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  1. didnt work again, trying to test sig
  2. Just testing. Thanks =) ok try again
  3. Congrats Newbie Dad! Glad to hear the Ms's is doing well also. Keplar NanoC Redstar II, has a great ring to it .
  4. Happy Birthday Mesanna and many more!! :)
  5. Happy Birthday Mirt and many more!!!!! Phoenix and Me
  6. Welcome back Captain! Tis been a long sea journey but glad you can see the docks of Sosaria again! Cant wait to see you in game. NANOC_DWxC
  7. Happy Birthday Sablestorm and Tabbitha and many more.
  8. I remember well the guild JD and the player Alice Cooper, Juggernaught and others on Chesapeake in the early days. Raising your skills, either in the upper world or the dungeon, you always had a keen eye open for the red names coming into your screen. Fight or flight, one or the other. Mostley F1, hotkey, Run Forest Run.
  9. I knighted Honesty the other day. There is light at the end of the tunnel I purchased 10 teleport scrolls at the mage shop in Skara,Tram. They where 31 gold each, my total charge for the purchase was 217 gold. So I got 3 free basicly. (better than clipping coupons ) I started a new char with 50 FE, by about 56 FE and with failing some i could determine the city and owner. The char.you want Honesty on doesnt have to find and FE the item, just the person turning it in will get points. What Petra Fyde said about the places to find items is what I did, both Tram and Fel and yes explori
  10. Thank you very much M'Lady Ashlarrr. A wonderful replica of the of the city of Dragons Watch. Oh, and the smoke coming from the chimney of the tavern is blowing in the correct direction as to the trade winds
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