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Found 11 results

  1. Has anyone else had issues connecting with the UO Login Server LOGIN.OWO.COM? I have been fighting Bioware/Mythic e-mail Techncial Support all weekend trying to come back after a 4 year hiatus. :X They and EA Customer Support have been nothing short of hostile to my return as a paying customer. Very disappointed in the service and the absence of playing time all weekend. I am able to patch fine (compassion.uo.com) has been up throughout this entire ordeal, and my networks have been vetted, as I was able to re-connect in four years for about an hour and a half this evening from 6:00 PM to 7:20 PM CDT! =) I was happy to play but came back this evening to find the same issues... and the same trite responses from their technical "support." EA Phone support acknowledged these server outages multiple times over multiple calls on Saturday and Sunday. However from Bioware/Mythic e-mail technical support, just more denials and no assistance. > Below is there e-mail to me: Hello, We apologize, but the Ultima Online servers are currently up and active; there have been no outages such as what you are reporting. It is possible that your game client has not been updated to the most recent version. We recommend that you run the UOPatch to ensure that your client is brought up the most recent version, as not having the correct version could be what is preventing you from accessing the game. We can assure you that there have been no outages such as those that you have reported. Any available updates and information pertaining to Ultima Online is readily available on the UO Herald at Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online | Play the 14-Day Free Trial!. If you have any further questions or would like to speak to a Technical or Billing support staff member, please feel free to reply to this email. You can contact the Technical or Billing Support departments by e-mail at [email protected] You can also contact Technical or Billing Support via help.ea.com. Click on “Contact Us” and follow the simple steps. If you are based in the US, this website allows you to leave your phone number for us to call you back. Thank you, Ultima Online Support BioWare Mythic, A Division of EA Help! :'(
  2. Funny thing is I bought "World Of EA Games" compilation for the computer last year. I lost the serial codes to the game included (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Black & White Deluxe, and Freedom Fighters) so I emailed EA. I told them what happened & to prove I purchased the games, I wrote down the UPC code that was on the back of the box. The next day I get an email with the codes in them for each game. I'm mentioning this because I was reading the manual for Call of Duty: World at War. It mentions the fact that if you lose the registration code printed on the back of the manual, their customer service people would not be able to provide you with one. I mean, I understand the reasoning behind the darn things. It's to prevent software piracy in a way. But to refuse to give someone a code even if they legitimately purchased the game & simply lost the code that came with it? So score one point for EA.
  3. Well I never thought I would see the day when a GM just refused to help. A guildmate got hacked--we saw that guy stealing and stripping down the account--the owner of the account was there--watching his account get stripped of everything--and the GMs did NOTHING!! Four of us called reporting that we saw what was going on---we reported the character--we asked, as per the EA website that the GM lock the account for the owner--the owner even asked this TWICE and pleaded for help--and NOTHING WAS DONE. They honestly told us to shove off. And while we sat therr and watched--a hacker totally looted the account in front of us. Bull%*[email protected]!! Now I dont expect the GM to honor every request, and I know their hands are tied. But according to the EA help site under Hacked Accounts--it clearly states the GM can lock the account until account management takes care of the problem. They did nothing. So now a good friend and a guy who has played since 99 gets totally looted--not to mention what they are going to try to put on his CC#. All this could have been avoided if the GMs would have answered ONE OF SIX requests for help--and locked the account--or even come by and seen what was going on -- instead they told us to quit bothering them. Unfortunately--they did nothing. And now EA is losing several players. The part that really puts me off is that I am paying for this service, and I cant even get help--even when we quote to them what the Help Site says. I think I am done this this game--its not worth the money I pay to get treated like this
  4. For those needing the link for the 2d Client Download, I found this to be the most reliable: 2d Client DOwnload The Customer Support Number is: 866-543-5435 Kai Shober: We’d like to remind you that you can contact the UO Billing support via phone under 1-650-628-1001. Our phone support hours are 10am to 10pm EST (3pm to 3am UTC), 7 days a week.
