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  1. I think what Gnomy meant is that anyone could get some flagged item, and pass it on, thus making every single player an untrusty source of anything...
  2. Updating ths instalation file isn't something viable to do on a endlessly-constantly-updating product like UO (or any other game...) But they really could make an effort to do it on each 500mb, or GB... But since a KR patch can easily go up to 200mb, it would still suck for them =p
  3. dhekke


    Scrubs! I'm glad they never cancel this series...
  4. It may seem dull, but if everyone followed that advice, the world would be a much better place... Interestingly enough, even though most of us know this, parents still say to their kids that success and happiness can only come from working a lot, a giving up on things to focus on carrer and money... It's not that... it's all about balance. Work hard. Play hard. It's interesting the look my family gave me when I told them that I had skipped more than a day of work to just hangout with a friend in a nice afternoon. My work is still there, my competence is still there, nothing changed but t
  5. Seeing Tabula Rasa, I think he somehow lost it
  6. Does anyone have a video of the Skill Gain Dance? Youtube it! =)
  7. My girlfriend is as lucky as you, Caliver... I'm pretty sure my mom would beat the hell out of me if we broke up..
  8. bound her upside down, if possible
  9. I'm not one to be against sex, but baffles me how people don't remember a thing... I'm glad I don't drink, so I'll be able to remember it if someday I end up in a threesome or something like that
  10. I feared that would be the case I just don't like clicking 5 floating icons everytime I engage in combat... I'll follow a friend's advice and try it on TC. I'll post my results here
  11. So, I always wanted to make an absolute pure warrior and this is the template I came up with 120 Swords 120 Parrying 120 Tactics 120 Anatomy 120 Healing 100 Resisting Spells What I want to know is that if this character has any chance of being really strong and useful in a game full of necro-ninja-mages. Keeping a pure template is a good idea? Thanks
  12. It's really hard to make gold sinks that would actually work. To end an inflated economy, like UO's is now, the amount of currency running around should be lowered, so that it aquires more value. And That has to be done without hurting newcomers too much... Something like raising insurance and taxing ressurection would of course help the problem a lot, draining a lot of gold from the world, but still, I can make more money per killing than I lose on insurance... It's almost impossible to end a day in the red in UO, unless your play session is interrupted. Once i thought about a deity system,
  13. I don't know... the Ultima world is his vision, and his lore. He may be on a "nerdieval trekkie" trend now, but the man could make it once, he sure could do it again... Besides, I'd be there to bitchslap him across the face when he first talks about cyborgs again. =) I really wish I could bring the first years of development back, no "Name_EAMythic"... but MrTact, Sunsword, and that whole aura of "we want to make the best game, not the current trend" Once I read an article about the first years of Origin, and they had a sign over the exit door that said "Sleeping is for the weak", so pulli
  14. I only wish I was rich enough to buy the UO franchise from EA, set-up a developing studio, call Garriot and the original team back and say: "This game can't die. It needs you all." And then give them complete freedom to creat UO2 they way it should be. Deep, sandboxed, community-centric, and full of lore.
  15. You kinda can do that already. IIRC, if you have 2 or more skills at the same level, the one set to go "up" is the one displaying in your title
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