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  1. Thank you! I really enjoy the game (and always have).
  2. Thanks for your reply! I do know how to use guild chat, sort of. I saw that my characters are the only ones to have logged on in several months (since August 2016 or so). I was more wander if there were any ex-C*S folks around who might be able to fill me in on what happened or who might have been in contact with Airmid or Ruwendon.
  3. So I just re-logged into UO this weekend for the first time in several years (8-10 I think). It appears that all (or almost all) of my Lake Superior characters are still members of the Company of Strangers (C*S) guild. I don't remember many people from the guild, except for Airmid and Ruwendon. It does not appear that there are many active C*S'ers still around, and the guild website appears to be done. Anybody still around who used to be part of C*S? Anybody hear from Airmid or Ruwendon? Shafty
  4. Hi Pen and Spector! I am also following closely on your heels in re-subbing (after something like 8-10 years away; I don't remember exactly how long). Although Lake Superior seems rather quiet so far, it feels good to be back. Alas, my house containing all of my t-maps has (of course) fallen. Anybody have any suggestions on good t-map vendors in LS?
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