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  1. PaxOku will hold its city meeting as follows: When: Sunday, September 13th at 7:30 PM ET Where: Blue Light Tavern (BLT) in PaxOku, 2/3rds up the main road from the Moongate to the NE on the N side of the road. All are invited!
  2. Monday the 14th. We will be taking to the seas to find the cause of the recent changes to the sea around Trinsic. Guards are required to ensure the safety of the journey, and anyone with knowledge of the sea is welcome to help determine the cause. - Meet at the Docks of Trinsic at 8pm - Reann Lothain.
  3. Last night Bam Bam and I started talking and wondered why we never celebrated an anniversary. Well the statehood has an anniversary and at times we thought it would upset some people if we threw a party like that. But, now the old tradition is being done away with. PaxOku will celebrate its 5 year anniversary on Nov. 4th. I know it is a ways away but, no one said we couldn't think about it before it happens. If anyone has any ideas or sees anything over in the coming weeks that they think we should do then post it here. Again tis no rush. Just making sure everyone is aware of it.
  4. I would like everyone to know that while Lady Katherine is away due to personal issues she is unable to participate in the PaxOku city council untill she returns to game. With this said for the time i am making Lord Gareth acting city council chairmen. We wish that all is well with Lady Katherine and her family and we cannot wait to have her back. Mayor Bam Bam
  5. If you are a citizen or Resident of PaxOku City it would very much appreciated if you would post your name, title, and guild so we can see whos active and such! ICQ numbers would be great so we can be able to contact you if we need. Example: Bam Bam, Mayor of PaxOku. PaxO: PaxOku Citizens. It would be much appreciated for those who see this thread to pass the word on to other PaxOku Citizens and Residents to post here and sign up on the forums if they havent already! Thank you!
  6. PaxOku Community Meeting August 8, 2009 PaxOku City Who and What do they do?: For those that don't know who everyone is and what they do, I created a little list instead of the normal attendance I do on these write-ups. Ares [OkuB], Blue Guard Guildmaster / City Council Member Bam Bam [PaxO], Mayor of PaxOku City Niva The Savage, [T_T] Savage Guild Guildmistress / Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei Gareth [PaxO], Adviser / City Council Member / Deputy Caretaker of PaxOku City Merik [uOSS], Oku News Network Leader / Uo Stratics Reporter EM Vladimere, Chesapeake Event Moderator 1 of 2 Winfield [Pax], Governor of PaxLair / Caretaker of PaxLair, PaxOku & Dragons Watch John Duke [Pax], Slave to Orcs / Taxman Bozydar [TEB], Guildmaster of TEB A Garden HO [TEB], Co-Guildmaster of TEB Lord SmithinWesson [OkuC], PaxOku Crafters Society Member Lord Mirt [TEB], Council Member of TEB CharGar [F*V], Guildmistress of F*V On Monday August 8th the PaxOku City Community held its first Community Wide Meeting. This meeting is the first of its annual bi-weekly meet ups. During these community meetings all those apart of the community no matter how small are invited for announcements about city events, guilds, RP and general news. The meetings take place at the PaxOku City Hall located on Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands. PaxOku City Map 2006 Mayor Bam Bam: Hello everyone and Welcome to the PaxOku Community wide meeting! Its been quite a while since we've had one of these hasn't it?..too long.. *smiles* PaxOku is a city of opportunity. A city of honor and honesty. A city for any race or type of person.. and a city of savages. *looks over at Niva* Though this meeting is called "PaxOku" it does not mean that it is just for the citizens of PaxOku. Everyone is welcome to speak their mind and tell of upcoming events. Though first we have a few things to tend to..the main topic of topic of the night is an alliance that Paxoku is working on at the moment. It would be called the PaxOku City Alliance. Gareth would you please come up and tell us a bit about it? PaxOku City Alliance Information Gareth: The alliance is nothing new. But what we are doing is new to us. I am sure we will hit some bumps in the road. That is what we live for. To experience new things, reach out to new people and communities. To promote not just ourselves but Allies, Friends, Clans, Savages, Cities and the common beggar. I guess we can promote EM events as well. I'll send you a bill. *smiles* Ares: No discount coup for you Em Vladdy. Gareth: So if you look at what I have listed that is what the new alliance will be founded on. We are and still remain a PaxLair Statehood city. Our loyalty is to Winfield and Bam Bam still has to report to him. So the mechanical alliance is