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  1. Goetterdaemmerung. Perhaps. The end. So, the question must be asked. Where do those of us, spirits of the same, carry on? We have the world before us on the internet. Yet, as the world economy does fail, where do we meet and carry on. I, as a businessman, finally concede, the world as we have known it is at an end. Yet, I do not surrender to the notion that good people the world over can not reach out to one another and continue to keep of alive the hope of a new world where play, fairness, and the wish for prosperity remains alive. Well, so much for thoughts bred of Gin and Tonic.
  2. All will evolve. We move on, or rescue the same worth saving. The internet is here to stay. It is the voice of the free man. We will find the place, the time, the community, which invites us to carry on. Grasp tightly to change. Embrace the new world. Fear not those that would say all is at an end. The end is only for those who wish the world to remain the same. Down with tyrants, their stimulus packages, and the promises of a world that remains the same.
  3. Dizzy...does all dees threads about dis and dat new dis and dat makes you just spin. Gosh, whats happenins to our game?
  4. Moderators, GM's, whatever...we need some real pics in tights. Whatcha tinks? I say ayes.
  5. All guns should goes to Pennys. Den, da werlds is much safer.
  6. Guns? Let me tell yous my take on guns. I want dems. But I don't wants none of yous to have dems, cause, to be honest...I tinks most of yous is to dangerous wits dems. Everytimes I hear people wants to take dems aways, and people wantins to go crazy and keeps dem, I look at both sides, and daes both scares da !!!!s outta dis here clowns. About all I gots to says about guns.
  7. I-I-I-I wants to try sometins news, so, I applieds fer da positions of his closest courts confidents and lubers. B-b-b-but, I specified he has to be da downsides, and meez da upsides.
  8. Ha. Yeah. Well, you wants some decoratins' melords, you catch mees Salem or Piper arounds, and yous will have da treats as fars dat der house decor goes. Dem gurls can lay it downs.
  9. Katana. Its a glitch in the game, that allows it to be the best weapon all around. If you have a smith, and get a valorite hammer, with some valorite ingots, you can go to town.
  10. I was a miner. I didn't even know really what I was doing. My daughter and her boyfriend set me up. The pack horse was soon slaughter by some red dread lord in a mine I was going to mine in. That was in, like, 2003, I believe. Miner Smith Not much else but later came Tailoring Tinkering Carpentry ...and then.... I made Penny. And the UO world has never been the same.
  11. *hug* You will do just fine. Believe me. Every day you can get up in the morning and put your feet on the ground is a good day. I have told myself that each day over many decades, some years with extreme pain, and it proved itself to be true. Go forth, measuring success one step at a time. Let the world know you are here, and they will, in time, know this, and bring forth you due.
  12. Thank you for your service young man. I hope, in your old age, you do not find your self an irregular, returning per their beck and call.
  13. http://www.alienware.com/products/notebook-computers.aspx
  14. UO game masters are taking entries for renovation ideas for western Britain Bank. If you have one, you might want to enter an idea for your shard. For more information, click on the following link. Entries are due by 18 January. http://uo.stratics.com/news/CommunityNews.shtml#newsitem1229699959,78166,
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