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Found 10 results

  1. Ok i made GM tailoring and im trying to figure out how to make leather armor with LMC, LRC etc but im lost can someone help me figure out how to make my leather armor with more than just resists? Thanks
  2. If you are using Chivalry Consecrate Weapon continiously, is there any use in enhacing a weapon? My experience shows that whatever runic hammer you use, enhancing only distributes the damage type. Never had any additional properties or increase of intensities which the weapon already has.
  3. Is it any better than weapons and armor? I'm looking to enhance with ash on bows that already have 20+ swing speed.
  4. I am trying to enhance some shields with heartwood wood, and I get the message: The target item is not a magic item, or does not have any properties that match those of the selected material. The items I am trying to enhanced were looted. For example: Wooden Shield Spellchanneling -0 DCI 13 What gives? I've enhanced shields with heartwood before. For example: Wooden Shield SC -0 Self Repair 3 STR 2 Ref Phys 9 DCI 11 Aha! I think I found out the issue. Well, I had my kit set to color the items with heartwood. I turned off the coloring, and now it will enhance. I turned on "us
  5. Guest


    I have quite a few crafters but I have almost never done anything with enhancing items (and what I have has been pretty underwhelming in terms of results). I don't want to keep wasting resources and I've looked around for guides on what to enhance, what not to bother with, etc... but have not yet found a good, concise guide. Can anyone either point me in the right directions or give me some tips on what to try? It all seems pretty complicated and I am feeling totally lost. :[
  6. How do you make enhanced bandages? Or are they loot from monsters or something? And what do they do?
  7. When using yew boards to enhance bokutos, I thought I read somewhere that it gives 5 hci and 10 dci, is this true? I tried enhancing a couple of bokutos and all it adds is the 5 hci it doesnt add any dci. The bokutos that I enhanced only had two mods on them to start with.
  8. I am starting to learn chiv but with the gear I have I am only a 2/6 chiv/mage. What items can I enhance to give me 2 more pts in fc and how? I read somewhere in a post how someone added 1 pt in fc on their scrappers are there other items you can add fc too? I do have a scrappers.
  9. How do i do this, my tailor has a button that says Enhance Item, hows it work? i couldnt find any info on it
  10. Ok, I have a weapon that is unenhanced and it has 80% fire damage and 20% physical damage. If I use bronze on it I should get 100% fire damage correct?
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