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Found 8 results

  1. Merc

    SSI on bows

    How do people get these bows with high SSI on them? Is it from looted items that they have enhanced? I have burnt kit after kit after kit of ash with ash board and they all of them have just 10 SSI.
  2. Is it any better than weapons and armor? I'm looking to enhance with ash on bows that already have 20+ swing speed.
  3. Are these at all rare/worth anything? I have a pouch of super and normal slayer bows with no other mods but all with some interesting names relating to their slayer property Thanks!
  4. First and formost i want to tank all of your help for helping me in my bow crafting. thank you all. i do have 1 more question how do you know what bows are good to enchance and what effects enchaning bows like does talismons,boards etc.
  5. do they exist anymore? can you make them? do you needis it beneficial to have tinkering on the same char as bowcrafting if so?
  6. Hello my first post here , but i read the forum for some months. Very nice peopel here. I have read that there is a bug with the balnced property if you craft them with runic , i think it was said they can not be exceptional or something like this. I want to make myself a nice balanced bow ( is lightweight shortbow good ?) should be belanced whatever runic i use or ? so far i have not done the quests to get a runic tool and i would like to know if they are worth the time to do them can somebody help me please thx
  7. Has anyone ever seen a bow w/ UBWS? I have a friend who says they saw it on a vendor and I have not had a chance to check it out myself. I thought that the UBWS tag was for every wep except bows.
  8. does balanced property spawn normally in bows or only on artifacts? I've never seen a non-artifact balanced bow so I'm intrigued
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