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Found 15 results

  1. Basically I wanted a thread to let everyone here on UOForums know what is happening in the PvP sceene. I'd like others to add what is happening on their shard, but please only one post per shard, and try and stay on topic. Each week, or when ever you have a free minute, I'd like you to update what you've posted to current affairs. Please don't place a new post, edit your current post so only current information is displayed. Thanks And Happy PvP'ing
  2. This is a very rare moment, yer actually get to see Esca in action! [video=youtube;XE7oht-dnIM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE7oht-dnIM&feature=PlayList&p=4B0A35C0A85FFE99&index=7"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE7oht-dnIM&feature=PlayList&p=4B0A35C0A85FFE99&index=7
  3. Im really excited that President Obama is in London,England at the moment. Although why the world leaders need to spend extortionate amounts of money to gather in a single location, when we have video conferencing etc,is beyond me. I will be watching every bit of news coverage I can though to 'see the president' and I found this link I thought some of you may like to use and see whats going on. Follow the G20 summit and explore London in video, audio, pictures and text. Use this live map to follow the summit
  4. Well, I took the plunge.... After a 4 year hiatus I reinstalled AoS, upgraded to ML, downloaded KR & have gone through all the adjustments to be able to play. Unfortunately, I feel like a dinosaur & I'm finding my usual hangouts deserted & my usual hunting spots aren't what they used to be. Where does a 7x GM dexer/archer who's recently upgraded & is at 60 chiv find a guild, or a group to hang with for some hunts & to get my arms around all the new hotspots in UO??? My houses have fallen since I've been gone so I'm stuck being a bank troll until I can fins a place to
  5. This Sunday we will gather outside the Swaggers at 8pm BST/UK time. We will try to solve the riddles from the book retreived from Khaldun and then journey to where they take us! I expect a good turnout because i have a feeling the dangers we will face won't be easy! When? Sunday 8pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather outside the Swaggers Inn -Escaflowne
  6. 1up had a story about video game packaging. Ultima actually gets a full paragraph. But not in a good way. Ouch. Shrink Wrapped: A History of PC Game Packaging Trends, From Awesome To Awful from 1UP.com I think the cloth map was fine, but those action figures for LBR were over the top. I never even took mine out of the box.
  7. Hey, thanks for checking out my post. I am an old school UO vet. I used to play UO2 and then AOS. I played from around 98 until 03 or 04 before finally getting bored and hanging it up. I recently (like 2 days ago) stumbled across the new version of UO and decided to see if my account was still active. Guess what, it was!!!!! Sure my house was gone and everything that was in it that wasn't blessed is gone but my Characters, Blessed Items and the Rares that I had in the bank are all still there. I even had a couple of extra gifts in there on each character. My question is this, Wher
  8. Dad thought I shouldn't post anything, but I thought this video on the Tube was interesting, along with this picture I took of myself today at a property I believe belonged to this guy on Legends. Thought the effigy that EA, or the Gods that be, placed there was kinda funny. Or maybe not. [video=youtube;1llXeTZG9T0]
  9. posted to UO.Kingdom I am trying to play around with the new actions in the Macro system. I want to target something using a cursor, then I would like to cast a spell on the target. With little information available I tried on my own to set up the following macro... Cast spell Magic Arrow (Right clicked and changed the target to cursor) Wait for target Cursor Target Last. But the spell will not land on the target, even though I used the cursor on the target prior to running the macro... Is it temporary not working, or did I misunderstand how it works? please help... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Hi. I just downloaded the UOKR client yesterday and hopped in the game today. I played a bit on this server in New Haven and there were not that many people. Where do the people usually play in the game world on this server? When I remember playing (way back when... like around Second Age) people usually congregated around banks adn what not but there were not many people! Thank you.
  11. Here's a pic of someone killing swoops.
  12. Guest

    Out of action

    It is with regret that I inform you that Leon will be out of action for at least two weeks. The following is a small list from the healers as to his condition... *torn bit of paper* Broken arm. 4 1/2" swod wound passing through right arm. 1 broken rib. serve wounds to the back legs preventing walking. at least 17 deep wounds in back and chest. *Note ends* I didnt have time to list the full injuries. Leon sustained a heave beating from Vesperians and thanks to the quick actions of Sergeant Victor of the Dutch and Tammy he was moved to Trinsic healers. *signed Anarion Britainian Guar
  13. Does anyone know of a good program to capture action in UO, to a video file?
  14. [video=youtube;SQqKxuWRSak] [video=youtube;uMjKQGwthFA] [video=youtube;XxfdnH0FrWQ] Some vids of UO:KR i was told of. Dont know if theres a link here for them on these forums so added them here. Enjoy
  15. Posted on UO Stratics: Player: I also need a bit of help with keeping an eye on the locations already listed here as we need to keep these updated as to what the current status is of these things. Wilki: I'd also like to know if anyone has noticed any changes recently...oh, say, maybe since this afternoon? ;-) Player: Thats Awesome Wilki, and thank you soooo much. Just a quick question, are the houses the scripters were at going to be deleted? I don't think it would be fair that 15 million stones worth of ore x 20 was just dumped into the economy. Wilki: Typically, after the a
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