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  1. I don't think that was me. My first house was in Vesper though. I did run the Shadowlands Auctionhouse and hosted Must Play Thursday.
  2. I have some questions. I've been gone for 8 years or so. There are things I don't quite understand. 1. Last I saw Lord Blackthorn, he was a cyborg in Ilshenar. Now he's king? how did that happen? 2. Have they done anything with Sin, plotwise? Or I guess Virtue for that matter? 3. Whats the story on the Gargoyles? Friends or foes? 4. Any storylines happen involving the Shadowlords? Links to the answers would be just as great as actual answers. Thanks!!
  3. I'm back. Is there anyone left that I know or that knows me? The Shadow Shadowcards Eric the Red William Wingate
  4. Your own private mansion? It seems you are taking great Pride in your remodelling of the city. A virtue tavern? Am I to assume that milk and cookies are to be the new ale and peanuts? A virtue library? Isn't there already a museum? A Virtue School? Now this might be of interest. Its always good to get them young and brainwash them with this set of principles. I wish you luck in building your new ghost town.
  5. Our last meeting of the year will be this Monday at 8pm eastern at our usual location. Note the earlier time. The Shadow
  6. I shall begin seeking my champion. Sorry about the late response.
  7. Ok, thanks everyone for the feedback. The ghost was told to appear when it heard the word "infama" so it would not have appeared for scouts. Now a scout with GM spirit speak that could see ghosts.. that would have worked. Not sure what else I can get done this month with Christmas, but will see what I can do. Eric/Shadow
  8. My first big event on Europa. I want to thank everyone that made it out. I enjoyed listening to the conversations and role-play that took place tonight. I do want to apologize for a few things real quick. Sorry about the delay in starting. I was a bit shorthanded. I try to have someone at the good camp and the evil camp doing the rp setup and announcement. I had to do both and I know that both sides got slighted for that. Really thankful for Muldran for pitching it to help on no notice. My resources here are very nil and I underestimated how that would impact me. Ok, apologies as
  9. It would be like the Nascar uniforms with all the endorsements.. "Boots of Nike" "Arms of Ralph Lauren" "American Airline Leggings" etc.. and like the Valor suit, when you have all 8 pieces you get the special Commercial Suit.
  10. *a second parchment is found* ===================== People of Britannia, My name is Eric the Red. I have been fortunate to meet with some of you over the past few months. I have travelled here from another realm and I am in need of your help. Someone from my realm, known as the Shadow, has come here in search of some ancient evil tomes known as the Books of Sin. These Books are dangerous and cannot fall into the wrong hands. The Shadow is gathering a group in Umbra on Sunday at 8pm GMT to locate the Book of Shame. I am going to do the same. I am asking for those that want to keep the Bo
  11. *a parchment is posted in the usual areas* ===================================== People of Sosaria, I am the Shadow. I have travelled to your realm in order to find a collection of ancient tomes that exist in your realm. They are known as the Books of Sin. My search for these tomes have taken me to a variety of realms. Now my search has brought me here, to yours. Long ago, these books were crafted by a necromancer known as Prakas. They were his response to the Shrines of Virtue that our departed Lord British created. He his these books in a ghostly realm that becomes reachable when the t
  12. I had one of those, too!! Ours only had 4k. I remember that tiny keyboard. I remember my dad taking me to Pet computer groups up at Richland.
  13. The house owner on the sign never changes, but any other character you have on the account will have full house owner abilities. So go ahead and move the character over to Atlantic.
  14. Eric the Red rode into New Haven. His adversary insisted on meeting with him, but Eric would only meet him on neutral ground. Otherwise the two would probably try and kill each other. The Shadow sat at one of the tables overlooking the center of town. Sitting on the table was one of his chessboards. "I didn't come to play games, Shadow! You said you had information for me." The Shadow pointed at the chair across from him. Eric sat reluctantly, his eyes went to the chessboard. He noticed new pieces, people from other shards have made their way in. The Shadow smiled as he noticed E
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