  5. Virtually an entire guild of players a few nights ago engraved their weapons with completely inappropriate and harassing statements towards our guild. Several people paged and no GM showed up for over an hour. The queue might have even been broken that night. If you said this stuff out loud in-game you would get at least a 3 day suspension. But no, that didn't happen. All we've seen in response is their weapons have been renamed to "Removed by a GM" in the engraving. Even if they just deleted the weapons, that would have been good. It took them a lot of duped Valorite hammers to get those weapons, they are all 5 mod 99%+ intensity ones. Worth quite a bit. I actually have video of this and am just figuring out how to upload it because the content would be considered mature. Plus we have one that they forgot to insure in our possession, just waiting for a Gamemaster to look at. Systematic harassment used to be highly illegal and now it seems that you can get away with it because customer service can't connect one incident to the dozen others. At the same time this is going on, we have a guildmate struggling to keep hold of his account while someone who sold it 6 years ago is tricking CS to give it back. You can read all about it here: http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=107224
  6. source Ok I've been trying for a while to get an issue taken care of with my account. It seems every time I call in the person I get doesn't understand me and I certainly have a problem with understanding them. On my final call before this I came out and said, "Is there anyway to get around the automated system because it really sucks and is more annoying than it is useful" and the CSR said "If you talk to me that way then I will not be able to help you" then he hung up on me. I didn't know I was that brutal with him and thinking now that I'm just going to let my accounts go inactive.. My question for the EA reps is.... Do you all ever plan on moving your call centers to america or a native speaking english country or keep the jobs overseas? I'm not racist by any means but this language barrier is a huge obstacle for me. Would there be a way of you sending out maybe a survey for all of your customers to give input on how they feel about your call center and customer service as a whole? Thats it for me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Iwilleatyoursoul, If you are having trouble with our phone support please feel free to use the "Contact Us" option at http://support.ea.com. Please provide as much information as possible, we'll ask for more if you forget something so don't worry. =) If you have a very old account, don't forget you may need to prefix your account name with uo_XXXXX to log in to send us a message. Anyone who has trouble on the phone understanding an EA Rep should try out our email support if there isssue is not critical or time sensitive. Common issues are addressed rather quickly, and there is no waiting.. you just send in the email, and then go back to enjoying UO. =) We'll notify you when a response is ready for you. If you like you can even PM me the "incident #" the email will be assigned and I'll follow it to make sure you get the assistance you need quickly. Should you have any further questions or troubles, please just let me know. Sincerely, Spada Tech/Member Service Customer Support Supervisor Electronic Arts Marco "Spada" Sederquist Global EA Customer Support Lead Player Relations Electronic Arts *Currently accepting PM's
  7. Telephone Support: Inside the United States: 1-866-543-5435 Outside the United States: 1-650-628-4306. The hours of operation 6:00am-10:00pm PST, Monday thru Friday EA Customer Support page
  8. I been think about this alot since Stratics unfortunate outage and the relative slowness of UO/EA communication. Also the general lack of communication with EA/UO staff. I mean GMs will hardly talk to except for those dang automated messages we all despise. There's NO way to get someone if you have a real problem or issue. Well instead of bashing I want to be part of the solution I want us to come up with some good ideas to fix customer service, then I will take these ideas and present them to Jeremy and Co. at the Town Hall in Austin! Shoot I'll borrow a laptop and present them with a impressive Power point presentation if I have to! I firmly believe that by fixing customer service it will increase subscriptions and will bring The old time vets BACK TO UO!! Customer service is the number one complaint I here from every player. So let start coming up with some very good ideas for fixing UO customer service!
  9. Last monday we had a Lotro Server Outage. Instead of being kept in the dark as I am used to with EA, Turbine kept us informed, adjusted the billing, and will gave ingame items to all our characters in the month of December. Being treated like a customer is something I wasn't use to. I hope other games note. Source: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=104998 Service Outage Update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Everyone, On behalf of the entire staff at Turbine we would like to apologize for yesterday’s extended downtime. The outage was a unique occurrence involving a combination of the hardware and software that supports our login servers and other related web services. This problem prevented players from successfully logging into the games, although the game servers themselves were unaffected and remained up. Please rest assured that we worked hard to bring the service back online as quickly as possible. The team tasked with resolving the issues pulled out all the stops and worked nonstop day and night to bring the service back online. Despite our best efforts, we could not avoid a lengthy downtime. We’re already working with our vendors to review the process and technology issues that contributed to the outage, and are collectively making immediate changes to prevent this type of incident. While we can’t give you Monday back, we hope to ease the frustration many of you felt by extending your playtime. Additionally, affected players will receive an in-game gift to show our appreciation for your patience during the downtime: For all players who had an active subscription on 11/26/2007 to any Turbine game, we will automatically extend your current billing period by one day. Your new billing date will be reflected at myaccount.turbine.com after the change takes effect. Dungeons and Dragons Online™ players will receive a Candy Cane for every character on their account. This is an item with 30 charges of Heal Moderate and is usable at any level. The Lord of the Rings Online™ players will be given a stack of five Scented Candles for each character on their account. These items are single-use consumables that provide a temporary increase to Hope. For Asheron’s Call® players we are pleased to announce a Bonus Loot Weekend with a special improvement to the normal loot distribution for a limited time. At Turbine, we remain focused on providing the best possible service to our subscribers. Players who wish to give us specific feedback on the issue and how we handled it may send an e-mail to [email protected] ne.com. We welcome your comments. Thanks to each of you and we’ll see you soon in Stormreach, Eriador, and Dereth! Please note: Special items and game time will be applied during the month of December. If you would like to discuss this, please visit the discussion thread! