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Found 24 results

  1. Greetings... this is the idea behind the Network... Soon we will be enough to do two, three or more spawns... at the same time. (do remember to train your protectors, stealing is a good option... and steal from the champs...) So the plan is an interactive Network... if anyone is attacked, we move our forces there... destroy the raiders and help the original spawners to finish it... So we have several, moving, defensive forces ready to defend any of our spawning crews... The goal behind this is the massive undertaking of felucca spawning... soon followed by many oaks and harrowers.
  2. Annabella's story was really one of the great stories for the guild. It really wound up generating a lot of detail for our overall fiction. First off, because of this story we began to examine Jhelomish nobility and came up with the following ideas. Being limited to the Valorian Isles, Jhelomish nobles don't really have new land they can expand to. As such, nobility is often granted to those who bring wealth to the islands. Thus the new breed of noble hopefuls often establish a fighting company, hiring out abroad and bringing back the plunder of their battles. It was our thought that th
  3. As posted on Facebook here Ultima Online We've got a discussion on Gargoyles and throwing in the boxes section of this page
  4. Published by Genius at 3:58 pm under book 7, lotro, release notes Patch 2 goes live Tuesday April 21 What about the Lothlorien reputation crafted item recipe crit trophies? Are they being added during the patch also? Or will they come in the next patch? They are not in patch 2. Lothlorien gift boxes never worked as intended, even on Bullroarer, if so is it possible to know what is their proper function? They’re serving their ‘function’ but their loot table is wrong. On bullroarer they were too generous and on live they’re a bit stingy. I th
  5. This evening, Sunday March 1st, at 7pm EST, Chesapeake is to have it's second shard-wide community meeting at the House of Commons. Organized and hosted by the Chesapeake Event Moderator Team of EM Tailspin and EM Dudley(although EM Faine Morgan is known to pop in to say hello!), this weekly meeting is an opportunity for all players of Chesapeake to meet together to hear news, make community decisions, get to know one another, tell bad orc jokes and otherwise come together under one, neutral roof. To reiterate, this is a weekly meeting, at a time chosen and established by popular vote a
  6. Posted by Faya LOTRO Community Officer 09-03-2008, 09:29 AM Please use this thread to discuss the Warden class coming with Mines of Moria™. The intention of this thread is to keep the discussion about this class in one singular place, so that we can collect feedback and save having multiple threads discussing the same topic. Warden “Armed with spears as their weapon of choice, Wardens use a gambit system to fire off powerful combo attacks at the front lines. Unlike other classes, which have to wait for opportunities, the
  7. Flora Green wants to know What logic is there in the armor engraving tool only having 30 charges? Otherwise, aside from it's ridiculous we have to wait to get these items, I'm looking forward to the trees. ....and None of us should have to pay 20, let alone 30 dollars for a two year old box. I swear this was briefly touched upon within the past month or two (maybe at a town hall) and Jeremy said it was being looked into. ~~~~ While ^Wolfie^ keeps stock of how much real cash she's spent already My BF and I have given them monthly fees for 11+ years now, be damned if I PAY to
  8. Early September saw Faya LOTRO Community Officer start this discussion thread. 62 pages later and its still going strong. Official Rune-keeper discussion thread Please use this thread to discuss the Rune-keeper class coming with Mines of Moria™. The intention of this thread is to keep the discussion about this class in one singular place, so that we can collect feedback and save having multiple threads discussing the same topic. Rune-keeper “Mystical linguists and masters of true names, Rune-ke
  9. Hello all. Oldschool vet (beta to AoS) coming back to submerge myself in some UO PVP fun. I've spent the last couple days trying to find a combination of equipment that I fill is best but I just keep running into walls. PLEASE help. Template: Pure inscribe mage. Items: Hat of Magi Rune Beetle Cara pendant of Magi shield in invul fey leggings ornament of the Magi crystalline Ring optional barbed leather hands optional barbed leather shoulders Haven't decided on wep (boomstick, scrapers, staff of magi? I dont know...) results: ~ -10 Physical -20 Fire -20 Cold -11 poi +16 Energy (negati
  10. A thumbnail sketch of the commodities market on Sonoma: I’ve been trying to reconcile the high price of all things on Sonoma and the relative scarcity of things that are plentiful on other shards. Part of the answer probably lies in population numbers, which I’ll never be able to examine. I assess that Sonoma has far fewer residents than the most populated shards, which consequently lowers availability of rare items and raises prices. Sonoma’s low population has an unexpected side effect, however: A quick glance through the Luna markets, via FindUO.com, will demonstrate many basic craft
  11. I'd like to see the Cleric 'order' seperated from rank and file Mages. This would mean that Mages esentially become guards. Wearing an outfit more ftting for day2day duties Clerics - have a special role in the Guard. and as such would remain, and possibly be a progression from rank & file Mage. A couple of points:- Can't see we'll get many mages (I've lost 3-4 over the past years) who'll stay if they have to dres in floppy hats and cloaks, or skirts. In order to survive and grow we need active members of all skills. -thoughts.
