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  1. My computer was toasted. I just got it back up but I can no longer find my media for UO, and to top it off the local game store doesnt sell it retail anymore. Anybody have any idea's where I can find media for UO at? Jasp:huh
  2. Sorry I have been away. I am back, but then my computer blew up so I am waiting on a new motherboard before I can play again Jasp
  3. Anyone up for a good ole fashnioned Dungeon Crawl in some Old world Classic dungeons or maybe T2A? Anyone...
  4. Ahh Fair Lady Winmere... Yes Tis true ye both, I am up to my old tricks again.. *winks*
  5. I plan to start up themed adventure nights for all of Paxlair. I would like some feedback as to what times people would enjoy to do such a thing and what places that they would like to go to as well. I think old world dungens and some dungeons in T2A would be a fantastic start.
  6. I remeber you its been a long time, Look me up on ICQ 15608836 Great to have you back Jasper
  7. I try to log in to UO KR and it just hangs up anyone else have issues?
  8. Old as Winfield but alot more dashing... I'm Back!! ICQ 15608836 Jasper your friendly neighborhood paladin.
  9. As I recall, the undead was a subject matter on which I once held great wisdom,especially vampires and death knights. Truthfully Yours, Lord Jasper De Fargo
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