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I'd love to be able to do something with the GM program, and customer support in general. For example, when you submit a page, you have five options at first: General question Physically stuck Harassment Other Codes If you click the first one, it starts your web browser that takes you to EA Customer Support which is too general in my mind. It doesn't even deal with UO specifically. After looking around a bit you find a section about UO at the bottom. There is a search feature, but it won't help newer players who might not know what is going on. If you click "other" it gives you a few more options: UO Web site UO Knowledge base Report a Bug Other The knowledge base is out of date, and can be a bit frustrating for someone looking for a quick answer. The UO web site skims over answers to some basic questions. Perhaps if there were an easier, or more extensive newbie tutorial, this wouldn't be an issue. I know that UO has a very steep learning curve. Even for an older player returning to the game, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. If something happens and you have to page a GM, then most of the time you might as well give it up. I don't know if it is just the particular shard I play on, or if this is in general, but I half believe that GMs don't actually exist anymore. The last time I saw a GM was immediately after the AoS launch. Anyone else remember when one would show up and try to help you, or at least let you know that they were working on your problem with a chat note? Part of the appeal of a lot of the other games is that they are easy to log in, make a character, and start playing. If you have a question, often there is a support site with a quick and easy answer. In UO, if you cannot find an answer from a player, or on a player made site like this one, then most of the time you won't find an answer period.
  11. source taken from UO.UHall Comment I have been trying to get a question answered at EA customer support. I get an answer that doesn't pertain and/or doesn't fully answer my question. I've resubmitted my question in different forms, letting them know they didn't answer it before, and yet I still get the same answer. This last time I asked for someone to give me an original answer, not the cut-and-paste, yet they did it again. One time they didn't even answer my question, yet they marked it resolved. I am beyond frustrated. I cannot seem to get a real answer or real help. Any suggestions on what I can do to be "heard" by them? Is there a telephone number where you can speak to somene? I realize there is a number in my manual for tech support, but I don't think my question would be technical. Or maybe one of you knows the answer. I posted in a different thread, but that was more about account age issues. Basically, I DON'T have a problem with my account age. My paper doll says 94 months. That's fine with me. But I haven't gotten the latest vet reward gump or any rewards at all. I don't know if I've been hacked or what. So my question has been - why haven't I gotten the gump? And do others who don't have account age issues have the same problem? Everytime I ask EA Customer Support I get an answer that says I have to have played for a year to qualify for rewards and then goes on to describe how to calculate account age. Thanks for any help. I didn't know who else to ask. I wish I had some advice for you, cause I'm sort of having the same problem. I sent an inquiry and gave them a little background on my problem. Then made my question as clear as possible. In their response they proceeded to make some comments about what I said in the background, completely ignoring my actual question. I've yet to reply and try to clarify myself further. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator Bjay, do you have a ticket number? or several? PM them to me and I'll see what the confusion is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twice in the last month, I've had to call Customer Service. The first time the person I talked to was semi-helpful. The second time I called (for a different issue), the person I talked to couldn't do enough to try and help me. He was terrific, so good I remember his name was Fred. The number I called was, 1-866-543-5435. Give that a try. Good luck! *Edit - now that I see a new post* And if you can get Jeremy on it, you'll be in great shape! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not sure if this will help or if it has anything to do with your situation but if you use UOAssist ... check to see if the Auto cancel veteran rewards box is checked off. If it is, then uncheck the box. It is located on the Common tab when you bring up the UOAssist box. We had one of our accounts with the Auto cancel veteran rewards box with a checkmark so we unchecked it. Then we logged completely out of the game and the next day (after server up) we logged back into the account and YAY!, the account gump came up and told us we had vet rewards available. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for the information Queen Mum. I haven't ever used UO Assist. The only extra program I've used with UO is UoAutoMap. Jeremy, I sent you the ticket numbers. Thanks so much for offering to help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bjay, I think I see the problem - the rewards are given out individually as each account reaches the next year milestone. The reason that there's always a fuss in August is because the very oldest accounts hit the new set of rewards around then, but not everyone gets their next rewards then. If you're at 94 months, then two months from now (approximately) you'll get your next reward options and the gump should pop up. Does that help answer your question? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH JEREMY!!! Yes, that is the answer I needed. You are awesome.
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