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Found 14 results

  1. I go to login and find my account banned WTF!!! I've never been banned from anything or game in my life and have no clue what's going on. Tried calling and have till wait till 2pm est I'm fuming to say the least.
  2. Coming into my office i noticed some odd papers sitting on my desk. I sat down and examined them. At first i thought a toddler had gotten in and scribbled something down on an official PaxOku document. Then looked closely and noticed it was signed by Sinhi of the Tonkawaya Savage Tribe. The paper read "Orcs is banned from paxoku forevar. theys smell! SINHI". The doccument has'nt been approved so do not worry. Orcs are still aloud to roam PaxOku freely. After this i consulted the security cameras in my office. It turns out this was done by two savages not just one. These are a few pictures
  3. I've read about a lot of worried posts recently regarding being banned by EA for purchasing an item that is a dupe off of a vendor. They can't really do that, can they? I mean I understand if the item is randomly deleted. That would suck. But it's not the end of the game. I would hate to wake up one morning and not be able to log in because I was in possession of duplicated items which I purchased from player vendors without any possible way of knowing it was an illegal duplicate. ~Gaspar LeMarc
  4. Drowy posted this thread on a friends behalf. Its quite a long thread because Ive included comments from players who immediately assumed some fraud was intended and ro show things arent always what they seem. Story is this: A friend bought a legacy token code. This code was already used. So he gave the code to a friend to test it. But didnt work either. After that his friend wanted to log on another char, but couldnt. He got banned. What can he do? Wasnt their fault cause the code was already used. ~~~~ malice123 replied j/k sounds like a Jeremy issue ~~~~ Skylark had found
  5. General question. If an account becomes banned, their houses are condemned, right? If so, can a co-owner of the house refresh or is the house gonna fall eventually?
  6. So who likes my banned owl message?:grin::grin:
  7. So we all got banned from the netz at work for being naughty and watching you tube all day. But I am now back in full force. lol. I made this in paint for a desktop during our short "ban"
  8. [video=google;-498687635091206486]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-498687635091206486&hl=en
  9. My dad, in paticular He bought the cheapest laptop he could find over a year ago and still doesn't know how to use it properly I'm at the point where i'm going to tell him sort out any problems he has with it, himself He's the kinda person who wants everyone to do stuff for him, he doesn't want to learn how to use computers, or learn how to fix any problems with them, he just doesn't want to try So as soon as something odd happens with it, I get called in to fix it I wouldn't be so bothered if 99% of the time, any problem it has, is because of him He'll goto a website and it'll say
  10. From UO.com Source - http://uo.com/# After a month-long investigation and a thorough review of all involved, EA: • banned more than 400 accounts, • deleted more than 100,000 illegally duplicated items, and • deleted more than one trillion in gold. More importantly, the bugs that allowed this particular kind of illegal duplication have been fixed. Also, duping and exploit prevention/detection systems have been in place for some time now - systems that help us to identify and eliminate cheaters. We take all forms of cheating extremely seriously, especially cheats that affect
  11. source taken from UO.UHall Comment I have been reading on some private boards that players that were banned were able to open their old accounts FOR FREE and clean them out. Not all are being able to but some are. I guess the account being in good standing isn't always the case. I wonder how much dupped gold and items will find their way back into the game because of this. If anyone wants a link to where people say they were able to open some banned accounts just pm me. ######################### Wow, that's one heck of a big "Whooooooops" And it's also good to know that
  12. Thought this rather comical KFC burger advertisement banned KFC gets through 700 million chickens a year worldwide A TV advert for fast food chain KFC has been banned for misleading people about the size of a burger. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld five complaints that the chicken fillet was larger in the TV commercial than in real-life. It found the advertised bun was thicker than those it bought in a London outlet and that there was "more filling and the lettuce was a different type". KFC said the advert burgers were within the "standard range of dimensions". I
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