just a tool we use to go outside of our own community. Does anyone have any questions? John Duke: I do. Will there be friendly wars with the new alliance? Gareth: No Taxes JD. As PaxLair has done in the past for wars depending on the situation most guilds would leave to create a war. Cuz my smith in OkuC isn't going to be able to battle a mage with a hammer. John Duke: Well....there is a new Orc clan that I'm assuming will be part of this alliance. So they will be at "at war" with the PaxLair clan? Not physically orange. Gareth: The Orcs will have to work that on their own. I don't get into the politics of orcish war. Tis no profit to be made. General Chit Chatter Ares: Where do they Hail from? Niva The Savage: *looks around for orcs* Bozydar: Orcs taste like chicken. Governor Winfield: Nice Orcs? Mirt: Have they been around here because, I met a nice orc just east of here yesterday. Mayor Bam Bam: We don't know much about these news orcs. We aren't entirely sure. And yes they have been around here. Governor Winfield: Nice Orcs? Niva The Savage: No nice Orcs! Dead Orcs! Ares: There goes the neighborhood. Mirt: He gave me a skull and said Elves smell. Didn't like savages. Bozydar: I'm elf! EM Vladimere: *Used right guard before showing up tonight* Ares: Smells like wrong guard. hehe j/k Gareth: (As far as RP wars within the alliance. Such as our T_T Savages and New Orc guild. That will be worked out between themselves.) UoForums Information and Active Posting Mayor Bam Bam: If you are a citizen of PaxOku or in a PaxOku Guild we need you to post online. On uoforums.com under Paxoku Kijustsu Anei general there is a role call. It would be much appreciated if you would post and let us know you exist! Having an account on uoforums is very useful so please make one. *grins* Gareth: Awww you said a .com. You lucky its an official fansite! Em Vladimere: *Covers Eyes* Niva The Savage: (Makes her way towards Gareth) Human/Elf Gareth behave! Gareth: Only because you have a big fork. Niva The Savage: Niva know how us! Em Vladimere: *begins to tame Niva* Voice from nowhere: Your powers are not strong enough to tame such a powerful Savage. New Orc Sightings Mayor Bam Bam: *looks over at Gareth* as you can see.. we found Gareth... those silly Orcs.. speaking of Orcs.. they have taken over the community and Uo Stratics center. they are using it for their Orc fort.. *frowns* we believe it has something to do with the female Orc, Sue'tunk who is being held in the cells of OkuB. Does anyone have any suggestions about what should be done with these Orcs?..there are already plans in the works but i would like to hear from the people first. The ONN: Mayor Bam Bam: In other news.. the ONN is looking for reporters to join its staff. Reporting events is always fun. Governor Winfield: What are the requirements to report on the ONN? Merik [ONN/UOSS] No requirements for the ONN. We are looking for people that just want to inform everyone on new things going on in Chesapeake. Reporting for the ONN is not reporting for the UOSS. That takes its own application process. Speaking of which let me know if you want to apply to stratics reporting. Any who... If you just wish to submit news articles you can do that by sending me a PM and it will be posted in the new home for the ONN. http://www.uoforums.com/chesapeake-community-news-onn/ Special Guest EM Vladimere Em Vladimere came to the PaxOku City Community meeting by invitation. He filled us in with much valuable information. He addressed the assembly of people towards the end and had the following things to say. Luna Invasion: Em Vladimere: The invasion of Luna is over but the big fight has yet to be fought. Dawn sided with the Platinum Dragons. Casca sided with the Crimson Dragons. They will battle. The citizens will decide the out come. The battle will take place. This battle is important and will be the cause of the SA it ties into it. The battle takes place before SA goes live. Enough on SA. Player events: Em Vladimere: If you want me to come around you must invite me. I do not know when or where you have them until you tell me. So if you see me at one its from an invite or I happen to be around at the time. Cloaks: Em Vladimere: They are free when we get them to give away. I cant push a button and they appear. If I run out don't be made and cuss me out. That will only dig your grave. Pass the word around. cussing and harassing me is a violation of the ToS. I do not cuss you and give you respect. Enough on that. Temptress and Jessica: Em Vladimere: Jessica is still dead and has been seen for a second or two. She can be resurrected. Temptress has grown quite powerful and is now RED. She is in Fell and can be killed but, beware when you try to kill her. Last report was she was attacked by about 12 citizens and they all left as ghosts and her famous