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  1. 1. agree about lower requirements going away, however I think the luck you are wearing let's say over 2000 starts to have the possibility of removing -100 luck from an item. 2. Go to Fel 100% drop rate, that's what I do. 3. agree 4. agree 5. I've seen some people over on stratics show calculations for breakage, trust me the numbers suck just use a forged artifact if you really value the item 6. I've made many of them through reforging with copper runics 7. You can already make 100% elementals with reforging 8. I don't see how this would be helpful 9. Yes but there are much fewer powerful items
  2. Not really perfect for a sampire since you're missing damage increase and MR1 isn't of much use. But still a cool bracelet, maybe 5-10m million depending on buyer and shard.
  3. Pretty much since anything that is looted from the old system can be created with imbuing. Only the new generator can use the new mods and exceed caps.
  4. If you farm lizardmen in wrong you have a shot at some nice stuff. Someone on uhall posted a nice 7 mod piece of jewelry they got in there from level 1.
  5. Unfortunately not much at all due to brittle. For 99.99% of the loot, cannot be repaired or brittle puts the loot into the unravel pile for me.
  6. That's a good theory for common items or imbued but some items don't exactly come up very often. And if you do find it's equal in Luna often the price starts at 100m and drops until bought. That's why I said post to see if it's something that's USEFUL first and go from there. I know based on the templates I use what's useful for me and I'm sure others can chime in on other items. Overall the posters here are much more civil than over there...
  7. It would be nice to have a thread that people can post items to at least see if it's useful then maybe price it from there. Most posts on stratics go unanswered for price checks.
  8. I just made it, my old guild had 28 "members" really only two of us left. He stopped playing a year ago, luckily I had 10 of my own characters in the guild and was able to take over.
  9. How many votes do you need to vote someone GM?
  10. I don't play one but I hear people playing some type of spellweaver combo with other skills and are very successful with higher level mobs.
  11. Too be honest upgrade your template if you want to fight newer creatures. you're using a template, pure mage that's as old as the game. The newer creatures have been designed around the newer skills, pets, spells that have come out and the increased amount of damage they can deal out. If you want to play a pure mage you'll need to stick with many of the original inhabitants from when the game was younger or get some slayer spell books and tough it out.
  12. If you don't like cursed items don't hunt shame or wrong. You do get some non cursed stuff but you need to grind it out and tolerate the crap.
  13. No, no, no, and no. Fix and improve what we have before spending one second on any new content.
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