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Found 10 results

  1. Since I have recently returned and do not know all the ins and outs of what the EM's do, other then so far doing a nice job, I was wondering if they aid guilds if they wish to put on an event and temporarily need items secured in place? Or what other things other then marrying people do they do with regards to helping particular players? Thanks in advance.
  2. In order to prepare the guards and citizens of Trinsic and the surrounding lands for emergencies and attacks from foes and beasts, courses will be offered at regular times teaching the basics of first aid, the treating and helping of wounded and ill persons and the assistance of healers. There will be an entirety of four different courses: How to adress, examine and protect a wounded or ill person. How to treat wounds and injuries. How to transport a wounded or ill person safely and how to attempt to revive them in case of imminent death. How to support healers in cases of emergency. (And
  3. *notice placed around Trinsic and sent to many other cities* We have information that Casca plans to launch a major offensive against Trinsic on Sunday 28th June. The following document was found outside the gates today following a minor assault by brigands: We request any help that can be spared from other cities to assist us in breaking this attempted seige. It is possible that Casca himself may be present, though his previous cowardly behaviour makes it unlikely. However, if this is his main force, and we defeat it, we will damage him severely. In the name of the Kingdom o
  4. I recently acquired one of these shields and was wondering if it is something a mage benefits more from than other skill types? As with many 'arties' there seems to be some templates that can really use a particular item, while it is useless for others. Thanks for your input!
  5. MS patient's suicide aid dilemma Video here - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7644094.stm Debbie Purdy: 'If my physical ability degenerates so far - the choice won't be there any more' The High Court has been told of the "dilemma" facing a woman with multiple sclerosis who fears her husband could be prosecuted if he helps her die. Debbie Purdy, 45, from Bradford, is considering going to Switzerland where - unlike the UK - assisted suicide is legal, if her pain becomes unbearable. But she wants UK law clarified so she can avoid her husband bein
  6. Led by: Raiden, Grenadier Captain. Attended by: Hoagie, Sergeant. Marcus Tel'var, Junior Guardsman. Justice Forum, Watchman. Takeamada, Watchman. Alex Vericious, Guardsman Recruit. Crest Turelli, Guardsman Recruit. Noxarion, Guardsman Recruit. Dawn, Duchy Captain. Goober, Duchy Squire. Alusair, Duchy Guardswoman The guardsmen that returned from the cleansing of Humility in Ilshenar replenished their supplies and replaced their armour then lined up in front of the barracks along with a detatchment of Duchy forces. They were to transport a consignment of "Covian Spa", fresh Covian spri
  7. Upon first entering moonglow the streets seemed empty and quiet. Only the ranting of an old crone and the bustling of the guards around the cannon could be heard. I quickly setup the aid station and began preparations for any citizens that seemed to be in need of help. And sure as the waves smooth over the sands of the coast, people began to trickle out of the black hole and into the aid station. Only after a few hours of feeding, tending to, and healing the needy, did I feel as if the station had made a difference. In the end new friends were made, and lives were saved. As I departed that e
  8. The PaxOku City Council will be sponsoring a Red Cross effort inside the City walls of Magincia November 13 directly following the Paxlair Statehood meeting. Any Citizens of PaxOku, Allied Friends, and Friends in general to the Statehood are strongly encouraged to make a showing, and support our War effort. We will be looking for Healers, various supplies..(bandages, potions, arrows, bolts, food..etc), anything that may get a fallen combatant back on their feet, and into battle. We shall be stationed somewhere within the City walls, convenient for the fallen to access. Please be advise
  9. Astronomers Seek Aid for Galactic Census By RAPHAEL G. SATTER The Associated Press Wednesday, July 11, 2007; 5:35 PM LONDON -- Scientists want Internet users to help them sort through an unusual digital photo album: pictures of about 1 million galaxies. In a Web statement Wednesday, astronomers asked for volunteers to help classify the galaxies, identifying them as either elliptical or spiral, and noting, where possible, in which direction they rotate. It would the largest galactic census ever compiled, something scientists say would provide new insight into the structure of the universe
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