standing over the corpse and collected more souls happened. She appears at random. No set time or place. I believe that's all from me tonight. I came cause I was invited. Questions from those in attendance: Gareth: The shard gems. Can you give us any information on those? Or is that topic secret? Em Vladimere: My understanding is they are to be found. I do not know the full details yet about them. I am not sure if they will appear when the big fight happens. Niva the Savage: EM commons hut fixes soon? Em Vladimere: Dawn ordered the House of Commons to be rebuilt. I do not know the date that will happen. There is a rumor now I say rumor and not fact remember rumor. That to be rebuilt the citizens might need to bring building materials like boards, stone, seats. Again this is a Rumor. Not fact. PaxOku City Weekly Events: Mayor Bam Bam: Lets take a look at Paxoku's weekly events. Tomorrow Niva the savage and the Tonkaweya Savage Tribe host their weekly savage hunt at 10:20pm est. Be there or else.. *smirk* Thursday night Visago hosts his weekly Thursday night hunts! Meet at the blue light tavern at 8:30 to discuss where the hunt will be held then take off for some action! Angelica will continue to run the Helps Rescue The Nobles Of The World. Gain in compassion by doing escorts from the Orc dungeon. Lady Angelica will provide gates for warrior class characters to gain in this virtue. For about 30mins a day you can start to gain in this virtue which will help you in the battle field by being able to resurrect comrades with half life status. Good to have for champ spawns and other outings. Bander of UTB will be continuing the Community Zoo Project on Saturdays at 5:20pm EST. All warriors and Tamers are welcome to join in. Warriors can donate gold from hunting and Tamers can donate the pets for the hour long event. OkuC will be resuming its Community Crafters event. The event has been moved to Luna city bank area. They will provide free Repair deeds, Furniture, Golems and beetles. That is all I have for you. Thank you all for coming out tonight. We will be holding these meetings on Sunday nights at 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST. Again this is a Bi-Weekly meeting. We the next meeting will be on August 30th
  7. I would like to get everyone's input into the best time to hold a City Council meeting [in-game]. Because of [my toddler], I am usually unavailable in the evenings until after 9:00 PM Eastern. The night of the week makes no difference, but we want to stay away from nights where there are other events going on as well. Please let me know what days and times work for everyone. At worst, we may have to have some meetings through the skypages, through pigeons, or through [e-mail]. Thank you, Lady Katherine Council Chairwoman
  8. Rumors abound of Drakkar Sedai sightings, and talk of the City of the Damned Rising from its grave. Old timers will remember this City (Player Run Town) from the early beginings of Sosaria. Many pitched battles were fought there as well as many stories were told. City of the Damned
  9. Tomorrow the Guardsmen Militia will make an offensive move towards Vesper. The Knights Templar will not take part of such advancements. Instead we shall make sure the war does not reach the innocent civilians of Minoc by setting up a defensive perimeter just after the bridge east of the mining camp. The Mining camp shall work as our Base for Tuesdays operations. The Battle: The first encounter will most probably take place in the middle section of the road connecting Minoc and Vesper (Red dot) should Vesper manage to push the Yewish Miltia backwards, then we shall aid them by taking stance close to the bridge (Green dot to the left). Although should the Yewish Militia manage to press the Vesperians backwards, we shall still be remained positioned at the Base (Miners Tents). To aid any wounded retreatant and offer a safe passway for any travellers/refugees that manages to get past the line. Brethren, it's of high importance that all available Knights attend for this operation. Many innocent lives of Minoc is on the stake. May the Virtues Prevail!
  10. A two-year-old girl is in a critical condition after being shot by her four-year-old brother at their home in Las Vegas, police say. Reports said the girl's brother found a loaded 9mm handgun inside the home. It went off while he was holding it, striking his sister in her torso. According to police, the father was home at the time and the gun appears to have been improperly secured. An investigation is under way into the shooting. No charges have been filed. It comes less than a week after a five-year-old boy died after shooting himself in the head. He had found a handgun inside his father's vehicle outside a Las Vegas pharmacy. The father in that case has been charged with child endangerment.
