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  1. Posted on UOHerald.com Announcing the PvP Focus Group! Jeremy Dalberg 11 Jul 2007 21:31:03 EST With the changing of the schedule of Stygian Abyss, we’re going to be making some necessary PvP changes sooner rather than later. We have a large number of avid PvPers, and we definitely want you folks to be involved in the process of suggesting, discussing, and prioritizing our plans. To that end, we will be creating a PvP Focus Group on the EA Mythic forums, and we are looking to solicit applications! To apply, send an email to jdalberg AT ea DOT com with the following: Subject Line: PvP
  2. source UO U.HAll So, which way does this swing things timewise? Two possibilities I see: 1. You were delaying all PvP changes until SA and now that SA is delayed all PvP changes are delayed too. or 2. You were delaying all PvP changes until SA and now that SA is delayed you are going to have to do some PvP changes ahead of it. Either of those, Jeremy? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You'll here something concrete by EOB today. E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic http://www.uo.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok mee and my crapy english. What EOB meens
  3. Hit me up with format suggestions here! I am only temp'ing as the mod, but we can leave the next mod with a good set up. As far as templates, if there is an old template here that you think should be posted, PM me the link, and I will get it into the appropriate thread. or post the link in THIS thread and I will get er done.
  4. This thread is intended for the posting of RP PvP templates ONLY. Please discuss in the regular forum. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  5. i came back to UO lately after 7 yrs of being gone. I used to be a great pvper in UO and every other game i've played, i am definatly above average. I am magery eval necro ss resist wrestle with some med/spellweaving. i have a 60-70 suit with 20dci fc 2/5 and i'm forced to play nothing but full defense, and i still die within 15 secs. Nowadays i can't live w/o protection even tho i used to. I noticed some people spamming a ton of circle 1 heals in a split sec it seems like, is there a macro program that does that? when i try to do it, it takes forever and their dps outdoes my 12pt hea
  6. Pure mage template: Skills 120 Magery 120 Resist 120 Med 120 Eval 120 Wrestling/ Weapon Skill 100 Inscription 20 Focus Stats 140 Int (including items) 100-110 Str rest in dex Mods 15 SDI 30-40 LMC 30-45 DCI 100% LRC 2/6 or 2/5 casting Race Elf - since you dont need the mr get the extra mana
  7. Any idea's please?
  8. First off I’d like to thank the Dev’s for fixing the line of sight problem on the Despise bridge. This fix has made pvp there much more interesting and hella fun! Thank you! For those of you who don’t know much about Pacific, it has been dominated by FL for a very long time. But now it has become one of the places to pvp. With all the newcomers to Pacific, FL has their hands full – perhaps too full…. Last night Despise was hopping. First WMD and CoW worked it. BTH_ came in to play. As did s.G and FO_O. The battle was long and hard, in the end WMD and CoW finishe
  9. Been thinking about this template but I am not sure if it would work. But here it goes. 105 Lore 100 Taming 120 Swords 120 Parrying 105 Chiv 90 Vet 60 points left..I could put in resist, bushido, ninjitus, tactics, anatomy, focus, or med. But would this template work. I have a tamer that has a kick butt cu, rune beetle, and nightmare. Just wondering...
  10. draken

    Pvp Guild

    Im thinking of making a pvp guild i have been in several good pvp guilds and would like to know if anyone is interested in helping me start my own or maybe have one and would like a new member charater is 140 dex 90 str 60 int 120 fencing 115 parry 115 healing 115 anatomy 100 meditation 100 poisoning 55 chivalry
  11. Anyone tried it yet? How is it compared to 2d?
  12. Hi guys, Im new around. Id like to ask for your opinion on my temp. Things are like that: Swords 115 Anatomy 110 Focus 110 parry 110 Tactics 110 Heal 100 chiv 65 Im trying to figure a better template that purely by skills it will deal damage. Thing is If possible to avoid magery, but im open to all suggestions. Thank you in advance
  13. source posted on UO U.Hall Here are my (mostly) PvP requirements for KR that either aren't there or don't work. Feel free to add your own. Provide a controlled set of function like these and cheaters won't need to use illegal 3rd party programs, so providing the rest of us with a level playing field. * A customisable and self-updating display of the total amount of resources such as pots and bandages that I have left, in a separate window. Oh and other things such as tithing points. * A display of a bandage starting, time to go and that it has ended. * Be able to save multiple lists of
  14. ^^^^^^ Thanks
  15. Carl


    Will Pay Irl Cash or Gold
  16. Been playing UO for about 9 mouths now and I am looking at getting into some PvP 120 Bushido (at 80) 120 Chiv (at 55) 120 Parrying (at 80) 120 Resist (at 40, just paid for) 120 Swords (at 89) 80 Poison (at 90 transfer will lower) 20 Focus But I am not sure on the stats. 100 str 100 dex 50 intel And what should stats should I be looking for on weapson. SSI, HCI, DI, do you need 100 physical damaged??
  17. hello all! i'm working on a pvp mage with 110 spell resist, 120 magery, 110 eval int, 50 focus, 110 inscription, 100 meditation. i'm seeking a much faster to train template thats decent in pvp.
  18. #1 50 Fireball 5 HCI 13 DCI 45 DI #2 40 HLD 44 HLL 40 HSL 16 HCI 35 DI Curious which (if either) of these you would pvp with?
  19. Guest

    Good pvp temp??

    yyyooo.. im sportin a cleaver/butcher and this is what im rollin with.. 120 resist 120 eval 120 mage 120 swords 120 med 100 pois ssoo is this worth going to fel with? i think Bleed/DP on cleaver would be nice, but im not sure how that would go with all of these new wacked out templates :-/.. tyty
  20. Hi, i've just reached a nice point with my new tamer so that i can use him in RP PvP. Our rules are that you can only have pets taking 1 slot, and only two in any battle. I would like to know what the best creature would be...Escaflowne swears by Hellcats, but i dont know enough about training pets to understand which can be the best 1slotted creature once trained!
  21. Howdy everyone I would just like to say I love to mage and dexxer pvp. I think we should host a pvp tourney Anyone from anyshard anyone can come it would be soo fun who cares if I lose lol. Maddux would own us all :shocked: lool.Anyways post ure comments on it guys.
  22. Never Really been good with a mage always been better with a warrior. was just sayin if someone would like to help we with a warrior template i play atlantic anyone want to chat about templates and maybe show me the ropes on pvp i would appreciate it
  23. fenc sword maybe mace ? with what skills and what stats ?
  24. Tonight-The Battle Arena Champion will be crowned, six men will battle for a championship match, a grudge will be settled, an open challenge answered, and women will mud wrestle... naked. You do not want to miss this historic event! inredmusic.com/battle for more details on this PvP event.
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