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  1. Hi everyone. Its been about 14 years since ive played and im wanting to get back in. However with time ive lost my knowledge on skills and basically even how to get started. Im testing out the 14 day trial to make sure I want to invest time and money. I created my mule with the basic blacksmith/tailor/tinker with the skills to build them up. But I cant help but feel I may be outdated with all the new stuff. I use my own tools and take my packhorse and mine for hours, use the ingots to build blacksmith/tinker. And create my own cloth for tailoring. I guess I am wanting advice if there is any on
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of PVP and i was woundering if my template was good. What you guys think or suggest to improve! Fencing: 120 Anatomy: 120 Tactis: 120 Parrying: 120 Healing: 85 Poisoning: 90 Left 45 PTS. I was thinking Mysticism or LumberJack Myst: Give me Enchant on Weapon + Healing Stone Lumber: Increase DMG. What you think!
  3. I'm still green as limes when it comes to DDO(ok, maybe a light green), but I think I've mastered the Korthos Islands quests - let me know if you have any questions or could use some advice. On the other hand, if some of you more experienced players have advice for StormReach quests, please share your expertise! I did the Waterworks mega-quest over the weekend and some awesome guy who had been playing for two years mentioned that the quest rewards include one of the few instances at such a low level of getting a +2 item.
  4. Hey, it's been a while since I posted and I have been considering removing Eval Int from my template and replacing it with something more useful. Since I don't do direct damage spells very often, I am considering Ninjitsu so I can use smokebombs amongst other things. However, if I do ninjitsu I may want to take hiding. So here is my template and following are my questions/proposed template(s). Tamer 115 (jeweled) animal lore 115 Vet 107 (scrolled to 115) Magery 104 scrolled to 115. eval int 115 Med 115 Eventualy I will get 120 scrolls, but for now this is how I am running. Eval int isn
  5. workin on 2 chars.I'm not experienced enuf for PvP, and don't hunt with party or guild(kind of a loner hehe) so it's all about solo PvM until I get my bearings straight. I've posted here before and got some good advice so I'll try again. Weapons and armor aren't too bad for both so I'm looking for some template advice more than any gear advice. I'll list the templates and give ya my concern..hopefully i get a lot of response:) #1 mage-100 med-100 eval-100 necro-100 SS-100 tactics-100 swords-100 Run in vamp form with 70% reflect phys damage suit or lich form in hp regen suit. I've been summonn
  6. hey guys, new to the forum and just started uo again. got a warrior/archer and i am thinking of tweakin him. stats are swds-100 tact-100 arch-88(plan to GM) resist-100 parry-100 anat-97 heal-88 not a bad hunter, but im thinking of dropping anat and heal for chiv and bush. my concern is healing. i like the def and dam of chiv and bush (so i hear lol) im mostly PvM but would like to explore fel and not get owned. My weaps r all SSI 3sec or less with 110dex/110str(both ringed) so..should i drop anat/heal fo bush/chiv? Any thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Miss Manners never covered this.... Do you get a wedding gift of some kind for people who are getting married in a sort of rush at the courthouse? They have been living together for a month or so too. Instead of getting them a gift, is it ok to just take them out to dinner or something? If I have to get them a gift, what the heck do I get them? lol The situation gets weirder too. It's my bf's best friend. The guy can't have kids. The girl he is marrying is 8 months pregnant... he's been dating her for six months. Ready made family I guess. We just found out last night that they a
  8. Hey guys I'm pretty new to the game and the First character I made is a Necro Warrior. I made this guy for pvp and I need advice on if my template is good and what type of armor/weapons should I go for. I also chose swords because I want to try a cleaver/katana combo. If you know a better swords combo please let me know. Here we go. Swords: Necro: SS: Anatomy: Healing: Tactics: Resists: I left the skills blank because I don't know how high to raise them too. Most of the skills are in the 80s or so and Resists is GM. I plan on leaving Healing at 80 or so due to revive. Please give
  9. hey every one iv been playing uo for a year now, iv been running around with a few guys from cow watchin them fight as the faction com, i think i would like to join factions but im not to sure, is there any thing i realy need to know and what would be the best char to build for factions. any help is always grate.
  10. Merc

    Need advice

    I am thinking about using this template and want to know what your thoughts were. 120 swords 120 parrying 120 Resist 100 Tactics 100 Poison (100 to always level up) 105 chiv rest in med Get a ubws kryss for AI and poisoning and another weapon for disarms.
