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  1. I made a place for them on Aiello St. in PaxLair. Unless I'm mistaken, I have all of the books there now, and I will begin making copies as soon as I am able. Organizing them could take a lifetime, however...
  2. I've been there! It looked a little different, but a thousand or so people will do that...
  3. I was desperate and figured it wouldn't hurt to try!
  4. I've placed a mailbox on the front steps of Luigi's. There is also always a box on a table in the foyer just outside of the library in the Mage Tower.
  5. There used to be quite a few pics from those old days on the paxlair.com website. I remember especially one or two from a huge pizza party outside that had tons of good old faces in it--perhaps you're there.
  6. The plot is now in use -- back to your regularly scheduled foruming.
  7. I would be interested in hosting an event on behalf of the Mage Tower Library... Perhaps an awards ceremony for literary prizes? Citizens could all send in their works as submissions (which will benefit the library shelves, to be sure), and some different types of awards could be awarded (for example, an award for an excellent historical contribution, a creativity award, etc...). Do you think we could get enough people to participate to make this into a worthwhile event? It could be catered by Luigi's Pizzeria...
  8. Hey everyone, my neighbor demolished his house tonight in PaxLair, Felucca. I'm not sure how big of a plot it actually is, but it's pretty big, and it's now up for grabs. If you or someone you know is interested in living in a player-town, tell them to head west of the Pizzeria, past the stable house and just past Aiello street. And here's a dancing guy for your viewing pleasure.
  9. Thorvald, hang around! There are town meetings every Tuesday evening, posted in the In Character forum.
  10. My pumpkin was kindly placed in the library for me (thank you, whomever what was!), but I am unable to move it. Could 'someone' please move it either to the Pumpkin hut or to my mailbox at my house? I don't want to miss Sunta Clompz!
  11. Ashlarr, I would be happy to be a judge, if you still need one. Once the date is decided, I'll make sure I can be there! -Lenora of Yew
  12. Or mayhap the poor man was simply very dirty...?
  13. Drake Marsten and Lady Vienne, whether or not you remember me, I do remember you. Daine
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