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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, everyone. A little over a month ago, a close friend of mine returned to Ultima Online. She was the sole remaining member of a very important historical guild on our shard, and since no one else from her guild had logged in for more than a year and a half, she hoped that she might retrieve the stone and add it to our shards Roleplaying Alliance. Well, she was kind of stuck. Only being a Member, she couldn't add people to the guild to help vote her in. She contacted a GM, who said that if no one had been on in a certain time frame, their vote becomes invalid, making her vote essential
  2. Grew 31 seeds of rare colored plants in fertile dirt, 13 old fire/white/magenta seeds were acquired before publish 55, 13 fire colored seeds post-publish, and five of uncertain origin. Six of the newest seeds popped today and to my dismay, each and every one of the fire plants are the quad barrel clones! So far only cacti from seeds of rare plants acquired after publish 55. In the older batch of 13 seeds, nine that matured from seedlings today were varieties of the old plants, and none were the new (soon to be commonplace) quad barreled fire cactus. The five unsure group yielded a turquise s
  3. I had a GM Carpenter, but just learned the stone crafting skill. I purchased book from gargoyle city, read the book, have stone and purchased mallets and chisels from gargoyle city. I went to craft last night and accidently unchecked or check the box right under the color selection in the menu. Now the entire color selection is gone including that box. On a smith hammer there is the same box and states "use color" next to it. My other characters can bring up the color selection, but not this character with the skills. He is bugged. I tried in both clients (KR & 2D) but only 2D gives
  4. Ok - I'm trying to juggle some skills around to breathe new life into a champ spawn stealther. Problem is, I get the "you cannot use a soul stone while you're on a new player skills quest" error message. I have, in the past, done a couple new player quests w/this toon to check out New Haven, but my quest log is completely empty. I even cancelled the only quest in there (Dreadhorn) to be sure. Is this a known issue, and how do I fix it? I tried paging, but after 7 hours (no exaggeration) of being #14 in the queue, I gave up. As an aside, GM support is poor lately. >
  5. I currently am training Archery and my Tactics from 0. Archery is now in the 80s, but Tactics has frozen at 33.9 when Archery was around 50. My total skill set is not yet at 700, so what's the problem? Is there a way to "unfreeze" the skills if they are glitched?
  6. For anyone who does the quest in Sanctuary, be careful in this spot by Moug-Guur. When you get stuck the only way to get out is by using the Help Stuck option. This sucks for me cause it eats up the time I embraced my honor. Although, I don't think I could've survived otherwise, stuck there with all the monsters around me. This was in Atlantic, btw. Not sure if it's the same on other shards. And it just started recently too. One of the patches probably screwed it up. I did submit it as a bug, but you never know how long before it gets fixed, if ever.
  7. source taken from UO U.Hall At all of the dungeon champ spawns (Fire, Deciet, Despise, Destard, Tere Keep), the champ spawn alter and idol are no longer there. Was this meant to be this way or is the shard just bugged? Be nice to know if there is a planned change going on ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm checking Origin now...Fire dungeon's altar is still there....I'll check the others but it might just be you guys... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is it only you or other people who do not see the altars. I mean it might be a graphic glitch? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nah, ever since the shards went down..
  8. Hello my first post here , but i read the forum for some months. Very nice peopel here. I have read that there is a bug with the balnced property if you craft them with runic , i think it was said they can not be exceptional or something like this. I want to make myself a nice balanced bow ( is lightweight shortbow good ?) should be belanced whatever runic i use or ? so far i have not done the quests to get a runic tool and i would like to know if they are worth the time to do them can somebody help me please thx
  9. UO Catskills Bugged Candle of Love Anyone else have this happen? I got all the way through the quest to the point of taking the blessed candle in to light it, When I entered the cave I was froze and unable to move. I tried again, the GM even came., He declared I am bugged within the cave and there is nothing he can do about it, I did lose 30 points in my stats to the quest and got nothing to show for it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cant you go in again and try or are you locked out. The other solution is to create a char with the same name and do it. Years ago if you went to the Ankh in t
  10. When you put it on then log out it dont show on 2d when you log back in so you have to keep wiping it off and using more everytime you log in. Why? and when will it be sorted, its been bugged for agggessss.
  11. A player tries to get some advice on the 'quiver debate' in UO U.Hall I haven't been playing much lately and when I came back I was told that if you have a bugged quiver of infinity that you will have either: 1.) It debugged and given back to you 2.) It taken away and replaced by an unbugged QofI 3.) It will simply be deleted and you are on your own I was hoping a GM/Dev could answer this question, since I keep getting different answers from other players. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator It's either one or two - I don't know exactly what the process
  12. Bought one of these 2k arrows/bolts quiver of infinity... it can hold 2000/500, can u get in trouble for having this?
  13. taken from Thread :- So.. I died in Wraith form and now my character is bugged... found in UO.UHall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And GM's won't do ANYTHING about it. I have been referred to the knowledge base 3 times in a row for an issue that IS NOT answered there. I do not have protection, RA, MR or ANY form cast. I have NO items equipped. I am stuck at 15 physical, -5 fire, -5 energy resist. I have crossed server lines, died, done everything in my power (used remove curse, ward removal, etc) and nothing. Still even when I explain this GM's do not show up. I understand UO is on a game with a
  14. taken from Thread :- Bugged Leather Dye Tub found in UO.UHall Comment Ok well anyways, the title pretty much sums it up. Anyways. The other night I was vendor shopping. I noticed a cheap leather dye tub and bought it. Who wouldn't? Anyways further along, I decided to put it to good use only to discover it wont dye my leather armor! I got some dyes, toggled them onto the tub and the colors came up the same (showing the ore color choices/reds/blues/greens etc). Anyways, I paged a gm to see if he would replace or fix the tub for me. what I got as a response was that it was an ill
  15. source taken from UO U.Hall Comment This is not a complaint post, but rather a post for the devs to explain thelooting rights on the Reapers. I can tell you that this morning I watched the same guy pull 10 artifacts back to back, including a Reaper Sythe. Upon investigation he basically had the same stats/suit as I did and was using a Mischief Maker bow... so... i started to talk to him. As we spoke... i'm pretty sure that you could tell looting rights from the amount of gold that is on your instance of the corpse. My gold was about 360 gp... he says that he had around 147gp. Yet
  16. My suit is 113 LRC and I get the message "more reagents are needed..." Is this a known bug? My suit was 103 and I never got that message. I added the pendant of the magi and removed another piece and I was able to get to 113. Should I get my LRC lower to not fail? Confused on Napa
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