  11. TEB will be addressing the PaxLair Statehood meeting tomorrow. They have already been approved to be a guild of PaxOku city. Which that just means they are an official part of the city now. All guilds still maintain their own governing body. This was approved by Bam Bam Gareth Lady Katherine Lord Ares Gifted Hands Niva The Savage OkuC Guild T_T Guild OkuB Guild Other council members as well as the Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei has been contacted. We for see no problems for this. We have been working on this with TEB for a few months now. They are also seeking membership to the Statehood alliance. We have started to speak with Dragons Watch since approval will be needed from there for mechanical alliances. So we will be speaking on that as well tomorrow night. Also Bozydar and Ash are being added as PaxOku City Council Members. They will be fully appointed by city council chair Lady Katherine. (So most know. Decisions like this will need 80% council support and 80% guilds of the city support to become a guild of PaxOku City. This was already supported long ago but, for future reference this will be something more talked about in the future.)
  12. I've noticed again today you all can't read my mind. Will have to work on that. Any who here is an update of whats taking place in PaxOku City and also behind the scene things. Again everyone is welcome to join in and we need lots of people as were finally organized for the most part and know where we need things. New Events and Changes- Visago will be returning to Thursday Night Hunts. He has ran them for years and was always a smashing success. This will be hosted at the Blue Light Tavern. Locations are chosen prior to the event and I'll do my best to give people ample warning of where we are going before the event. Featured destinations include the Tokuno and Ilshenar Champion Spawn, high end Paragon hunts such as Balrons and Succubi, Peerless, lvl 6 treasure maps, Ancient net tosses, and explorations of the Abyss when that region becomes available. Lady Angelica will be running a new small mini event daily from her vendor area in Luna. This will be to help get warriors compassion virtue so they can better res people at outings and such. Again this will be daily and will be about a 1/2hour long event. OkuC will be starting up a small 1/2 hour mini event as well. This will not be daily but something that has a larger goal. This will be a time lumberjacks and tinkers will get together to chop up wood and turn into the museum to raise the tier of the museum. As members sign on it could be a few times a week. OkuC Craftes hall moving locations The two guildmasters have decided to move the crafters hall event to Luna. They use to run it from there in the beggining and plan to move back to doing it there now for awhile. This will help them get out in the public more and after a few times in luna will go one week in Luna and one week at the Crafters Hall. Government Wildstar will be taking over as the RP Coordinator of PaxOku City. She will try to keep update on all RP going on in the city. Also you may contact her for RP advice. This is to help promote our RP and a central area for you to find information on current RP. She will also be updating us on Baja RP as well. Would like to see some of our people visiting their shard for RP events. (Will need an assistant for this job) Events We are also looking for someone who can help us keep the events organized and running. Someone to keep in contact with all event runners for changes or cancellations. Also to send in the FoF events and update the calendar as needed. (Will need an assistant for this job) Council Chairlady Katherine is ready and reporting for duty as PaxOkus City Council leader. She will have an outline for the council soon. Council members will need to keep her updated as well weekly. She will be giving a weekly report to the Mayors section of the government. City Defense As most know Ares has taken over as the OkuB leader. This also entails the city defenses position. If you have any ideas for little rp events and such that would include the guard let him know. Also if your interested in playing a roleplaying guard let him know as well. Guilds Interested In The City TEB I have been speaking with Bozydar and Ash of TEB. They are interested in PaxOku City. I have sent them the links for all city information and events for them to read up on. They were also interested in the Mechanical alliance aspect of the city. I have let them know that we will need to speak with all guilds of Dragons Watch and PaxLair city. We hope that we will be able to get some things worked out. For now we will be opening the city up to them for our events, RP and community. Events In The Works All Shards Tavern Night It is posted on the calendar but may not run this Tuesday. The new BLT staff is working on this along with inviting other shard RPers. We are also speaking with Sandman again for having the DJs for dancing. This event still needs allot of work. Were also looking for someone to do a voice recording for the camp fire story during the event. If your interested in helping in any aspect of this event let me know. Rp Information Night This is being worked on by the USN and PaxOku City General. This is not a recruitment fair but, gives information on RP guilds and storylines on the shard. Each RP guild will have a little area in PaxOku setup and will inform people that come about their RP style and general RP information. Right now we have The Savages, Blue Guard, Orcs and the USN. Each group will need to have at least one person manning their information area. If your interested in helping with this you can contact Niva The Savage (Savages), Tiberius (USN), Ares (OkuB) Gareth (Orcs). Forums PaxOku City Forums They have been updated but, still have some work to be done. Should be complete this week.