  11. Evening all! I have recently returned to UO and logged on to my character "Ulrick Moon" on Europa to find i dont know what the hell im doing any more. Firstly could you help me with my template as it looks all over the place so if you could advise that would be great. I'm looking to go PvM for artis. Skills so far: Anatomy: 100.0 Healing: 100.0 Parrying: 110.0 Tactics: 110.0 Bushido: 100.0 Chiv: 80.0 Then theres a combat skills which used to be swords but i started to transfer over to archery. Any advice on this? Also what should i be hunting for artis these days? Many thanks
  12. Wonder a few things. Since Im new to PVP, almost never done it, did it long time ago bfore trammel/Fel I need advice. Has read bout all kinds of pvp temps and knows bout a few good temps. But I want to try temps that I havent seen, got an idea of a hard and fast hitting char, w/o any mana using stuff exept for a few specials. Could this work? sword 120 Ana 120 heal 80 Tac 120 Res spells 115 lumber 100 (for extra damage bonus) hiding 100 high str, dex and low int (getting some mana from suit) As high, dci, hci, hp reg and then 2 or 3 good weps. This char is just gonna hit really h
  13. New to pvp would like advice on this temp. anatomy 110 chiv 60 fencing 110 healing 90 parry 110 resist 110 tactics 90 (all 110 will go to 120 when i get ps) resist 70,70,70,42,68 stats 100,100,30 armor hpi-20,si-22,mi-10,di-70,dci-23,hci-13,mr-5,hpr-2,sr-3
  14. I'm considering my first ever go at a poll - and essentially the question that's intriguing me just now is : Would you recommend someone start playing UO now? I'm inclined to list the options as Yes, unreservedly Yes, with some caveats about things to watch out for No, but possibly when things change or settle down a little No But, since the fate of polls is usually to get responses saying 'you didn't give the right options', I'll start by asking 'which options do you think appropriate? So please - don't answer the question yet, just tell me what you'd think the best options for a 'l
  15. I'm new to PVP and was wondering if this temp would work 100 Anat 100 bushido 100 parry 90 Healing 90 Tactics 100 resist 115 swords 25 Chiv Any advice would help. Thanks
  16. maybe its just me but i find that 99.9 percent of rpgs that have been released after 1992 is nothing but pure garbage, i grew up in the pen and paper/text rpg days where you could have any class of character you dreamed of and you could customize your character any way that you seen fit,most of these online mmo style games devs should be ashamed at calling their product a true rpg when they only offer 2-3 classes/races,i think its the fancy graphics that cover up the garbage for todays gamers,anyways ill go ahead and get to the point, ive been playing rubies of eventide for years now and i thi
  17. Hello my template Alchemy 100 for stronger pots Bushido 110 for con and evade sword 120 tactics 120 parry 120 Spell resist 120 my goal would this work for siege? can't tell on TC
  18. I just started playing UO and I'm looking for some advice on where to go from here. I completed the trainer quests in New Haven that were recommended for my class (Warrior), but can't seem to find any NPCs who guide me further. Is there more to do on Haven? If not, where should I go from here? Is there an area after Haven that's good for noobs? Should I be working on other skills, or are there places I can begin exploring, quests I can begin completing, and loot I can be finding? Also, what kind of things are there to do in UO? The instruction manual was rather sparse, so I'm not sure
  19. Hey all, Well, after over a 3 year break, I've decided that it's high time I come back to the game that I always lamented over leaving. The big problem is that it seems that I'm very out of the loop with regards to templates. I'm hoping to either create a character on Siege or join an RP guild with one of my old characters, and so I'm hoping I can get some advice with regards to dexxers for that kind of play. I had a dexxer character that had 4 x 120 legendary skills (Swords, tac, anat, heal) and +25 stat points. Prior to leaving, I decided to raise Chivalry and gave it a whirl, but I
  20. Hi, I'm working on a Bushido Archer and need a little advice on my temp, this is what I have so far. Archery-120 (Actual) Bushido-94 (should I shoot for 120 or is 110 good enough?) Tactics-110 Anatomy-110 Resist-100 (scrolled to 110) Healing-60's (planning on 90) Chiv-50 (plan on bumping up a little with jewelry) I'd like to be able to use him for pvm & pvp Should I keep Tactics & Anatomy at 110? Should I go for 120 resist? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hi all. I am in the process of making a treasure map hunter & MIB hunter, for the fun of it. I currently am working on fishing with another character, but plan to transfer that via soulstone to a new character. Here is what my 'plan' is so far, as far as skills goes: GM Fishing GM Cartography (needed for map reading, right?) GM Lockpicking ?? Enough magic skill to use telekinesis, (maybe summon water ele's as I have read here?) GM Archery ?? Anatomy ?? Parry? Also, I am looking at an even distribution of STR, DEX & INT. How does this look to play out over the life of my treasu
  22. Im about ready to make a mage one that will do decently in Peerless and maybe Champ Spawn hunts. Oh and also one that might be able to get keys for Peerless spawns. Now the two templetes Im considering at the moment are as follows Magery Eval Med Resist Spelweaving Hiding Stealth or Magery Med Eval Resist Necro Spirit Speak Wrestling My main question is which one would be better or is there an even better templete out there that I havent considered.
  23. I have GMed my mining and am well on the way with my smithing. The problem is I have no idea how or where to sell things. I assume that with GM smithing (or better) and some runic hammers I should be able to make stuff that is worth something. But that's no use unless I can get it to market. I play on Oceania (quiet shard). Any advice on selling stuff would be appreciated.
  24. Okay, so here is my dilemma. I want my cake, and I want to eat it too. I play only PvM right now, and my template is as follows: Eval Int: 101.0 Magery: 110.0 Meditation: 115.0 Necromancy: 105.0 Resist Spells: 100.0 Spellweaving: 97.3 Spirit Speak: 110.1 I am just in my second year, so my skill cap is 705, and obviously these skill levels are with item bonuses. My suit has these properties: 63/60/67/70/65 100% LRC 40% LMC MR 6 SDI 37 with Scrappers Here is my dilemma... I SUCK. I get owned in spawn areas (could just be user idiocy). What should I do with this characte
  25. I'm working on improving my template. I'm not super high in any one thing. I don't pvp. But in any case here are my bare stats without armor. 68.7 Chivalry 98.9 Focus 12.7 Healing (raising) 71.5 Meditation (should i lower this or lower focus?) 28.4 Resisting Spells 87.7 Parrying 78.9 Swordsmanship 77.2 Tactics 73.1 Inscription (only have it to make marks for vendor will be giving it to different char to free up room) 72.5 Anatomy Strength 79 Dexterity 67 Intelligence 84 I also need input on what sort of stats to look for on my gear. Currently i just have high physical resist, DCI, HP inc
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