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    Games, robotics, anatomy, helping people and having fun. The usual stuff.
  1. Welcome back! I'm following in just behind you, Spector, on my account that probably has like 30 minutes of playtime!
  2. Hey guys. Starting off the new year by getting (back) into Ultima Online; spent the last couple of hours or so figuring out what the current state of the game is and whether I should use the EC or CC. Been quite dissatisfied with the MMO market lately, so figured I'd return the the market of yesterdecade. Immediately I was kicked in the feels upon seeing the announcement of the end of Asheron's Call and my childhood with it, and I began to question whether returning to MMOs that are over 10 years old is such a good idea. How long does UO intend on sticking around? Just curious. As for me,
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