  13. Updated the Calendar with all the events we have started and continuing. Savage Sponsored Hunt Date: Every Tuesday Night Time: 10:20pm EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Niva's Hunting Lodge Hosts: Niva The Savage and T_T Guild Description:Community hunt after the PaxLair Statehood meeting. various levels of spawn depending on the skill of the group that day. Crafters Hall and Bod Exchange Date: Every Sunday Time: 7:00PM EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Hosts: PaxOku Crafters Society (OkuC) Description:Exchange and work bods. Also offering free Golems, Fire Beetles, Pack Beetles, Shadow Ele Dig up, Free Repairs,Furniture and Enhancements. PaxLair Statehood Meeting Date: Every Tuesday Night Time: 9:00pm EST Location: Changes Weekly Rune at the PaxLair Teahouse in PaxOku City Host: Governor Winfield Description: PaxLair statehood meeting updates citizens on its cities activity, storyline and progress. Also covers Em event information and other shard city information at times. Blue Light Tavern All Shards Tavern Night Date: Every Tuesday Night Time: 7:20pm EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Blue Light Tavern Hosts: Lord Gareth Description:Come enjoy song, dance, stories, general chit chat and more. Relax by the fire or try out your new blade at the dueling area on the first floor. Something for everyone. The Tavern offers an Indoor tavern area, outside dance floor, Fire pit with logs to sit on, Private Balcony, Dueling arena and a quiet waterfall seating area. Community Zoo Project Date: Every Saturday Night(Update) Time: 5:20pm EST(Update) Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Blue Light Tavern Hosts: Bander (UTB) and Lord Gareth Description: Community Zoo Project (Update) Thursday Night Hunts Date: Recurring Thursday nights, starting July 16th Time: Meeting at 8:30pm, leaving around 8:45pm est Location: The BLT Host: Visago or a member of House Ellindale Description: Locations are chosen prior to the event and I'll do my best to give people ample warning of where we are going before the event. Featured destinations include the Tokuno and Ilshenar Champion Spawn, high end Paragon hunts such as Balrons and Succubi, Peerless, lvl 6 treasure maps, Ancient net tosses, and explorations of the Abyss when that region becomes available.There is no limit to the size of the group, though the destination may change based on the number of people present. We have had outings ranging from 4 to 25 people for example.
  14. I have been revamping the forum setup and updating allot today. I am not finished but, this needed to be started. Most of it is done except a few more how to sections and detailed information. I hope all of this helps everyone. Below you will find everything that was updated today. Hopefully this will make our forums more active. ~Gareth PaxOku City Council Forum PaxOku Government Officials, Contact Information, Position Details (Updated/New) Section 1. Mayor's Office Section 2. City Council Section 3. OkuB Leadership Section 4. OkuC Leadership Section 5. Position Descriptions FoF Community Spot Light (New) For our Events Listing PaxOku City Recognition Medals (Updated/New) -Caretaker Award -PaxOku Blue Medal -Kijustsu Anei Red Medal -PaxOku Yellow Medal -PaxOku Anei Ying Yang Medal -PaxOku Purple Medal Welcome To PaxOku City (Updated/New) Section 1. Guilds of PaxOku City Section 2. Establishments Of PaxOku City Section 3. PaxOku City Laws and Decrees Section 4. PaxOku City Boarders and District Lines Submit Events Here For Approval (New) Setup for new events coming out. Approval is just so we know it's going on. City Brainstorming (New) Area for the city council to brainstorm on new ideas for events, rp and more. PaxOku City / Kijustsu Anei General City Savages and Orcs (New) Section 1. Savage Information Section 2. Orc Information PaxOku City and Kijustsu Anei Establishments (New) All establishments within PaxOku City and Kijustsu Anei Village PaxOku City History (In the beginning) (New) Consolidated History of PAXOKU OkuC Forum Plants, Training, Quests, Kegs and more (New / Updated) Section 1- Train your smith/Tailor Section 2- Fill kegs, Bods, Do the Heartwood Quests Section 3- Plant System (With new Plants) Section 4- Naturalist Quest PaxOku Crafters Society Events List of all OkuC Events Help Your Guild (Recruitment books, Runes and promotion) (New / Updated) -The first section is Recruitment books and setup. -The Second section is Runes -The Third Section is Event Help -The Fourth Section is Promotion Welcome To OkuC (Information, Council and Guild Contacts) (Updated) Section1. OkuC Information Section 2. House Council Section 3. Guild Member Contacts OkuC Job Posting (Requests from the community) (Updated) Requests for items from the community and the guild.
