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  1. Sorry to hear that my friend. Take care of yourself as you are in our thoughts and prayers. Caius Karthina
  2. *Making the last scrawls to the parchment, Okimoto rolls the tattered letter tightly and holds it out to the shadows. A hand from the darkness takes up the letter, and swiftly exits the tent. Okimoto stands and steps into the night...he looks out over the campfires of his men along the Northern shore....and waits....* *The letter reads...* Citizens of PaxOku, What more evidence does the Citizens of PaxOku require? Would you desire I bring the bodies of my fallen men to your doorsteps? We sought to confront you in honorable combat, and so we did. We sought to proclaim rightful owners
  3. *Drums beat out a steady rhythm to the footfalls of troops pushing their way from the woods. Ronin and Ninja pour into the streets from the North as the Yomotsu Warriors flank the City to the South. One by one the doors of the Citizens homes are layed to splinters, as the contents of each are ransacked.* *From the center of town a Trumpet can be heard, as Okimoto strides through bodies and rubble strewn about the street.* "Have you found the Chest?" Okimoto removes his helm, then peers down at an ornate gold box in the hands of one of his men. The man lowers his eyes and raises the off
  4. The Blue Swan Landing and Pleasure Palace! *thinks he's already had this discussion before* Now that I have that out of my system, I'm kind of partial to the Sentinel's Torch. Perhaps even the Sentinel's Watch.
  5. *Cloaked figures shift in and about the shadows in the streets of PaxOku as one by one citizens vanish from sight* I have just received word that Trinity North of your Shame guard has committed an act of War against myself, and my people of Homare-Jima. Rest assured this attack shall be dealt with swiftly.... High Lord - Northern Territory Daimyo Ikeda Okimoto
  6. It is good to see such dissention among City officials and your inhabitants of Homare-Jima. It shall make reclaiming our land that much easier. High Lord - Northern Territory Daimyo Ikeda Okimoto
  7. I would much rather have a black box for a male! *takes a black box and slips back into the shadows*
  8. I must apologize for my sister Traviata's over zealous offer of me participating in the upcoming play. Though it would be an honor once more to perform with all of you, I must admit that certain other worldly duties will most likely keep me away. So, with that said, I believe my lovely..(if not a tad manipulative) sister would be glad to stand in for myself. Thank you for your understanding, and break a leg! (and if not your leg, you can pick a part on Traviata) Sincerely, Lord Xavier Reed, Councilman-PaxOku
  9. I apologize for missing last nights Council meeting. Obligations on other realms..(rl), kept me from attending. If the Minutes of the meeting could be posted, or sent by pigeon to myself, it would be appreciated. Thank you. Respectfully, Lord Xavier Reed, City Councilman-PaxOku
  10. Office hours for the TeaRose District shall be between the times: 8-9pm Tuesday. The TeaRose District office is located on the Northern Border of PaxOku. Please feel free to contact me at those times if there are any issues related to the District specifically, or with PaxOku in general. If I should step out for a moment between those time, my pigeon is: 170-625-145 On the matter of Taxes: Collections have been going well, with the exception of one location in the TeaRose District. A notice of Delinquency shall be sent to Judge Jupiter of the City Court concerning this matter. Take note....f
  11. The PaxOku City Council will be sponsoring a Red Cross effort inside the City walls of Magincia November 13 directly following the Paxlair Statehood meeting. Any Citizens of PaxOku, Allied Friends, and Friends in general to the Statehood are strongly encouraged to make a showing, and support our War effort. We will be looking for Healers, various supplies..(bandages, potions, arrows, bolts, food..etc), anything that may get a fallen combatant back on their feet, and into battle. We shall be stationed somewhere within the City walls, convenient for the fallen to access. Please be advise
  12. Thank you Mayor Gareth. I shall make the appropriate change to the homes sign. Please feel free Citizens of Silvervale and of the Paxlair Statehood, to make use of it's Honor Hall and Bathhouse. Seek the Honorable Path... Sincerely, Caius Karthina, Tatsujin Samurai of Makoto-Jima
  13. Well, if you put it that way I guess your right..*laughs*. Though, I still get jumped plenty from the shadows without a word...*I must be hanging out in the wrong neighborhoods*
  14. Has a Drop Box of some kind been set up for the Council to place collections in? Just wondering where the gold should be delivered to. On a side note, Governor Winfield brought to my attention a receipt for payment of his Taxes. I said I would provide him with one, as I would recomend everyone does. Also, keeping a record book of who has payed and didn't per week would be advised. I would hate to miss the chance to jail someone for Tax evasion...*snickers*. Sincerely, Lord Xavier Reed, PaxOku Councilman
  15. Actually, it is very common. Anyone that has ever played in Fell will agree with that. But this in not Fell, nor do I wish it to be like Fell. My point was simply if you are going to have Murderers and Assassins running about, and you consent to the rules for this kind of RP, then you are fair game to have a Murderer or Assassin take a shot at you. I think most if not all of us are involved with Pax for the RP, and not to be rampant Murderers running around trying to kill every innocent in the streets...(such as you will find to a degree, Fell side). I believe if someone was killed without
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