the heads up. Im sure if I would have seen one of these I would've bought it. Apologies moderators if posted in the wrong forum.I thought this was the most appropriate place.
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