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  1. hello, i'm a new player at drachenfels and my boyfriend is a returning player. we wanted to build a castle, but we cannot find ANY space for it anywhere . now my questions: if there aren't soo many players playing UO, how come every tiny space is already taken?? or are some abandoned houses still standing?? has anyone an idea/suggestion where to find a nice spot for a castle on drachenfels =)?? greetings, crunchy
  2. Probably more like 12 years off line! I was a beta tester for a while, and was on with UO first went live. Those were some buggy days! Yikes! So I got back on and the game is playing solidly. But I had a couple concerns... What is the current recommended Mapping utility? I remember using UOAM which was cool back in the day, you could track your buddies in your party which was a blast. But it seems to not be working anymore? Obsolete? Is there an alternative these days? The Trammel facets seem nearly devoid of players these days, and the vendors are all empty. Are there any bu
  3. As posted in the 6/13 FoF. We'll keep this stickied as a warning.
  4. I was just hoping that the new shield that drops from Cora the sorceress could be the most rarest drop in the game. It kind've puts cool shields like the Shield of Invulnerability to shame. Items keep getting downgraded instead of balanced. Please make it a super, super rare drop. The animated legs, tangle.. and all of that are way too easy to get. Also, something I have thought about for a while that would be a great idea perhaps. Allow each person to own two houses. There is way too much free land in Ultima... and in this day and age the housing market practically does not exist. Housing is
  5. Greetings, I have vaguely heard that you can have housing on a regular shard AND on the Test Center on one account? How is this possible? Is it because it's the test center so it doesn't interfere with your regular players? I might've just answered my own question, but I'm just a little confused lol. Thanks. =]
  6. Been a few posts about 'When will housing be opened up in the new SA lands' over on Stratics, and Draconi just wrote a very interesting answer : "Well, placing houses in Ter Mur requires a certain level of "loyalty" to the Queen, and no one's gonna have it at start. They'll have to earn it through gameplay. We'll post more on this soon, but no, first-to-login won't be first-to-place. (Although they *will* have a starting advantage in the race)" I'm really pleased with this approach, should help avoid the 'opening day scramble' when people place anything, anywhere, just to get a plot, and a
  7. A post by Draconi over on Stratics Well, placing houses in Ter Mur requires a certain level of "loyalty" to the Queen, and no one's gonna have it at start. They'll have to earn it through gameplay. We'll post more on this soon, but no, first-to-login won't be first-to-place. (Although they *will* have a starting advantage in the race)
  8. Hi there, I would like to try some new house designs on TC, but there was that gump with the warning about house decay on all other houses on all shards.... Before I make a dumb move (I'm prone to that, hehe), is that serious or can I ignore that warning gump on TC? TIA, Malachi
  9. I used to play UO many years ago & am thinking of coming back. Are there housing spots available on the shards (I played LS before)? Or is it all IDOC camping like it used to be? That was one thing that frustrated me, only having the smallest house because that was all the spots that were available & even those were very tough to find. I played from the beginning to the second age.
  10. My Ideas - as follows: Drach - give every char on drach a xfer - and close the shard down. Or merge with Europa? Yes, i know some people multishard, but thats just the detail isnt it! Offer rewards for deleting 'newb' chars made for xsharding xmas gifts or whatever. The shard is dead. People on drach tell me the shard is dead anyway. This would get them into a shard with WAY better communities, would love to say Europa, however, East and West Coast are far more involved. Soulstones - (and frags) People who pick these as rewrads and them loose them for whatever reason. Hacks, acc trades,
  11. I recently started on a new shard but left my main characters on Lake Austin. When I tried to put a house on the new shard it said the other house would be condemned. Why wouldn't the devs let you put housing on other shards from the same account? It seems to me that it would give the game an advantage if people would have this option.
  12. Hello! I'm currently on my trial and I am thinking about subscribing. I am very impatient and really want a house, though. I can't, because I have to wait 15 days. Is this because I am on the trial or is it 15 days for subscribers as well? Thanks a bunch.
  13. I've noticed there seem to be many, many houses on europa but there dosnt actually seem to be that many players, or at least not enough for all the houses! Also i closed an account around 6 months ago and re-opened it around 2 months ago and the house on the account was still standing! Anyone enlighten me?
  14. I have 2 accounts and both own a house, each account only has one house on one shard, they both say automatic on the refresh, If I cancel one account, will that house decay, or can my other account still use it?
  15. I just purchased a home outside the east wall of Zento, and want to build an orient-themed home. The neighborhood has very few orient-inspired houses, and I am looking for some inspiration. Does anyone have links they can share of any sites with orient-inpired custom UO homes? Or any they have personally made? Thanks!
  16. Especially around Britain. There is even a Keep size spot. Stratics deleted my topic saying that this is an exploit. But this has happened in the past and they let people keep the houses. Go get yours before the guards return from their vacation tomorrow!
  17. Guest

    Housing in Guard Zones

    Housing in Guard Zones Draconi 11 Sep 2008 12:14:52 UPDATED 12:15PM: We will be leaving the houses up until Monday. However, all houses still standing on Monday will be deleted with ALL items inside them, so please remove your items and drop the house yourself! Hello all! Publish 55 shipped with a bug that dropped guard zones in towns across Britannia. This also dropped restrictions on placing houses, and several reports have come in of people placing new houses within towns. We have since published an update to fix the town zones. Our stance on whether these houses will
  18. I just got finished placing/customizing/decorating my new 18X18 house. The entire process took about all day... The problem is, this is my first custom house, so I made some mistakes. These include, Doors opening the wrong way Places being "Blocked" due to small walls I used to seperate different places Teleporters porting to the wrong locations Stairs facing the wrong direction and a few others... I want to fix these mistakes, but hitting the recustomize button tells me I have to re deed all my addons.. Does this mean my entire house design is going to be scrapped? I was to make a few
  19. I have a home on Ice island by deciet that i have marked private, but it seems all my best stuff keeps dissappearring, i recently lost 2 backpacks of stuff and i unlocked a box that had slayer spellbooks in it and when i did it was picked up from the floor, could it be p[ossible that someone has gained access to my home in Trammel and is stealing from me? Oh and i found a packing crate in my house with 6/9999 items and 15/999999999 stones that i have no idea how it got there, please help if you can
  20. Needed boost to economy? or Bailout of reckless homeowners?
  21. How much would "A Deed To A Pickpocket's Den" fetch these days?
  22. I am a "lifelong" Great Lakes player and am looking to use my second account for buying/selling real estate. I was in Britain Bank tonight on Atlantic and noticed lots of people selling Trammel homes for a few hundred thousand gold-- something not often seen on Great Lakes since so many house spots are open. So, how is the housing market in general on Atlantic? Do Trammel 7x7s sell? If not, what is the average "smallest" house size that you can resell? Thanks
  23. I saw a 18x13 in PaxLair City for sale on Stratics, I sent a PM, anyone know if it's still available? I'll ICQ the guy tonight, no ICQ here at work
  24. I noticed on other shards there were a lot of housing spots. On Atlantic, I ran around for two hours and didn't find anything worth while. Do you have to buy a house from a player here, or are there some good spots? If you know of any spots, please pm me Thanks.
  25. Hey! I just finished my house outside LUNA (Catskills) Though I have a problem. I have a bag full of funiture deeds (Beds, elven stuff etc) When I set them up, I cant seem to move them around or re deed them? How do I re deed or move them around? And btw, where do I get vendors for my house?
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