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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of PVP and i was woundering if my template was good. What you guys think or suggest to improve! Fencing: 120 Anatomy: 120 Tactis: 120 Parrying: 120 Healing: 85 Poisoning: 90 Left 45 PTS. I was thinking Mysticism or LumberJack Myst: Give me Enchant on Weapon + Healing Stone Lumber: Increase DMG. What you think!
  2. I had this temp on my head for a long time..I'm RP PvP-er in Europa which limits me with not using AoE spellweaving spells, but I only intend to use the boost spells anyway 120 fencing 100 tactics 100 anatomy 90 healing 80 poisoning I have 210 points left to spend. I'm thinking of a 110 spellweaving and 100 meditation, but I'm not sure about this, maybe can take 100 Spellweave and spend the rest 110 points on medi+focus. Any suggestions?
  3. Can you guys help me making pvp tamer dexxer template? What's better 4/6 chiv heals or anat/heal combination? I was thinking about: 120 taming 120 bush 120 swords 100/120 resists 100 lore 100 tactics 40/60 chiv Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know the best pvp dexxer temp?
  5. Dexxer vs Mages, If your shard is like mine and very dexxer heavy then you may want to take a look at this template I have created for the people who aren’t the best mages but prefer to play one over a warrior, One of the main reasons that dexxers are do dominate is the increase in weapons and Enhance potions, even with 70 dci you can still get hit 5 times in a row, and if a dexxer is swinging at 1.5 second and your exp takes 2.5 seconds to cast its going to be very difficult to even get a combo off.. Yes you can disarm them then watch them run off screen, or you can cast blood oath an
  6. Stukov


    Hello, Im more the mage type of player so i never played a dexer much,but I really want to seriously try one out so I began to raise one,the template I have in mind is the typical non vampire thing w 720 skill cap(I only have 705). My idea in future is: 120 sword 120 parry 120 bushido 100 anat 100 tactics 90 healing 70 chiv (thats 720 total,but as I said my cap is 705,so wont really work for now,will prolly have to drop chiv) My gear is smthing like: Ancient Samy helm (yes im donating to get mace glases but it slow) Jackals Rune beetle carapace Bane legs Gauntlet of Nobility Crafted ba
  7. Guest

    4/6 chiv dexxer gear?

    Hello, i was wondering what gear a 4/6 chiv dexxer would wear? anyone have some suggestions? And perhaps some suggestions for the skills I would use. Thanks.
  8. Evolus

    Dexxer Gear

    I'm going to try a bushido dexxer. Besides the weapon, what are some good artifacts or whatever for armor, ring, and bracelet? Thanks for the help.
  9. Ok I'm debating which of the dexxer jewel sets would be supreme for a chiv dexxer: 2/6 casting with HCI/DCI or HCI/DCI jewels with damage increase This is only for a pvm dexxer. I figured the FC/FCR jewels would be good for healing but wasn't sure if the skill healing is more than plenty for pvm. The HCI/DCI/damage increase jewels have their obvious reason but wasn't sure if its even needed since its easy to obtain weapons with 45 damage increase then there is stormgrips and primer.
  10. Hey all, Well, after over a 3 year break, I've decided that it's high time I come back to the game that I always lamented over leaving. The big problem is that it seems that I'm very out of the loop with regards to templates. I'm hoping to either create a character on Siege or join an RP guild with one of my old characters, and so I'm hoping I can get some advice with regards to dexxers for that kind of play. I had a dexxer character that had 4 x 120 legendary skills (Swords, tac, anat, heal) and +25 stat points. Prior to leaving, I decided to raise Chivalry and gave it a whirl, but I
  11. 120 Fencing 120 Resist 120 Parry 100 Anatomy (95 til I hit 720 skillcap in a few months) 90 Healing 90 Tactics 80 Poisoning ..or I was thinking of adding GM bushido in there, at the expense of poisoning and some anatomy points. Would that be better?
  12. Im pretty new only been playing for a few months and this is Probably a noob question but ill ask anyway.What exactly is a dexxer? id guess its a character with high dexterity but what does this do for your character? i've read about some templates and such but would just like some input on what exactly it is.
  13. Title says it all really. I keep seeing this phrase in forums and have NO idea what it means.
  14. This is a pvp template that I'm looking at building: 720 Max Skills: Swords: 120 Tactics: 120 Anatomy: 100 Heal: 100 Resist: 100 Chiv: 60 Focus: 100 255 Max Stats: Str 100, Dex 125, Int 30. Buffing MR, SR and Int with armor and jewel bonuses... Comments on the template would be much appreciated... Anyone see any potential problems with this template or have any suggestions for changes? Also, I have 20 extra skill points to use... Should I dump them into Anatomy or Resist? Thanks, all!
  15. Achilles

