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  1. How can I get a seed box?
  2. Thank Kayhynn; I just realized that I could add stairs, doors and floors to a keep. I'm totally sold on a keep now. I've got a great spot picked out. I just need to wait a couple of days for my placement timer to run out. I've always preferred classic over custom for some reason.
  3. Thank you all for the answers, Can someone tell me what I currently have when I downloaded the enhanced client from uo.com. I don't think that comes with Stygian Abyss; but I want to make sure before I buy it from the store.
  4. Title pretty much says it. I Can't decide. Most of my time in UO was before custom housing, I remeber the day I finally found a spot for a sandstone and that's where I stayed for almost a year before I bought my beloved large house with patio. Getting anything bigger was simply out of the question, no way was I ever going to get a tower or keep. Well now I can get anything but a castle, p.s. if anyone knows a castle spot on catskills and is willing to show me, then this thread is over. But there's several spots for keeps and 18x18's soooo I just can't decide. The old school me would love a
  5. So far I downloaded the client from Broadsword. I also activated a monthly subcritption. So I'm no long playing on a trial account. So the game as it is now; I'm assuming I'll be able to continue playing. But, what other expansions are recommended. Should I eventually buy Stygian Abyss, Time of Legends and High Seas?
  6. Ok, again thank you for the prompt replies; no worries I'm in no hurry. I just can't get into general chat with a trial account is all.
  7. I chose the Enhanced client. Thank you for the replies. I've been googling and finding a lot of good info. You all also have given me some good links. I don't expect to get up to speed quickly but this is a good start. Heavy learning curve, which is to be expected. Thank you both. I think I'm just going to start on Atlantic. From what I've seen there are housing spots open; obviously not in Luna but there are lots available so I'm good. Plus it has the best ping rate for me. Now it's just the matter of playing and finding some friends. I still haven't gotten my subscription code thoug
  8. Thank you both, I've been reading up more and yes, I now see the history on Wiki. I'm now trying to get a paid account going. I played a little last night on my free account and everything seems to be running well.
  9. Ok I have a few more questions. I went to Origin's webpage this morning and bought a 1 month sub. I'm assuming that I have to wait for an email to get my code. When I get my code I'm assuming that there will be a link in my email for me to use my code? So There is obviously a lot for me to learn. But to start with, I would just like the basics i.e.; UI setup, macro's etc... Where is the best place for me to go to learn all the basics. I'm also only interested in crafting for the time being. I'm starting off with mining, smithing and tinkering. Is there a good guide that can show me
  10. I had thought that the original servers had went down at a certain point several years ago. I didn't realise that they had been running this whole time. I'm not sure why I stopped playing on the original servers. It was over a decade ago; I seem to remember that the game engine wasn't running very well and that it seemed like EA had pretty much stopped developing and updating the game. Again it was so long ago I don't remember. When did the EA Broadsword change occure? Well, I'm excited to hear that there is an opportunity for me to play this game again on a client that is being maintaine
  11. Hello everyone. I just noticed Broadswords uo.com. I haven't really done any searches for UO in a couple of years. I used to play on private shards a few years back and all but gave up on an official UO ressurection. Anyway... there isn't much information on the main site. I'm not even sure if this forum pertains to Broadswords UO. So if it doesn't could someone please let me know. So I'm kind of confused about Broadswords... I'm assuming they are a private developement company who have taken up the UO and Camelot platforms? Not that it really matters to me. I'm just looking for a cha
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