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  1. May Chaos Reign! Dread Lady CaT:>
  2. My Dear Lady Kolleen, Welcome to the city of PaxOku. I am simply insuring the city of PaxOku remains safe for its citizens. I see you are a new recruit to the honor guard of PaxOku. You seem to have some wonderful innate magical talents. Your talents would be wasted in the honor guard. As a member of the Council of Sin I would be happy to help you develop your magical powers to their fullest. Stop by the Temple of Despise sometime, I would be glad to discuss opportunities available to you in PaxOku. Dread Lady CaT Legendary Mage :>
  3. Mayor Gareth is threatening to release the unknown power of the Light Artifact at the Temple of Wrong! I question why the Mayor would destroy a holy building just to acquire a book. No one has ever thought to destroy the Blue Light Tavern or the Museum of Virtues to acquire the Book of Wrong or Book of Hythloth? What power does the Book of Wrong hold over the Mayor? Perhaps it is best kept away from him if he is willing to level city buildings to get to it? Unfortunately the Temple of Wrong must be protected even if the leader of the great city of PaxOku does not feel compelled to do so! Per
  4. Gareth, Tell the botanist to quit using deadly poison to kill the bugs on the plants! Its killing the sales vendors too! :5eek: Dread Lady CaT
  5. Lord Havok, What a great event! I look forward to having my champion compete in the next Pit Fight. A letter has already been dispatched to the Empath Abbey Magery to begin preparations and candidate selection. P.S. That surcoat given to the referee was truly evil, well done! Sincerely, Dread Lady CaT
  6. Oh my god! After months of Paxlair statehood meetings, Im begining to understand orc! Although I still get the mad headache afterwards! :orcspash: Rough translation: Gak has been casting magic for many many moons. Sometimes Gak uses Corp Por then Vas Flam, other times Gak uses Vas Flam then Corp Por. Gak also casts In Vas Mani, In Lor, and Vas Rel Por. Gak casts to kill, NOT to make circles. Maybe you should use better magic then elf magic. If all that magic can make is circles, then you'll probably get killed quickly! There is no circle that is great enough to kill Gak!
  7. I am REALLY upset about Chancellor Mula's murder! That was something I was hoping to have had the pleasure of doing myself! Dread Lady CaT :>
  8. I very much like the idea of a separate thread that chronicles what happens in the city of PaxOku in a nice editted dated sequence. Lady CaT
  9. Mistress Sin, Mayor Gareth was located in Deceit Dungeon.
  10. Governor Winfield, After extensive inquiry and searching, Mayor Gareth has been located! Mayor Gareth is currently being protected at an undisclosed location due to attacks by hostile forces. Neira and Elaina are now being sought to evaluate the Mayor Gareth's health as directed. Mayor Gareth appears to be in a very weakened state. Sincerely, Lady CaT of Yew
  11. Undead, I have someone that is willing to open those for you. Lady CaT
  12. Last night while walking down Monks Crossing towards the Mayor's office, a stranger approached me asking the where abouts of Mistress Sindalish. I told the stranger the last I had heard Mistress Sin might be found in Kijustsu Village. The stranger said it was urgent he found Mistress Sin. I told the stranger I'd be happy to show him where Kijustsu village is located. As we proceeded down Monk's crossing past the Blue Light Tavern. I noticed several elderly men dressed in yellow robes, they appeared to be talking amongst themselves, but strangely I couldn't hear a word. I offered a greeting bu
  13. Hail Lord Havoc, I'd vote for a shimmering effusion statue on the column. You can always float things on top of the shimmering effusion to make it look like the object is casting off a glow. Like a severed head for instance. Or a mutated core for that floating brain appearance. I don't think the Flame pit will fit nicely into your layout since the abbatoir is a 3x3 and the pit is 2x2 I believe. It may throw off the centering on your layout. Lady CaT
  14. Your character name: CaT Do you own a building in PaxOku? Yes, I guess I do. Although PaxOku city lines seem to be going thru some extreme changes. Not sure alot of it can be called PaxOku anymore. It seems alot of the traditional PaxOku buildings have gone inactive or collapsed. Some have been replaced by people looking to build a community, while others have been taken over by people not associated with PaxOku. If you own one what is it? 10x10 What does your building do? Currently running a garage sale to sell off all my items in storage. What do you want to see it do? Im told t
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