    4/6chiv dexxer

    ok i kinda have a few ideas but i deffinately need to do SOMETHING with my dexxer hes been naked ever since they nerfed deathstrike, was thinkin something like this for the temp (skill cap on this account is 705) 120 fencing 105-chiv 80 poisoning 120 parry 120 magicresist 100 tactics 60 focus this is something i came up with in like 5-7 minutes? maybe ? lmao so i am VERY open to help. i already have a nasty UBWS cleaver but i thought about using a kryss instead since i like to AI figured a nice fork and a nice kryss would do ok and carry the cleaver for when i run outta GP on the kryss so
  16. I mentioned this in another post, but figured I'd ask it as a standalone question to see the responses. Since the Ninjitsu/Bush nerf with the latest publish, what are going to be viable templates. I'm redoing my dexxer, that was going to be a ninja/bush dude, and wondering what kind of pvp formula folks were going to use. I figured for sure I would have: Swords 120 Tactics 90-100 Anatomy 100 Heal 90 Resist 100 That's 510 right there. What would you do with the other 210? I have 110 Bush, 115 Parry, and 120 Ninja on stones. I also am working up Poison to 80, and will have that on a s
  17. Hello chaps I've been away from the game for about two years and have decided to start up again. I'm looking at rebuilding a dexxer template for pvp. Reading a lot of the dexxer posts on here it seems there is a heavy reliance on 4/6 chiv healing. Are many dexxers still using the old Anat/Heal setup or is Chiv the main viable option for pvp currently? Also I see that Tactics has been omitted from most templates, due to the damage cap on specials. Would it be fair to say that a Tactics/Anat/Heal set up (or just an Anat/Heal) set up) is currently a lot weaker than some sort of 4/6 Chiv set
  18. Alrighty, I'm going to start my first dexxer today. In the long run, what stats am I looking for when my toon is complete (str, dex, int) and I am thinking about going fencing with the weapon skill. Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
  19. Now that there nerfing my talon bite i gotta find something to add to my temp to help with dmg i droppped lumberjacking and i have chiv and bushido on a soulstone id like to have parry but i donno if there will be room ,main skill id like to have is ninjitsu these are skills that are currently ON the char 120 anat 120 tactics 120 fencing 115 heal 110 resist Some skills can be dropped lower if anyone has a good temp in mind
  20. I started a dexxer way back when, but now I dont know !!! to do with him. Curretly he has 100 fencing/anat/tact, 87 healing, 80 hiding, 60 magery, 50 detect hiddening (lol, i will drop this) and 80 magic resistace and a bunch of other misc skills I want to make a pvper, not sure if i want to take the nox ninja, or archer bush or wutever template. I want to drop magery and take up chiv that is for sure, but i am open to suggestions. This char will be strikly pvp thx
  21. Guest

    Siege Nox Dexxer

    Hi I'm starting up on Siege and looking for a strong noxxer template. I'd like to include ninjitsu as well if possible. Any suggestions? I'm torn between relying on bandies for healing or Sprit Speak (with or without Necro), if that would give me enough reliability. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :grin:
  22. Whats a good template for a dexxer with poisoning ? i just cant figure one out and its hard for me to put down bushido and parry hehe
  23. mendal

    making dexxer

    I'm makeing dexer for PvM but i dont know a lot of them. What do you think would this work? If u have better idea (i'm sure u have ) for pvm dexer post it here pls... Heal 100 Anat 100 Fencing 110 Tactics 110 Chivalry 100 Parry 110
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