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  1. Please understand I mean no disrespect in my response but really am just having a good time arguing without trying to make anything personal. Basically, I am just exercising my brain in an attempt to keep it active so here we go. I understand your definitions but the fact is I am not calling them the same thing. I am choosing to highlight a particular quality of each one to make them both eligible for sale. If the Bible claims to offer some sort of salvation; grand wisdom or whatever; a potion could equally offer the same thing as its effects are simply matters of what a person's mind te
  2. I see your point but I would think a person who intentionally wants to cause a problem like that will find a way no matter what ebay does and as far as drinking unknown liquids from ebay ... well some people should really use some discretion and reason before consuming such things. But I agree it is probably the reason why as ebay does not need that kind of issue and is probably banning it to protect themselves.
  3. Disclaimer: Before you read this please understand this is my opinion and while you might be offended that I don't hold your religious beliefs I am more than happy to allow you to practice yours so please respect mine (or my lack of belief rather). In no way am I trying to insult certain religions. I know how important they are to the very core of some people so I am going to use an item of one to prove a point. If you can't handle it please don't read any further. Now back to my actual point. A potion is definitely an item which should be allowed. I guess then ... The Bible should no
  4. I guess the advantage is not having to target the particular tree. Disadvantage is sometimes it might be hard to know which tree it was auto targeting
  5. Selling Relic Fragments 16k/per ... 1.6mil/100 or 45 mil for all 3000 relics (15k per relic if you take the whole lot) no better prices on any of those search sites. Pretty much half price. Update: Sold but stay posted I will be selling more in the near future.
  6. I really wish this issue would be addressed ... things keep getting added to the game but no one takes the time to tweak the old stuff.
  7. A hind or probably something similar for me as well. My worst newb death experience that really sticks out was dying on my character somewhere on foot and not being able to find a healer for hours. I don't have a clue what took so long but I felt like I was going to be dead forever. Luckily I found a player in there house to rez me. This was pretty much one of the first times I went exploring and didn't even know you could recall or that there were healers in town.
  8. It is why the States are 3rd world without knowing it ... enjoy ...
  9. If you join and are on Great Lakes look me up if you are interested in a guild.
  10. Actually the kid, did it once. He warned her about it. She did it again. And he followed through with the consequences, that he told her about. Seems like good parenting to me and a nice little message to all her little friends with attitude. Now the gun thing that was a bit overboard but quite entertaining.
  11. I want animations for snowballs in the enhanced client. I can see the person throwing something but nothing flies through the air. Just looks like they are throwing nothing.
  12. I think you only need one box that you can lock and pick over and over again as long as it is the right skill level. No need for 40. Unless they changed something since the last time I built a lockpicker.
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