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  1. Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to participate in the forum and to make the friendships that I have made here, I am fan of Lineage and designer, I would like to present if possible my Fan art of Lineage2 Garden of Genesis. I added some effects and little changed in relation to the game. Working time was approximately 3 hours, I am open to tips, criticism, suggestions or if you want to expose your own Fan art to look here too please Thank you. https://youtu.be/DdioPBd7Zw4
  2. Hey everyone! Check out Ultima-Gallery.com & the Christmas art contest! 3 Lucky winners will get the choice of a signed virtue card from the Ultima Forever Virtue card deck! For more details check out Ultima Gallery Blog I hope to see some nice pieces of art! Thanks everyone Rupert Avery!
  3. BlizzCon 2009 Fan Art Contest Published by Genius at 12:41 pm under wow The official BlizzCon 2009 Fan Art Contest is back. Talented artists can work on creating Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universe-inspired pieces of art. The artwork of the three winners will be displayed on the Blizzard.com fan art webpage, accessible through Worldofwarcraft.com and the Blizzard.com homepage. Winning entries will also be displayed at BlizzCon 2009. BlizzCon has expanded the international eligibility for BlizzCon Original Song and Fan Art contests to
  4. Some imagery released back in late 2007 New art added as of September 9th, 2008 Updated November 26th, 2008 - Concept art for three throwing weapons
  5. For the longest time, we could tailor gilded dresses and flower garlands, but the 2d client continues to use the fancy dress and bandana art to represent them. Can these two items get their own unique art for the 2d client, pretty please?
  6. Would you notice and appreciate this without all the trappings of a concert hall and advertising and all that other stuff? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/04/04/AR2007040401721.html
  7. I took my Miner out to he Mountains surounding Wind in Felucca as I noticed something strange. The Red Solen Infiltrators roaming the mountain passes had two different artworks (see first pic). Red Solens are supposed to be red, but I found two in this mountain area that somehow camouflaged themselfs and had a black appearance. And not only that, but also the body was different. Can't say by heart which model this normally is, have to investigate sometime. After this dicovery I was curious if there was a difference in strenght and not only appearance. So I went there with a provoker and put
  8. Áþðî Ïèðîãîâà Click English, then Video (takes a while to start) Then click Beauty gallery at the top. My favourite has to be sunset over babylon
  9. No I dont have statues like that. I used inside UO So the statues would be the statues we have up now of players at the City Hall. We would also be adding Aquariums so it would be a Playhouse/Aquatic Aquarium whatever thingy
  10. A South Korean gallery has unveiled hi-tec versions of world famous paintings which move and talk. No commentary on this clip
  11. Some people have great imagination! Link
  12. I have seen these Dolphin statues in UO mostly in Luna people have them for decoration and when you walk past them they make a Dolphin sound. I tried looking online to see how to obtain one but I couldn't find anything on them. I asked around and got various answers, such as doing a quest and some one said you get them as a reward for an aquarium others said it was a vet reward. Any one know? Any help is appreciated Thank you:) How do you get a Dolphin Statue?
  13. http://www.lernert.nl/haas.html
  14. it's under options menu? i didn't see it...
  15. source Thank you sooo much for the virtue armor set. I finally got the chest peice and full set today and I am totally amazed how it came out for the male and female characters. It really did give Divine Proportion. This one you really did right. Thanks again Guys and Gals. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yeah it looks really neat, doesn't it? MUCH better in KR imo....and better on a human female...elf females it looks kinda goofy on...but overall I love it...with Dupre's Shield and the holy sword? Oh yeah....*smiles* Good stuff! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ yeah, I got the latest GW expansi
  16. Will KR retain the open pack/open chest art as UO or will the 3D client people win again and receive the generic resizable container windows? Open containers have been absent from the screenshots I've seen so far.
  17. [video=google;-1246174515665636969]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1246174515665636969 I want one heh
  18. i know its been talked about b4 but cant search so ya~ whats the diff between maces and swords etc i know maces used to deal stamina loss to the opponet, what do swords and fencing do? also, do ppl use alot of the primary and secondary ablities? 25 mana seems alot for a melee, do they hit as much as a normal weapon attack would? does it still use your mana on a miss?
  19. I have come to discover how easy the art in UO is and have created my own NEW design for a rideable........ Believe it or not, I have no formal training, and am thinking of offering my fine talent to the UO team. So watch out UO artists , im after your job!! ps. its a rideable pig
  20. As posted on UO Stratics U.Hall: Player: Why there is a lot of great art on many of the freeservers - including multiple races! CatHat: Almost nearly since it was launched - A great deal of Dev resources (time/money) has been spent on updated UO prototypes that haven't seen the light of day for one good reason or another. Yeah - ok - If that time had been spent on say solely programming new races or making new monster packs you'd probably see the same amount of stuff floating about. Of course saying that is just playing the Olde' "Hinde sight being 20/20" as they say. EA/Origin knew the
  21. Posted over on UO Stratics: Player: The dragon helm was so good and the cloak is so bad (stiff) CatHat: Good eyes Actually the Cloak of Humility and other armor was created shortly after ML - using the Mondain's Legacy Method of the 3d client's low poly needs sorta dictating what the 2d model will look like. Probably why so many folk say it looks stiff in the 2d. 3d having a higher framerate and a different rigging system fitting the 3d client more than the 2d world. Notice how the monsters in ML looked in 2d - poly's showing - well its that same old method on that wearable. The a
  22. I was off dropping off shipwreck stuff at the West Brit Bank when I ran into my friend Jayde. She had asked me what I was doing, I told her I needed to get rid of some junk from my tower. She said well let's have fun with it. I said ok. She recalled and got some stuff from her house and we took a trip to Haven. Then she starts putting the paintings and pillows around the bank....changed her mind and got some easel and canvases and stools. I went and got my seashells, and decorated the ground of the bank. I said this looks nice, what are we going to do now? She said we're gonna have a art expo!
  23. Posted on UO Stratics, in a discussion about why we are getting new art, and not new bug fixes... Player: I doubt the person that made the art for these would have been fixing bugs instead. Wilki: Correct. Also, they were created for a Japanese marketing initative that was designed to target new players that might not have otherwise considered playing UO. Without new players, the game dies. Now that we all know that fact, we can stop making these lame threads every time something like this comes up. Capiche? CatHat: Yeah - pretty much the way it was - As i recall - Grimm and I
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