  15. Consolidated History of PAXOKU Largely OOC Planning Stages In the spring of 2004, the Samurai Empire Expansion was announced, along with the mention of there being new areas for housing in "Tokuno". Moving PaxLair to a Trammel ruleset had always been a longstanding idea within the then-PaxLair Ministry Council (members: Mayor Minsk, Winmere, Ga'kuct, Earl, Neo Of Lothlore, Cross MacLeod, Zog the Fishmonger). With the announcement of Tokuno, this was once again a probably reality. On Thursday October 28th, 2004, Council Member Neo Of Lothlore put forward a question to the council, the entire text can be found in this post. Here is an except: Opinions from other council members can be found here. By the end of October, the decision was made by the PaxLair Ministry Council to at least "attempt" to establish a few buildings in the new lands. Placement Day On November 3rd, 2004 the patches went through, and Tokuno was available for exploration. A party of house placing hopefuls: Winmere, Grimlar Mithrax, Ga'kuct and Old Man Winfield made their ways to the Kitsune Woods (Gaman Plains), ready to place houses once house placement was activated later that evening. At around 6pm EST, placement was turned on, and the results of placement by PaxLair Folks was: * Winmere - 18x18 (PaxLair Gardens) * Winfield - 18x18 (PaxLair Tea House) * Grimlar Mithrax 18x18 (personal house - as of 26/10/2006 location of the Blue Light Tavern) The PaxLair Tokuno Outpost (PaxSE) was then officially active. Many events and merrymaking took place at the Tea House (central location) over the next few days. On November 11th, 2004, Zog the Fishmonger acquired a villa in the northern area of the outpost -- Owner: Shen. On Friday November 26th, 2004, Neo Of Lothlore was also lucky enough to place an 8x10 where a previous house had decayed. On December 13th, 2004 the POST (PaxLair Outpost Survival Traders) opened in PaxLair Tokuno. The POST was a crafter shop with vendors and dye tubs. The outpost continued as a lightly used place of gathering until early April, 2005. The Blue Light Tavern Era On April 4th, 2005, a brand new face to PaxLair, Gareth [KTL], christened a new building in PaxSE which he had just recently acquired in a trade. The Blue Light Tavern (BLT) was born, and was quickly developed into a meeting hall for that night's PaxLair City Meeting. The BLT continued on for many months as an alternative tavern to the PaxLair Teahouse, and many events were held there. Toward the end of May of that year, PaxSE citizens acquired more and more buildings. On May 22nd, Mayor Winfield established an office for himself at the outpost. On June 1st, a civic beautification project saw a water barrel fountain built next to the BLT, and the newly established City Hall. PaxSE is Given a Name: PaxOku On June 21st, 2005, the PaxSE Outpost was finally given a name. The name "PaxOku" was the result of research by John Duke and Neo Of Lothlore. Oku - is the Japanese verb "to place" so PaxOku could be a good name for the Tokuno Outpost, and together it would mean: "The place that PaxLair founded" or "Peace was put/created here" or "PaxLair placed this outpost here when Tokuno was founded" That same night, 21st of June, Gareth - who had been a very active member of the PaxSE group - was appointed as Viceroy (local mayor) of PaxOku by Mayor Winfield. ---------- to be continued...
