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Found 3 results

  1. This is a website where you can compare different hardware and see which is best for you. The link [here] shows graphic card charts when tested against 3DMark2006. Revised other link here
  2. since the last patch the Hardware Renderer can not be created. no way to start KR at all. could be my 3D settings but i dont know what else to try. i am using a ATI Radeon 2600 Pro Driver Version 8.42-070914a-053413E-ATI Catalyst® Control Center-Version 2007.0914.2139.36828 Does anyone know where the Problem could be ?
  3. I've never taken the time personally to sit down and test how much better the 2D client performs with each subsequently more modern video card I have use throughout my time in UO. As such I have no idea just how much (if any) real gain there is as every video card upgrade has been coupled with other things that definitely did increase UO's performance. The first card I ever used to run UO was a 4mb Triton card (who remembers Triton?), then onboard video, then a S3 "Savage" or "Verge"..I can't remember, was POS anyway..then a Matrox G400, then a Hercules 3D Prophet II (the goofy Kyro chip)...you see the progression. So, the looming KR aside, how big of an impact on the 2D client's performance can be felt by using say, a current ATi or Nvidia card with 12 or however many pipelines and 256mb to 512mb of very fast memory, opposed to a more basic card from UO's lifespan..say a TNT with 16mb? I imagine KR will make it all moot anyways. Likely a DirectX 9 or even 10 based game... Yay, multi-thousand dollar SLI core rigs for the PvP win.
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