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  1. UO:ML Smithing This guide will take you to 120 use the minimum amount of ingots possible. It is based on the 2.5% increase to the gain range per 5pts of power scroll used. (see chart) Before starting: 1) Mining - Higher the better for smelting. This will reduce your ingot consumption drastically. 2) 90-175K iron ingots (175K if you do not have mining) 3) GM tinker (this only takes 8K ingots), OR 200 GM smithing tools 4) Forge and anvil nearby 5) High strength for longer crafting periods. 6) A bag in your main pack. You will place all your ingots in here. Then using UOA, set the
  2. Going to be coming back to UO after 6/7 years. Never got far as for crafting, pvp, etc. Had GM Mage/Tamer. Noobish I know. Ha. Point is I have questions and will be posting in the appropriate (or what I think is) thread. I'm looking into crafting, tinker. What skills would I need to get the most out of it? Make the most/best items. I'm thinking... GM Tinkering GM Mining GM Arms Lore (Thinking Unnessecary) GM Imbuing (Thinking Also Unessecary) GM Random Combat Skill GM Random Combat Skill GM Random Combat Skill Thoughts on a build? Can I add another crafting t
  3. OK, so here's another in my line of hopefully interesting and even MORE hopefully useful items that crafters could make. Craftsmen & women need products that makes them more integral to the game. Please feel free to critique and/or criticize, as always. Grandfather clock What it does - every Ultima world hour, it chimes just as a real clock would. Chimes can be disengaged. When you walk by the clock (3 tiles?) the current UO time is displayed above the clock - or you can actively click it like the wall clocks we have now. Dyeable with a furniture tub. The face and pendulum cham
  4. 0 to GM Tinker Guide Time to GM: 7 to 12 hours. Resources: 20-30K ingots Skill guide: 0-25 Train from NPC Tinkering OR 0-25 Clock parts 25-45 Gears (avg 500) 45.1-95 Lockpicks (avg 5K) 95.1-100 Heating Stands Save gears for enhancing Juka bows and creating golems. Save lockpicks for resale. Throw out heating stands. NOTE: After GM, you will want to obtain a talisman with at LEAST 5% exceptional chance (max talisman exceptional bonus is 30%). Most tools have a maximum of 95% exceptional rate, shovels and pickaxes are 75%. NOTE: At 30, 50, and 75 Tinker, it is a good idea to make boxe
  5. On my blacksmith, tinker, and imbuing screens, the success chance does not show a number. This also happens in quest logs, where the total items or monsters to kill will not be visible. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can it be fixed?
  6. Greetings... We have a Community System where we share many/most items. - spellweaving scrolls - necromancy scrolls - magery scrolls - lrc/high resist armor - slayer weapons and spellbooks - etc We help many players on a monthly basis. (yup, that many still play uo and yes, we do the accounting) Is there a way for the Devs to consider stacking the crafting recipes? Thank You.
  7. Dragon's Watch will be hosting Crafting Wednesdays in New Haven, at the Forge and Anvil, where we encourage crafters to join us to help answer questions for newbies, comradeship for all, and offer to fill resource orders for those who need them. We'll be there every Wednesday (weather permitting) from 8-10 EDT, and would love to encourage those others from the PaxLair Statehood to join us.
  8. Need to grind from 0-120, but don't want to sit alone at your house? Have a question about what to make at what skill, or which ore gives what bonuses? Looking for that one BOD to finish out your clothing bless deed, but having no luck (and don't want to pay Luna prices?) Dragon's Watch (DWxC) will be holding regular craft nights at the New Haven Blacksmith Shop (the Forge and Anvil), where you can ask questions, get free armor/weapon repairs, put in resource orders for ingots, feathers, leather, boards, or whatever your heart desires, work on your crafting skills, or just plain hang out.
  9. OkuC will be continuing its Wednesday event from the 8-10pm slot as it has been. We offer free furniture Crafting, Seeds, Enhancements, Repair Deeds, Skill Training, Shadow Elemental Pet Training, Free Golems and Q&A for training etc. The Crafters hall is located on the islands of Tokuno (Homare-Jima) right next to the moongate. If you have any questions you can icq: 267944224
  10. OkuC will be continuing its Wednesday event from the 8-10pm slot as it has been. We offer free furniture Crafting, Seeds, Enhancements, Repair Deeds, Skill Training, Shadow Elemental Pet Training, Free Golems and Q&A for training etc. The Crafters hall is located on the islands of Tokuno (Homare-Jima) right next to the moongate. If you have any questions you can icq: 267944224 We had a great turn out this Wednesday despite the DW same exact thing and we will continue our Crafters event every Wednesday AT 8pm EST till whenever we decide to end. OkuC remain the premier Pure Cr
  11. Book 7 Crafting Instances Published by Genius at 1:06 pm under book 7, guide, lotro Book 7 Crafting Instances by Kata!!!!akishiro
  12. I just returned to the game a week or so ago, and I have been trying to get my Carpentry skill to GM, from 75. Should I be using a talisman with + success or should I be using + exceptional or none at all? I am at 85 now and making gnarled staffs, just wondering if the talisman is actually helping me or hindering me.
