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  1. Yes, yes and yes. kind of freaky, but exactly the same happened to me at that age. around the time UO was released. I remember how beautifull the gate spell was in my dream, and I made a new flying spell
  2. Hi I came back because of the "new" client and stayed for a year till about march earlier this year. I had loads of crashes and that mainly made me try the two new games this year. alas they are so boring compared to UO, and have even more problems than I expected. So, anyone still using Kingdom Reborn client and can run it for more than an hour or so without crashing to desktop ? If there's a thread where this is discussed, which I didn't find, please link me to it
  3. I figured I'd share some of my visions (of me) throughout my travels. They begin with a city I have learned to love, Kheml. A cookie for the one who can guess my occupation.. =) edit : wish I'd figure out thumbnails :/
  4. informative. I had no idea that great prison system was coming, it seems as a great idea
  5. when I see it at directx9 full graphics I think it's amazing that it's supposed to be better being myself nationally aligned with the developers I thought it patriotic to buy CE. wonder why europe gets launch 3 days later, perhaps best to test it on the yankees first I imagine?
  6. some of the middle eastern style clothing is cool I like the system on pvp servers. knowing that somewhere in a bush there is an assassin waiting to ambush me. the joy of being able to attack and be attacked by any player you see brings back memories. enormous fun pvping with as a necromancer with hiding skill. looks amazing when necromancers group together considering some have 5-6 pets at times.
  7. Had most fun as captain and elf champion. the captains squire is very handy for solo play and the captain can heal/res. best buffer he is too. Although I got really sick of the screaming he does.. hunter seems quite a good start character though with speed and all, I travelled with one mostly and it was great.
  8. Such a generous request, very good karma
  9. Thank you very much Paidric and Gnomy! I am sure they will be most helpful Paidric do you use ICQ ? I'll try PM'ing you
  10. The last time I updated my PvM gear was pre-aos, needless to say the monsters are usually far too dangerous for me to battle, however I LOVE soloing them. I have just gotten the taste for killing monsters again. I mainly stick to the anti-virtue dungeons I already know killing ele's and mad wizards. I have limited gold. I can get together a million or so with a week of work. I have these skills : Fencing (115) Necro (85ish) Sprit Speak (90's) Hide (100) Stealth (90's) Ninjutsu (purely for the bombs, stuck at 50) Meditation (80's least prioritized) Poison (85ish) (I know the templa
  11. Sure, if someone thinks of this as fun, I wouldn't mind. If it had any affect on my game-play I would cry out "Cheater" louder than any desibelmeter could register. Tbh, this is the first time I heard of it, I'm impressed how far some people go to get a virtual advantage..
  12. *nods* If I wasn't already in Trinsic (and elven quarter), I'd personally go for yew, it's just so huge no one can really compete with it. Besides I love the unique underground catacombs from when I played UD especially. Yes and yes. Don't get me wrong, I still love Cove's barony and other places in use like our very own marble island. I think we all still want this to work atleast, however vast the challanges seem. Yes, might I suggest we fight to decide an area to focus in? noooo..? didn't think so
  13. Agreed. I live in the area and enjoy the same privilege. Sadly to many do not in my humble opinion. I love the idea and would not mind moving personally. First we would in one way or another decide on a place, I hesitate to suggest a proper method of doing this though.
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