  16. Lord Gareth

    PaxOku City

    PaxOku City is currently looking for creative minds. Our city creates, builds and runs events from Storyline to Dungeon Hunts. We are looking for people interested in creating events in our city. If you like to come up with events that have never been done before or classic events let us know. Our goal in PaxOku city is to entertain and create a place for peoples ideas to flourish. You can contact the following people in the PaxOku City Council by icq. City Council Mayor Bam Bam 374733757 Lady Katherine 8080117 Angelica 34244614 Oda Nobunga 264964614 Visago 7368932 Lord Bander 176516719 Lord Ares 401701966 Niva The Savage 8040775 Gareth 267944224 Treasure Isle 354889490 Also you can look us up on Uoforums. Just do a search for the forums and you should be able to find us. ~PaxOku City
  17. Hello city Council. Dont worry I didnt forget about you *smiles* Will have the forums and icq information all setup for you guys at the latest middle of the week. On behalf of PaxOku thanks again for being on the council. In the meantime here is something being worked on for RP between us and GG. Any ideas or comment or if you want to help let me know. http://www.uoforums.com/uo-chesapeake-shard/61308-guardians-gate-and-paxoku-project.html#post431981
  18. Mayor Bam Bam has just signed documents to found the new PaxOku City Council. Lord Gareth who has been filling in as Head Council member for a few months now made the move to get it underway late last night. I had a few words with him about this surprising news. Why was the council formed now and not before or later? Gareth "The council wasn't worked on before because, Mayor Bam Bam, myself and Niva The Savage could handle running the city, news, storylines, events and other things on our own. PaxOku started to show some spark earlier last week and started to pick up through the weekend to now. After working with new Orcs, Savages, USN, OkuC leaders, New members, new citizens and event ideas that others came up with I knew now was the time to hit the launch button so to say on the city council. I have had a few names going around in my head on who we should have on it. I went for people that have a good solid background in (RP), Leadership and the willingness to help others. I didn't put off starting it because it was something that needed to be introduced now and not later. I think to put it off any longer would have been a failure to launch scenario." What type of people did you go for on the last city council? Gareth "The last city council I only went with people I was close to. Some who were to put it nicely only in it for a power role. This time as I said before I went with people with the following backgrounds." What have you learned from the past council that you plan to apply to this one? Gareth "To let the council members decide things on their own. Before our policy was, you had to ask this person to do this. This person ran that and it was so structured that it failed. Not to say this won't have structure but we won't be having the city council resolving disputes and getting to much into city policy. They are a governing body in ways but, more of a helpful body. Anything else you have learned from the past? Gareth "To be honest LOTS! To much to list but I'll list some things. What I did this year was go back through PaxLairs history, new forums and long ago forgotten forums. I have taken things I like that Winfield, Neo Of Lothlore, John Duke, Minks, and a few other past leaders have done in PaxLair years ago. I adopted allot of what I do now from the past. Also taking things of the past groups use to do I like. For instance the Ladies Of The Lair and what they use to do in paxlair fel into OkuC. One thing I haven't learned yet is to stop pestering Winmere but, that is for another interview." Now that the council is started will you be on it? Gareth "No. I am taking a vacation! I will be serving as the City Council Caretaker for as little time as possible. I will be fine tuning the council until it is ready to take flight on it's own. Then I'm going back to my little houses and decorating." A off topic question for you. What is your favorite thing about the PaxOku community? Gareth "I would have to go with its ability to adapt." ************************************************** The council is underway and Gareth was kind enough to leave a piece of paper on the table by "accident" for me to view. So far the following people are signed on and a few more they are waiting to hear from. Lady Angelica Lord Oda Nobunga Lord Visago Lord Bander Niva The Savage Lord Ares Lord Lucian Snow Awaiting response ************ ************ ************ ************ Congratulations to everyone that is on the council thus far. Some of the names are very familiar to Pax history. From what I gather appointments will be done separately or in groups. We will find out more later this week or early next week.
  19. For those that only get to jump into the forums. PaxOku city is in talks with four different guilds to create a new city alliance for PaxOku. Bam Bam, Niva and myself discussed allot of it last night. I am dealing with the other guilds at the moment while everything gets worked out to see what we can do. T_T will remain in the Pax Statehood alliance for RP purposes and so they can fight Orcs. (On a side note for those that may not understand. The Statehood is not an alliance. The mechanical alliance is more for communication. Each city may create its own alliance within its city. Which in the spirit of all Pax what we are trying to get together is a larger community. Not just one guild but many guilds working together to better our community. So in short no PaxOku isn't leaving the statehood. Just the mechanical in-game alliance as we expand our doors to many different guilds.) We will have more details as everything gets hashed out this week and next week. We aren't rushing anything and want to make sure it gets done right before anything is put into motion in game.
