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  1. Do people use swampy's for mounts anymore or do they favor horses?
  2. A friend wants a laptop somewhat for gaming and I want to tell him which to get but I'm not a laptop person. EDIT: Is this a good one? But it's more likely he's getting this one. WOW specs. Warhammer Specs.
  3. Could we use a DDO forum? I've messed around with it a bit of late(free is free after all). With so many people giving DDO a shot since it became free to play last week for the first time, a forum on UOF might be a great place to share info, ask questions and find friends to quest with.
  4. Following the successful campaign against the crimson dragons near Occlo this evening, the platinum dragons were driven into a frenzy. The platinum dragons, noble though they may be, cannot be allowed to terrorize the residents of Occlo. Volunteers are asked to provide these once-allies with a swift and honorable end. See the complete details and pictures of the event here: Crimson Dragons Defeated; Platinum Dragons Terrorize Occlo | The Ultima Online Ledger...
  5. Join the platinum dragons in the fight against the crimson dragons this weekend. The first battle will be held on Saturday, 5 September 2009 at 4:00 PM EST. The second battle will be held on Sunday, 6 September 2009 at 4:00 PM EST. Read the complete details here: http://www.uoledger.com/crimson-dragons-descend-upon-britannia/
  6. The Shadowlords and the Crimson Dragons will march against Luna tonight, 8 August. Meet at the east Luna gate at 9pm EST. http://www.uoledger.com/shadowlords-crimson-dragons-to-invade-luna/
  7. EM Event:Hosted By Vladimere Chicken Fights, Dragon Tame & Dragons Fight 6/15/09 Tonight the Citizens set out to fight chickens! A gate was created by Em Vladmiere to the Jhelom fighting pit. Some mechanical problems came up but, the EM and citizens of Chesapeake after a few minutes figured it out. The chicken fights started with six fights all together. The following people brought chickens that fought and some watchers. Chicken Contestants Obelisk- Asucky Chicken Gareth[RBG]- PaxOku Chicken Wilrizz [TEB] Gazou E-LloomiNator [FoA]- A Greater Chicken Ariel Faith [R@G
  8. Hey, I just wanted to apologize if I said or did anything tonight that offended you or upset you. When I used the word "trammie" I wasnt trying to segregate anyone, I was trying to get my point across. Dont know how well I did it...but I tried. You and Nanoc and the rest of the guild have been so welcoming to me I would hate to think I offended you. Yoshi:P
  9. As a thankyou for your patience during datacenter move process,Turbine will extend all active and currently paid Asheron's Call and DDO subscriptions by one day on or before May 1,2009* Additionally both DDO and AC will offer the following special activities this weekend.
  10. From UO Herald Platinum Dragons Kilandra Cotten 25 Mar 2009 13:15:22 EST Swords clashed in combat between two humans – one male standing 6’2 and a female around 5’7. The young man was wearing typical battle gear, bright chrome armor lined with golden hues that seemed to fit every curve of his muscled physic. The young woman, who seemed to be matching every strike he put towards her, was almost identically dressed with the same style chrome armor. The two combatants were engaging each other in almost harmonious melee combat, neither one losing footing to the other. ... For the full s
  11. Sooo.. im not online to much these days, but everytime I log in something is going on. Today I discovered an empty brit bank and instead I found a million dragons eating me. What event is this? Where can I keep track of what events are going on? I see some cryptic RP stories on uo.com here and there, but that doesn't really tell me why im running from an ancient wyrm..
  12. This is for the larger RP community and it's an idea I've been kicking around for quite some time. I thought about doing it with RPers on my own shard, but character slots are precious so it was hard to make it work. Roleplayers from other shards, however, might have open character slots on Pacific to lend to this project, if they are interested. I wanted to put the idea out and get some discussion going about it to see if any were interested in taking part or hosting something similar on their own home shards. So in our old D&D games, they nearly always began at the beginning with ro
  13. So storywise, we needed to explain why East Britain falls under attack by dragons. Britain is built atop a dungeon which descends down into the underworld and so the underworld is the likely source of this draconic army. For our story, we'll invent caverns by the lake that sits in the middle of Eastern Britain, as this seems to be the center of the invasions. These caverns descend down into the underworld where the Shadowlords assemble these armies.
  14. I like to slay dragons and drakes as my tailor needs the hides. Well we went to Destard and to the demon temple to find some... we found this new dragon called a greater dragon. It is so tough, much harder than normal dragons... Are they new? or do they replace dragons now? are there still normal dragons? It has kind of nerfed it for me a bit to be honest as the greater dragons kick serious butt.
