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  1. OOps.... I guess i let cat out of the bag on this one. nevermind.
  2. So basically you cant store stuff in it then with out it dropping... kind of pointless. I was going to bless a BOS but they nerfed it so it's not worth it for me.
  3. Question: Would it be possible to bless a bag? Basically I want to be able to keep all items that I have in my backpack with out loosing potions, bandages etc when I die via PVP...
  4. I was wondering if anyone had any pictorial examples of what a nice vendor house should look like...
  5. It says a SAFER LOCATION..... but what if your a red character? I guess it sends you to the fellucian equivolent.
  6. I say that the best thing that EA could do is sell it to another company who would really care to develope the game further... maybe 38 studio's would have a crack at it?
  7. Anyone have any design suggestions for a small vendor house? Mine is located by yew moongate in trammel.... i want to redesign it but need help with a kick ass redesign.
  8. Di3 is recruiting new members... please inquire at http://synaptic-energy.com/di3
  9. Brit Bank is pretty packed... I have some pictures lying around somewhere.
  10. I'm glad to see your in agreement. I also think that UO needs to drop KR graphics, and make them more like WOW with a legacy option for those who love 2D. I feel most people on stay so they can presere their homes, and make real money out of stuff they horded over the years. I think some of these changes need to be made to breathe new life into an old game. Where is the advertising campaign for UO? I don't even see it sold in stores anymore in the US.... I do always see commercials for WOW starring William Shatner... IF EA Games really wanted to they could revise this game into a competative
  11. The vendor house located just outside of the Yew gate in Tram is under new management. If you would like to place a vendor please feel free to send me a PM. This vendor house will be listed in searchuo very soon so get a space for a vendor while it lasts. Thank you.
  12. I'm offering space for vendors on my new vendor mall located in Malas near Luna in Europa. Please msg me for a free spot.
  13. over load your pack to 126 items and then you will be able to remove the blackrock from your pack!
  14. I'm sorry for the literary confusion... If they were to do this then all players from the defunct server would be compensated accordingly....
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