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  1. Oh look at those wide eyes and all that hair! He is beautiful. I can't even fully express how happy I am for you.
  2. Tonight, October 9, 8-830 Eastern in Gyldenfeld at the Yew/Skara/Brit xroads! I will be hosting a game of Mage Poker for fun, gold and prizes!! Everyone is invited so come on out, we'll play as many rounds as we can in 30 or 40 minutes. If you've never played, bring your spellbook and your lrc suit and come give it a try. We will be quickly summoning animals using the Summon Creature spell to fill a requested "hand" for each round. (for example and my favorite...Three bears!) Zara has created a new spirit just for Gyldenfeld, Lobo Rojo Bourbon, and we have plenty of that for sampling!
  3. There is also the house at brit moongate, tram. I was just by there yesterday and saw they had fish and crustacean deeds. Someone told me Tancred hates crabbing, but I didn't believe it.
  4. Very clever twist on Mage Poker, love it! Love to come see if I can work it out with time Zone differences.
  5. Congratulations! Wish I could have been there but am working nights, 11 hours a day right now. !!$$
  6. If Dudley grew him, then he is sure to be sweet. Welcome EM Drosselmeyer!
  7. Well, my first duty will need to be cancelling the meeting, unfortunately. I am working third shift now and it's kicking my butt, I have little time to play. I will make the queens summit meeting, or at least part of it. I'm hoping to get more reasonable working hours within a month or so. If not sooner...tomorrow is not too soon for me. Lissa
  8. Confirming that this is still happening, yes? I have something to talk to you all about, and we will be having a visitor to expand upon my comments as well. See you tonight!
  9. Ahhh ok, I read you as a newer player so if you arent training then you will probably want something better. hehe I put imbuing on my mule, it isnt dependent on magery or anything else. Oak bows, made 100% ex with a talisman, unravel to residue, which you will need a LOT of to train.
  10. You will need to work them up to larger amounts. each time you buy them out, the amount will double when they reappear for sale. not positive on time but thinking 10-15 minutes each. I would add though that now with imbuing it should be easier and cheaper to get a decent lrc suit. a GM barbed or horned leather suit makes for 40's resists, and 17 lrc on 6 pieces is a cheap imbue. Fifty thousand, or less really, should be able to buy you an ok training suit, then you can flesh out a better one when your skills improve. What shard are you on, maybe someone here might help?
  11. I will have to call the herd in, I've been letting them range across the area since the grasses are so lush this spring. Happy to report that with the influence of the robust bull I imported from Delucia last year, we have a fine selection of cows and spring calves for her magesty's consideration!
  12. Sakkarah will definitely be missed. For anyone interested, here is a link to her blog. She isn't exactly a prolific blogger, but I find all her blog posts a very good read. The End Game
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