  15. says Sarphus The special ability for ANY creature in the game to make bonded pets go wild or even unbond is ALWAYS a bad idea. Even though you have clearly mentioned that ability for platinum and chaos dragons in the patch notes, it will still end up screwing up someone's cherished pet, which is just not acceptable. Instead, I think you should just make the dragons ignore the resistances on tamed dragons when attacking. Then you don't have to worry about greater dragons being too powerful for the event and you don't have to worry about players coming here and saying "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY
  16. Hi all - FYI, the Pet Power Calculator has been updated to fix some erroneous max skill data for the Nightmares, particularly regarding the max Eval Int skill. Vet Master's data (where I got most of the pet numbers) seemed less accurate than what Stratics had, so I updated the Nightmares to use Stratics' data instead. It should be more accurate now. I also double-checked some numbers with Greater Dragons. No changes were made, as the value in question was the max hit points, and I believe it is accurate at 1,000 (tamed). Note that spell effects such as Bless can increase the HP on your g-d
  17. Just noticed this message from the town crier near Luna gate. Anyone know what this is about and where this strange gate is?
  18. Please do not post any comments on the Dragons. Uoforums doesnt let us put more then two in the Signature so we figured we would make a little Dragon Cave here for you to see them. For comments and questions about Dragons you can post here. http://www.uoforums.com/f1406/dragon-cave-chat-questions-comments-47095/#post357939 Show us your Dragons even if your not from Chesapeake or PaxOku city.
  19. Yes, I'm going to go there. I am bringing up one of the stereo-type defining earmarks of this and many previous generations. I am asking the essentially, nerdy question that I feel must be asked... Does anyone play pen and paper Dice and Dorks? I used to play online with a program for rolling dice n' chatting n' used a voice chat program (my group used skype) and I was wondering if any UO folks play Dungeons and Dragons online? I want to find a fun loving, creative, friendly group to play a game with maybe once a week- I KNOW lots of UO people like RPGs of varying sorts so... um... Whats u
  20. Hey all - I've gotten some emails asking about the addition of greater dragons to the UOCraft.com Pet Power Calculator. I've got the update ready to go (with numbers as best as can be gathered from current data between Stratics and Vet Master). I'm having some trouble with my current web host. FTP and SSH access have been disabled, leaving me with no way to update the site. I'm working to come to some agreement over how I can continue to update the site, and if I can't gain access to it, I will move it to one of my own servers. Hang in there! It's coming - I swear!!! Thanks! UOCraft
  21. 1up had a story about video game packaging. Ultima actually gets a full paragraph. But not in a good way. Ouch. Shrink Wrapped: A History of PC Game Packaging Trends, From Awesome To Awful from 1UP.com I think the cloth map was fine, but those action figures for LBR were over the top. I never even took mine out of the box.
  22. Has anyone tried killing one. I went to this mornning to farm some leather for my tailor. AND LET ME TELL YOU They are fast, they hit hard, and the poison levels are higher. I walked in and next thing I was saying was who dat who der. They do hit hard. The first hit took for like 80 hit points from me and as i turned around to run and heal it hit me again and OOOooooOooOoO. All I know is I was on my swordmans with a dragon slayer and I am almost at all 70 in resist 70 in phy and 70 in fire. And it took me down before I was able to honor it. However I did have a lot of fun.
  23. Mayor NANOC and Deputy Mayor Phoenix of Dragons Watch will be out of the realm for a few days. The duties of the government officals of Dragons Watch are many. In order to form a more perfect union () we have need to get away to a new realm, a new start and find a new way to communicate to the citizens of the Sosaria. All this being said we will be talking to you from the city of Jacksonville, sitting in the ole world tavern of Dave and Busters (kind of reminds me of the Otters Run Tavern in GG) and communicating to you over instant pigeon. OOC; Please check the Whispering Rose Radio site
  24. The fact that the dragons of UO, save for the few like Sudiva, seem unintelligent and less developed than fantasy legend, or even compared to the Ultima series itself, is I think lamentable. Wilki has left us part of his legacy in reaffirming that Dragons are one of the ancient and great races. Thus you see new, more powerful dragons, and even greater ancient wyrms in this publish. Dragons are important to UO - the Hildebrandt painting makes that pretty obvious! Hopefully there'll be time down the road to make it even more apparent. Tim "Draconi" Cotten UO Lead Designer EA Mythic
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