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  1. Hail the Militia! (if anyone is googling their character, head on over to www.guardsmenmilitia.com and see if it's also there - there is a public and hidden facebook group for old Grd members who want to keep in touch)
  2. Necro post. But the old Grd website grd-europa.co.uk is being restored for historical reasons. Guardsmen who still play in UO, feel free to hit us up on the facebook groups (if you need an invite, please let me know). Or check the public Facebook group on www.guardsmenmilitia.com
  3. I'm back into UO, at least for a while. Hope to see some lurkers out there join in!
  4. *A Guardsman passes by* The tax is 30 gold coins for the kings coffers!
  5. Hello, I'm the player of Guardsman Lex (the "forever" footman), 1999 and onwards in Guardsmen Militia, Grd. I've been keeping the http://www.guardsmenmilitia.com archive running for the past 10 years and I'm looking to update it with new material: If you have any information at all that might be interesting. Do please contact me on ICQ 6130569 (or join the facebook group on the website). If you were a member of Grd or interacted with us. Feel free to contact me! It'd be sad to see so much information and lore crumble to dust and not be saved. Have recently managed to salvage the original
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