  20. South-East area. Against the wall of the city of Zento. It also comes with a rune Library.
  21. Dear Citzens of PaxLair City, In keeping with the generosity of past and current citizens of PaxLair City, I am here to put forth my Economic Recovery Act for the direct benefit of the citizens of PaxLair City. My proposal is quite simple in scope that even an orc could follow along. Phase one would require the use of a decent size plot inside the city of PaxLair. This plot will be designated for commerce as goods throughout our realm are imported for sale to PaxLair Citizens as well as visitors to PaxLair City. I would also encourage the current small business owners of PaxLair City to utilize this opportunity to provide the masses with access to their historic goods thru the use of the vendor system for times when their places of business are not open for operation. I currently have both land and sea trade routes mapped out for delivery of these goods for sale to PaxLair City from Merchants across the realm. Phase Two will be a 10% tax on all imported goods sold. Yes, thats right, 10%. At a rate of $10 Million in import sales per week that would result in $52 Million per year flowing into the PaxLair City Economic Recover Fund. This fund can be drawn on by the Mayor of PaxLair to help fund the following: 1. Improved salary and equipment for the city garrison. 2. Small business expansion help for any citizen who starts or expands their current business inside the city of PaxLair. 3. Additional funding for PaxLair City events and tournaments. 4. Funding to retain or acquire items or artifacts that are deemed part of PaxLair City Antiquity. 5. Funding to assist the expansion of the city library if need be. 6. Funding to build a new center for healing. 7. Funding to further beautify the city as needed. Sorry I can't do anything about the orcs. I do not look forward to meeting with an orc on this proposal. I do however, look forward to meeting with Mayor Ga'Kuct on my proposal and welcome his feedback as well as the feedback of the esteemed citizens of PaxLair. In closing, my hope is that the increased economic activity and the buzz surrounding it will generate the kind of revenue and interest that will make PaxLair a city that is more desirable to live in as well as visit. Thank you Oda Nobunga
  22. 'No God' slogans for city's buses The posters could run from January Bendy-buses with the slogan "There's probably no God" could soon be running on the streets of London. The atheist posters are the idea of the British Humanist Association (BHA) and have been supported by prominent atheist Professor Richard Dawkins. The BHA planned only to raise £5,500, which was to be matched by Professor Dawkins, but it has now raised more than £36,000 of its own accord. It aims to have two sets of 30 buses carrying the signs for four weeks. The complete slogan reads: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." As the campaign has raised more than anticipated, it will also have posters on the inside of buses as well. The BHA is also considering extending the campaign to cities including Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Professor Dawkins said: "Religion is accustomed to getting a free ride - automatic tax breaks, unearned respect and the right not to be offended, the right to brainwash children. This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think - and thinking is anathema to religion Professor Richard Dawkins "Even on the buses, nobody thinks twice when they see a religious slogan plastered across the side. "This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think - and thinking is anathema to religion." Hanne Stinson, chief executive of the BHA, said: "We see so many posters advertising salvation through Jesus or threatening us with eternal damnation, that I feel sure that a bus advert like this will be welcomed as a breath of fresh air. "If it raises a smile as well as making people think, so much the better." But Stephen Green of pressure group Christian Voice said: "Bendy-buses, like atheism, are a danger to the public at large. Bendy-buses, like atheism, are a danger to the public at large Stephen Green of pressure group Christian Voice "I should be surprised if a quasi-religious advertising campaign like this did not attract graffiti. "People don't like being preached at. Sometimes it does them good, but they still don't like it." However the Methodist Church said it thanked Professor Dawkins for encouraging a "continued interest in God". Spirituality and discipleship officer Rev Jenny Ellis said: "This campaign will be a good thing if it gets people to engage with the deepest questions of life." She added: "Christianity is for people who aren't afraid to think about life and meaning." The buses with the slogans will run in Westminster from January.
  23. We saw him hidding between the Blue Light Tavern and Virtue Annex....we are unsure if he was drinking at the BLT and relaxing between the buildings or just hidding period but no matter we still SAW YOU!!!
  24. Event: United Sosarian Alliance City Meetings 10/26/2008 8:30 PM (your time) Starting 10/26/2008 8:30 PM (your time) Host D. Blackmoore Invited This is a public event. Attendance Your attendance to this event is rated as totally optional. Other Details City Councilmembers and concerned citizens alike from the various cities of the United Sosarian Alliance are welcome to attend these weekly planning meetings held inside Guardians Gate. The meetings will be held atop the Ottersrun Taphouse beginning at 8:30pm. Topics under discussion range from planning weekly and special events, alliance issues, appointments, and so on. If your interested in parcitpating in city government or just wanna lend a hand or idea to the fray join us here!
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