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  1. Hello Pac! After a quick process I was able to recover my forums account! I am happy to be back in contact with the forums and the Pacific player base. It has been a long time since I have used this account so my appologies if it seems a bit off. As a sidenote I would like to identify myself as a newer Ranger of Skara Brae. I have found the guild to be an informative and friendly one. Our adventures to date have been often and successful. That being said, I proudly & formally reintroduce "Ander's Rune Library" as:
  2. Just wanted to let you know we updated the rune library and removed allot of old useless books to make room for new stuff. Mostly to show where the updated SA books are. Yellow Circle- Ter Mur Royal City Detailed Ter Mur Flight Towers Ter Mur Lands General / Fire Isle Entrance Ter Mur Royal City Quest Givers Blue Circle- Carpet Quest Orange Circle- Zento City Detailed Pink Circle- Outside Luna Vendor malls (Contact me to put a rune in) Book below Kijustsu Anei Village Information Black Circle- Village Roleplay guilds, tribes and clans (Will be fully finished tomorrow)
  3. Greetings brethren! I do belive we should rebuild the Dormitory and Library to suit our needs with more recruits joining the Brotherhood, with that said, i need your help with a design for how this new building should look. Please stick your suggestions to this here post with a drawing if possible to easier understand your suggestion. *Signed* Jeremy Forsyth, Crusader
  4. New Curator For The H-J Kijustsu Anie Village, PaxOku City August 30, 2009 The H-J rune library will have a new Curator. Crune of DWxC will be taking over the responsibility of managing and updating the H-J Rune Library. His responsibilities he has taken are as follows: -Add single runes to runebooks -Add runebooks full of Runes -Help keep things organized and in order. -Add A few regular books for people to read. Mayor Bam Bam will be taking on the responsibility of the Adventurers store that is located within the H-J rune library. She already has people
  5. ATLANTIC--The newly-redesigned reward hall is preparing to open a library cataloging the rich history of Atlantic. According to EM Nestor, Recently we have redesigned the reward hall, so that there is more usable space. We had an idea for the 3rd floor of the Hall to be a library that could house books that describe the history of the Atlantic shard. I had thought that perhaps the best authors for these books would be the players themselves. So we will be asking for submissions on historic topics and selecting the best ones to be placed in the Library. The first topic is the Atlantic Ma
  6. Hail everyone! The Silent Rose Library needs your help! We are getting low on the red leaves used to seal books. I've only been able to locate 8 bright red elephant ear seeds to get more leaves. If anyone has some seeds, could you please donate them to the library and any help in growing the plants would be greatly appriciated. I'll be most happy to teach anyone who is willing to learn how to grow plants. Thanks! Peace and Knowledge, Tatania Karthina
  7. Well i play in kr and as you know, we can see all the bonus in "character sheet" windows. When i wear this talisman with +5 intel and +2 mana reg, the mana rege don't add to the total of my mana rege I have +12/18 in mana reg and with this talisman i must have +14/18... Intel increase correctly.
  8. *a note is pinned on the bank board* Dearest people of Trinsic, it is my honor to announce, that Tabbitha, my new apprentice, and myself wilt build a library. Thou wilt find a hort of knowledge there, on any related subjects. Nonetheless, it is, that this undertake costs us some gold, and for all the pity, my saved money, nor the one of my young apprentice, would be sufficing. So I asketh thee, honorable people, to donate. I am aware that this might be a valuable question, but thou wilt be pleased about this collection. Yours sincerely, Attorok (a blue sigil with a palm hand is
  9. Can someone please explain how this works,I was hoping to get mace glases and maybe a tali by turning a crapload of barbed and dragon scales,but seem each guy has its own point dispenser,and leather and scales are on diferent sides,and the glasses guy only takes bloody axes and books,doing the calculate would take roughly 260K books,which are not stackable (lmao can this be real?altho im not surprised go figure).Cant i just somehow stock massive points by barbed and scale on a collective pool and claim my rewards ? Otherwise I will need a lot of barbed or scales,and 260000 books ,which well wo
  10. We have moved from our location south of Luna to PaxOku City at the Homare-Jima moongate in the Tokuno Islands. We're the fifth building down the road from the moongate on the north side of the road. Our vendors should be up by the weekend (hopefully!), but our library is already set up and ready for use. A rune to our new location is locked down on the steps of our old location, but we're really very easy to find.
