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  1. The Library's CrystalPoint Productions strikes again! At a cheerful running time of 8:28 (m:s), they proudly present "The Ghost of the Library", addressing a key time period in the Library of Knowledge's history and the untimely departure of the previous librarian. It also features two piano selections off of Rob Costlow's album Sophomore Jinx, and art by the talented M. We encourage anyone interested in helping investigate the latest spectral activity at the Library to contact us for more details. It is, after all, October and there are creepy things afoot. Please enjoy. We welcome fe
  2. We put together a video (~2m) for the Library of Knowledge. Enjoy! (Also, many thanks to our video's host, please try not to destroy her bandwidth.)
  3. When will the meetings return to safer locations? If necessary, we would love to host a meeting at the library in PaxLair.
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