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  1. A trial is to be held at the Court of Truth! All guardsmen and citizens Yew and the rest of the lands are welcome to witness justice being done! The Criminals on trial are known as Rebecca Silvers of Vesper and Devante Stirling the Traitor. Let justice be down in the name of Higher Being and the citizens of the realm. Signed: Leo Madsen Acting Sergeant OOC: If anyone wished to act as defence, prosecution or witnesses be sure to contact me on 242-297-197 before Monday.
  2. WANTED Wanted for questioning for the crime of attempted murder 'El'aar' calls himself a Professor Jassi Cowin serves with the Covian Militia Signed Leo Madsen Acting Sergeant
  3. Geek Love Songs! Four Colour Love Story by the Metasciences [video=youtube;Te0smsBSu1s]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te0smsBSu1s Geek like me by The Wonderstrucks [video=youtube;J1-4LcmE538]
  4. What Shali is saying in the most subtle way possible is you all should be listening to me alone.
  5. It's worked for Grd.. most people are willing to pay taxes when they pass, even if they do grumble whilst doing so. We've always had griefers, but we just ignore them or dismis them IC as tricksters and illusionists or just plain mad. If a roleplayer attempted the same they'd be either punished IC for breaking the law or chased off. Anyone taking advantage of 'blue status', well that's just a poor showing on their part.
  6. Well. France could join the UK like was proposed during WWII.. (we're going to be sharing a navy after all). And Quebec can be part of France, and Canada is part of the Commonwealth.. we'd be one big happy family! Seriously though. I haven't really followed it, but it seems sad that it seems like a few people are kicking up a big fuss about so old a point. But then we see the same problem with Scotland over here and more violently in Ireland. Hell even Cornwall has its militants.
  7. They're not elves. They're Link. Who is human or hylian depending upon which incarnation they are [/geek]
  8. Saying "Sure we'll be there" then saying "Sorry can't, EM's got an event" is not someone losing interest. It's just not giving a damn about the community. If they can't arsed turned up for community events they won't be arsed moving their entire guild somewhere else for no good reason. That said I've not been given the impression i can't play my characters as I wished, not sure where that's coming from but maybe that's me. but the answer isn't the regular as clockwork "Guys listen to me we need to save the rp!" threads. The answer is logging in and rping with people and taking a wander if
  9. A few times people have run events and then the Em's have set up an event weeks later at the same time and rather than going to the RP event run for the RP community people scuttle off to the EM event for the items. So that doesn't help matters. Also, the city guilds would cease to exist if they all moved to one place and the city guilds are the largest ones still in existence. People won't give up their guilds heritage just to have a couple more people around. Minnor point as well, but Grd's just finished a massive plague event, involving EM's and multiple guilds. Why introduce another on
  10. Sadly not. It's a pretty awesome vid though. One of the few Epic Win vids I actually thought was deserving of the title!
  11. No problem where pics are concerned! Won't last very long in the job if I don't!
  12. The only dance I do is goofy! *Grins* There's been suggestions floating round their facebook page with dancing at carnivals in Rio de Janeiro as well! Here's the itinerary for South Africa, it's pretty damn amazing. Do Something Epic Itinerary So far these are the countries they're looking at: South Africa, Morocco, America, Canada, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Croatia and finishing back in the UK.
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