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Found 13 results

  1. In 8 months im gonna have a baby:) YAY!
  2. Hello everyone! Just wanted to inform those who know me that my wife is now in labor full swing. We'll be leaving for the hospital shortly and I likely won't be online for a few days because of this. Take care and feel free to send me a private message with your email if you wish to receive pictures. Wheeee! Old Guy
  3. ...don't work for McDonalds. [video=youtube;rwhw-Inji0k]
  4. So Im making this charecter to really...just tryin something different. Wont pvp at all..just pvm. This is what I am going for.. 120 magery 100 resist 100 eval 100 med 100 Archery 100 chivarly that leaves 100 skills points to use...cant decide between parry/inscript/ or just spreading the points of going 120 in the other skills..like i said the char is for pvm and rp purposes..just lookin to get some input..what does everyone think/suggest...thanks!
  5. for a few days. My bf's mom had hip replacement surgery and needs some help. Unfortunately I think I have been volunteered to bathe the woman. Gah. Wonder if it is too late for me to suddenly get deathly ill? lol
  6. I got an email today which read. So I've signed up for a new offsite backup service and in the mean time, backups will go to my home pc
  7. while UO is being published today??? *boredom is not an option :cheesy: I'm :-/
  8. Wait until you hear the guy in the middle!!! His laugh is hysterical!!! http://glumbert.com/media/laugh
  9. Nobody answered me in homes and castles.. but when a house is IDOC, how much time does it have till it really decays from the time it switched to IDOC? Im sitting on one now and I was just wondering
  10. Alrighty, I'm going to start my first dexxer today. In the long run, what stats am I looking for when my toon is complete (str, dex, int) and I am thinking about going fencing with the weapon skill. Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
  11. source taken from UO.UHall Thread :- Jeremy_Mythic i need your help Comment I have a old account and on that account i have a bless deed for my charactor and i try to bless a shield and it says it is not my deed! I paged a gm and asked what was going on and the reply was a link that sent me to a EA page about when the deeds and mini houses were handed out. I have not played this perticular charactor since aos except for the gift log ins and maybe a total of 1 hour. If you can find the time to look into my charactor and his bless deed it would be greatly appriciated. #################
  12. source taken from UO.UHall The last Magery "FIX" I remember was the FC/FCR "FIX". I saw Ninjitsu still needs "FIXING", but how much "FIXING" can it take before it's "FIXED" to oblivion? I see Mages still want Bushido "FIXED" and PvPers want Pets "FIXED", but am I missing anything else or will "FIXING" these situations "FIX" UO? and Personally I'm just tired of changes designed to affect one aspect of playing totally frelling up others. You can't make changes designed for PvP and not expect the PvM'ers to be effected. I do both and quite frankly I'm sick of it. and Not a str
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