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  1. There was a part of the quest to dig up an old box near the Brit cemetery.
  2. What if one only wants to visit you and your shard?
  3. Well we went through a series of clues and trials by nasties, only to learn that my sister has run off with some man! Despite my dismay in her rather poor judgement and causing me such worries, a good challenge and fun time was had by all. You can read the rest of my report here: http://www.uoforums.com/uo-chesapeake-shard/73783-challenging-invitation.html
  4. I want to put in my report of what was found this evening. It seems my dear sister went off with some man she has taken a fancy to! I had to learn this information through a series of clues, following the clues and paths she seems to have followed in a quest she had taken upon herself. I was assisted by Lord Indian Chief Joe, Kei Kusanagi, Maximillion, and Desire, all of RBG guild, Lady Taura Pyrene *CH*, Benito Fryr, Niva the Savage T_T, and later were joined by Se'an Silverfoot ATD, Lord Monk PxK, and Vortex. We had to go travel throughout Trammel and Ishelnar to locate the clues and
  5. I request your assistance this eve, the 17th of February at 7:30 pm by easter skies. My sister has gone missing for quite some time and I am asking the assistance of anyone willing. Since I do not know her whereabouts, nor the dangers I may encounter, I strongly recommend you be prepared for all sorts of foes and adventure. Please assemble at the Garden Maze on the homare-jima island of Tokuno for us. We shall venture forth from there. I am sorry for such late notice but I had to be certain of the timing, before I posted.
  6. Sorry to see you go, but do what is best for you and find the courage to follow your heart!
  7. I believe I heard Lady Kallista Collins would defend her, but I may be mistaken.
  8. Hmmm...very interesting. Since my gardner starts growing his plants in his backpack and then locks them down on day 3 or 4, this was never noticed.
  9. *thinks* Hmm....if Adam hates Paypal then I need make no further donations?
  10. I believe the time discussed was 8 pm by Eastern skies.
  11. This event did run well, I believe. After following a series of clues found in books, many torn from one book, the searchers did location Lady Samantha Kent. It may have come at a very big cost however. It seems Lady Samantha was warned that whoever assisted her to return, there would be havoc and retaliation against those who aided her along with any township they may belong to. She fears that when the stars align for 7:30 pm EST, Nidaros and other locations from tonight's quest maybe having a force thrown against them.
  12. Hmm....he says the sky's the limit? I'm scared he's going higher than 4 floors! If there's a way, he'll find it too! Agreed, GET THAT TOOL!
  13. Trouble seems to have been brewing on the travels Lady Samantha Kent has taken on her way to find Irysa Tarian, younger sister to Lady Hester Tarian of The Crest *CH*. While Irysa is missing still without word to anyone, Lady Samantha currently holds no guild or township affiliation to call to for aid.! She has encountered a significant number of persons over the years and therefore is hoping for an effort of anyone willing and able to assist her. The call for aid is going out near and far and hopefully a search party can assemble where her note has been left.! We will be starting at 8 p
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