  11. Greetings all, Over the last day or so, someone purchased a "Greater Library Association Vol 2," from my scribe workshop, The Magic Mushroom, on Moonglow. I believe that this may have been a collector or a library owner, since a collection of the 18 Virtue's books with a Golden runebook of Shrines was also purchased. I wish to correct a situation. The original (single) copy of the "Greater Library Association," was reconfigured with the addition of other libraries. If anyone bought that single 2nd edition without the first, please bring me your original copy of the 1st single edition and
  12. I recently completed the quest for the library token, which by the way was a little crazy. I mean most of the speckled scorpions I killed while fleeing wyverns and paragon efreets while the damn imps dispelled my elementals didn't even have poision sacs. And come on, notary. You mean to tell me you can't just burn a candle to get some wax for your stamp? I mean, I have a candle I could loan you for awhile and it's not filled with scorpion poison. But anyways, I am officially a friend of the Royal Library so that's nice. I'm glad the collections were implemented. They're a very creative
  13. Hello to everyone across the lands! The Grand Opening of Trinsic's new Library was a great success. I'd like to personally thank everyone that was able to make the event, and everyone that has made donations. I appreciate everyone’s support and help, and couldn't have asked for more. Our contest was officially announced at the Grand Opening, and I'd like everyone that wishes to enter to do so. The rules so far are simple. It's a story-writing contest. You may enter any story or poem, or even a collection of poems that you wish. They may be of events that have actually happened to you, or
  14. Hello to everyone across the lands! The Grand Opening of Trinsic's new Library was a great success. I'd like to personally thank everyone that was able to make the event, and everyone that has made donations. I appreciate everyone’s support and help, and couldn't have asked for more. Our contest was officially announced at the Grand Opening, and I'd like everyone that wishes to enter to do so. The rules so far are simple. It's a story-writing contest. You may enter any story or poem, or even a collection of poems that you wish. They may be of events that have actually happened to you, or
  15. Hello everyone and Good morning. Wanted to let everyone know that the Library the Michael and I have been working on is now finished, as much as it can be without more donated books. *grins* The offical opening will be this weekend on Saturday at 3 pm central time (I do appologize, I haven't had near enough coffee to calculate other time zones yet this morning) Contest rules will also be announced during the grand opening. Hope to see everyone there! Library Caretaker, Vera
  16. Books on Drow history etc (and other subjects) are now available in Faeryl's library. These books are for study by those loyal to House Hun'ett only. They must not be removed, copied, defaced or made known to those outside the House. Any who do not obey this rule will suffer pain beyond imagination. Other tomes, of a more sensitive nature, are also available and can be studied only, by request in person, to Faeryl. Vierna Hun'ett Matron [OOC: Please respect the fact that unless you have seen these books in character, in game, you have no knowledge of their contents or even their existe
  17. Anyone out there have a Rune Library for T-Hunters?
  18. This Sunday night we will meet outside the Britain Public Library at 9pm eastern. The purpose of tonight's event is to gather leather for the Trades Section of the library. The goal is to reach 10 Million donation points to unlock the Trades Display. Currently, the section is at 4.7 million. Our destination has not been set yet. Most likely, it will be Destard where we can get both leather and scales. Want to help, but can't make the event? Just go to the Britain Public Library anytime during the week and donate leather or ingots to the Trades section of the Library. Let's make C
  19. This evening, the Mace and Blade section of the library reached its tier. The display for that section is now available. Just wanted to thank the few folks that were responsible for getting it set up. Maybe we can organize some future events to try and get the other sections of the library set up. Eric the Red Minister of Quests, PaxLair
  20. OK, don't laugh... Last week I decided I wanted to get one of those +5 lore/taming talismans from the library. So I began my quest to kill a gazillion dragons and turn in green leather. I am just short of the 550000 mark, will probably reach it today. Here is the question: How do I make sure that I get the +5 taming talisman? There is a few talismans that all look the same and after all of this dragon killing, I do not want to select the wrong one. Thanks in advance.
  21. The Library's CrystalPoint Productions strikes again! At a cheerful running time of 8:28 (m:s), they proudly present "The Ghost of the Library", addressing a key time period in the Library of Knowledge's history and the untimely departure of the previous librarian. It also features two piano selections off of Rob Costlow's album Sophomore Jinx, and art by the talented M. We encourage anyone interested in helping investigate the latest spectral activity at the Library to contact us for more details. It is, after all, October and there are creepy things afoot. Please enjoy. We welcome fe
  22. Is there anyway to select more than one thing at a time? I am currently a tailor donating cloth ninja hoods and it just tales forever when your doing it one at a time, is there anyway to donate bulk?
  23. Anyone know the location of a good rune library in eurpoa? I use to have one of my own back in 2005 but haven't logged in until this year and lost everything. 18x18 alot of doom stuff.... GM tried to tell me that they dont have a way of tracking items a player has but yet they got rid of 1Trillion gold and items which were duped.... this seems really one sided and unfair.
  24. To all members of the Shadow Court, who are currently in existance in this era or have the ability to reach this era by methods that will not cause a fracture in the very fabric of space and time*. A note is received by you, a member of the Shadow Court. You're not quite sure how the message found its way to you, but you quite clearly remember unfolding the richly bound parchment, and getting the distinct waft of coriander as you unrolled the paper. After struggling to keep the thing open (it kept on trying to roll back up) you managed to wedge part of it under a book, and the other end u
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