  12. See here please. Role-Play Ideas Forum [OOC] - Ultimate Online Forums - Always Quality over Quantity
  13. The Barbarian General, Marcus Cabeius Marcellus [aka Cabe], leader of the army of the west, (and of all the rest of us, for that matter) has asked me to put together a contest for the purpose of: FUN. Actually there are going to be a series of small contests, and hopefully more events and such to follow. LOOK FOR DETAILS ON THE FIRST ONE RIGHT HERE IN THESE PARCHMENTS LATER TODAY! But the purpose of THIS thread is to get input from all of you. And to have that input in one spot, rather than scattered about through several threads. What would you (members only, please) like to do? This is
  14. ((OOC... I just had to speak up when reading this mate, take it as friendly advice. First of all, knowing what I know about Kaldor Lore, people who don't care about gods surely don't just become sentinels?, or as I gather Gorn is now, a disciple? Neither can you just, I think change sides like you change socks... Cause fom what i learned they're devoted followers of these gods... and he just seems to care flip (flip is a code word cloaking an uglier f-word) all about his own gods.... don't take this the wrong way mate, I just thought I'd point it out))
  15. Any queries, complaints, concerns? Post them in this thread please!
  16. taken from Thread :- KR UI Discussion of how can we make a list-based inventory liveable > UO Kingdom Reborn ########################### Comment It's been said that we'll have at least 5 hotbars... what hasn't been said is how much flexibility we will have with orienting them on our screen. I think that the primary issue with not being able to easily find a runebook in the list-based inventory is that there is the possibility that you'd only be able to display 2 hotbars at a time, which would mean that you only have 24 accessible hotbar items. If we could display 4 hotbars along
  17. source taken from UO.UHall COMMENT Since they have the list of Publish 43 changes in the "fully moderated" Developer's Corner, I'll put it here where people actually might see it and where people might have their response censored. Of course, three things jump out at me from a PvP perspective. 1. Sad, sad, sad amount of PvP issues dealt with -- again, and those which are dealt with are EXTRAORDINARILY low on the "problem" list. 2. Fixing damage on the pre-patched things (finally...sheesh) without fixing the specials on the same weapons? So the PP Taskmaster is actually WORSE than post
  18. Following the defeat of the Void Shadow I would propose a discussion and field trip to discuss the implications of this momentus event. I am proposing Sunday 1st October at 8pm Uk time Location to be confirmed [hopefully be nice to do it as part of Umbra University night please Aryala]
  19. Hi there! I thought I would take the reigns here somewhat and pioneer a discussion of rares surrounding the Drachenfels shard. I'll begin with a list of the Event Items, taken from http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=5766473&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1 SEASON I Mask of the Orcish King SEASON II Algid (Red/Blue Elemental Slaying Sword) (1) ~350 mil Brumal (Red/Blue Elemental Slaying Sword) (1) ~350 mil Gladiator Collar (1) >500 Mil Offered (Sold For Undisclosed Amount) Pirate's Hat (3) Each with differnt names 15-50 mil
  20. Some of the UOForums staff will be at the House of Commons chat session tomorrow ... If you are not able to attend but would like to submit a question/s about the Punkbuster program to the UO Developers in attendance please let us know and we will do our best to submit them for answers. TY Details on the UOHoC IRC Chat Wednesday! Topic: PunkBuster - Click Here
  21. In order to keep the Spring Festival News & Information thread just for news and information feel free to discuss the Spring Festival here ... TY :grin:
  22. From the Developer's Corner at UO Stratics: Player: Am i correct in that you can reach the necessary caps via items and the only way to exceed the caps is by using a proficiency. And if so, how many do we get, one of each or more? ( i must have missed it) I think this is a good first step in leveling the stacking of items. Wilki: Yes, that is correct. Without any proficiencies, you can get up to the value in the "cap" column in the first table for that item property. The value for each proficiency raises that cap by the stated amount. The proficiencies by themselves don't give yo
  23. didnt wanna break up the consecutive entries so i thought id make a separate thread... SoccerMom, I love that playlist you got!
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