  13. Hello All - Since I'm spending a lot of time NOT playing UO, I have plenty of time to turn over the bits and pieces we've been given recently and see how they all fit together. I'm particularly excited about the new crafting enhancement system coming with Stygian Abyss - it's something I've advocated for a while, and I'm not alone. It occurs to me, however, that the new system is designed to achieve the following goals: 1) Address player complaints that most loot is useless 2) Address player complaints that many named loot items are too common and, thus, have no resale value 3) Address
  14. Disclaimer: I invite all experienced crafters to throw in their two-cents on this. The topic can be very subjective, so the more input, the better the result. I will be posting a thread for each skill that can craft with runics. I also intend to post how to GET runics (there has been a trend lately on these questions. Of course, any contributions that save me the research will be MUCHO appreciated. Please post in a separate thread, I will stickie as they are completed Another resource: Uo stratics.com Blacksmith forum (Scroll down to Dracko's Weapon and armor guide posts. These are GREAT pos
  15. How do you only pick up some of your leather in KR..Say i have a stack of 25k in horned leather and I only want 300 of it. I cant figure it out for the life of me. HELP!
  16. This set has some fixed properties when all six pieces are worn together. Quetion is, will there be any improvement on these properties if the pieces are crafted with : a. higher end wood like frostwood, b. a runic saw, or both. There is no exceptional possibility, so I suppose armslore has no effect.
  17. Hello to the friendliest shard inhabitants in the world gem! Ordinarily, I'd post this question in the crafters forum - but I tend to get faster responses here... If I find a piece of woodland armor with HP regen 2, and enhance it with bloodwood, is it now HP regen 4? - Not sure if HP regen is available on spawned woodland armor - Not sure if HP regen is capped per piece. I do know I have enhanced several bows to 40% SSI or to greater than 15% HCI, though, so it's possible for *some* properties. Thanks in advance! ~M
  18. Posted by Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator If y'all are playing around with faction crafting on TC1, please take a look at this doc - if you see something on it that doesn't match what you're seeing on TC, post it and I'll figure out if it's the doc or the game that's wrong Thanks! ~~~~ In response Tina Small posted Jeremy, I'll try to give it a shot tonight. Will have to run around and try to figure out who is controlling the various towns and then join the appropriate faction before proceeding to test the actual crafting. Is the option to add factional properties su
  19. I had a GM Carpenter, but just learned the stone crafting skill. I purchased book from gargoyle city, read the book, have stone and purchased mallets and chisels from gargoyle city. I went to craft last night and accidently unchecked or check the box right under the color selection in the menu. Now the entire color selection is gone including that box. On a smith hammer there is the same box and states "use color" next to it. My other characters can bring up the color selection, but not this character with the skills. He is bugged. I tried in both clients (KR & 2D) but only 2D gives
  20. Where do I buy Hilts to make my weapons? Or what profession makes them?
  21. You can definitely see some UO influence in the crafting process. Source
  22. Ok, .... well I wont say what is on my mind ... I am trying to raise up Crafters on my Accounts. Alchemy, Inscription, Tailoring Blacksmith, Tinkering, Carpentry Lumber Jacking, Mining, Fishing Lock Picking Four characters. I have not touched Alchemy. Inscription is at 88.9, didn't log that character on for a week, went to make a Resurrection Scroll, NO GAIN, ended up trying 3 to 4 times and NO GAIN. This is not just once but more times than I have fingers and toes to count on (no not waiting a week but 24 hours). Tinkering, Carpentry, Lumber Jacking, Mining, Lock Picking are all
  23. EA Mythic unveiled new details for the crafting system in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Fairfax, Va. May 29, 2008. EA Mythic, a division of Electronic Arts Inc., unveiled new details for the crafting system in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR). With two crafting abilities (Apothecary and Talisman Making) and four supporting gathering skills (Cultivating, Magical Salvaging, Scavenging and Butchering), the MMORPG incorporates an innovative crafting system to aid players in their fights on the battlefield's of WAR. "Crafting is a beloved MMORPG element for many players, however,
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